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Simulation in Health & Social Care Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Optimizing Nursing Care through Simulation of Crohn's Disease Patient Scenarios Assignment Sample

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Simulation allows a nursing staff in identifying the bottlenecks in information, intervention provision and materials to provide proper treatment. Mr Joshua is suffering from Crohn’s disease and senior nursing staff monitors him. Prime events of simulation one are discussed in this assessment in a proper way.

Prime events of major simulation one

Simulation-dependent clinical education in healthcare activities are addressed in various types of nursing activities by utilizing the patient simulations consisting of devices, virtual environments, trained persons, handling mannequins and role-playing. As depicted by Oliveira-Kumakura et al. (2018), A2K or Assessment to Knowledge is one kind of systematic and comprehensive approach by which a nursing staff is able to assess the postoperative patients in the healthcare organization. The first day in this healthcare organization, Mr Joshua is under the treatment of a new registered nurse and Joshua is provided proper education based on a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, I am feeling nervous while providing treatment to Mr Joshua. Additionally, using the Assessment to Knowledge framework helps the registered nurse in providing proper care and treatment to overcome post-operative health conditions easily (Guinea et al. 2019).

Thoughts and feelings of major simulation one

Mr Joshua is suffering from Crohn’s disease and he is advised to take surgery or do his bowel resection, which is experienced badly by me as a registered nurse as it is my first experience in the surgical ward. In this regard, this kind of critical health condition is affecting Josua’s working life; hence, he is not able to work in a proper manner. According to the NMBA 4 nursing standards, the registered nurse is responsible for conducting a comprehensive assessment of a patient (NMBA, 2022). In addition, it is helpful for the patient to get proper treatment and care to overcome his critical health condition . As per the case scenario, Mr Joshua is required to be provided Stem Cell Therapy in terms of overcoming his critical health condition.

Smart Goal

Selected goal (Intervention)

S (Specific)

M (Measurable)

A (Achievable)

R (Realistic)

T (Time-bound)

Stem Cell Therapy

This goal is specific as it helps the patient to overcome their physical condition

This goal is measured by transplanting the damaged cells

This goal is achievable as it is reducing the negative impact of Crohn's disease

This kind of specific goal is reals as it is achieved in an easy manner

This specific goal is accomplished within 3 to 4 months

Table 1: Identified Intervention to provide stem cell therapy

(Source: self-developed)


Providing this intervention plan is helpful for Mr Joshua in getting rid from his critical health condition. In this regard, providing Stem Cell Therapy is beneficial in improving his poor health condition and leading a normal and healthy lifestyle properly. This goal is measured by replacing stem cells with Chemotherapy.

Reasons behind the thoughts and feelings through the major simulation one

Mr Joshua is under the allocation of me and I am working as a registered nurse in the healthcare organization. As stated by Davies et al. (2020), making effective decisions is a major responsibility of a registered nurse and it helps in providing proper care and improving the patient’s health condition. Recognising the requirements of patients is another alternative decision, which is helpful for improving the health condition of a patient (Coward et al. 2019). In this regard, I have badly experienced this while providing treatment and care to Joshua for improving his health condition. Maintaining a proper diet or intake of proper foods is helpful to overcome poor health condition and it is helping to lead a healthy as well as normal lifestyle (Lees et al. 2020). Additionally, I think that Joshua is unable to consume foods, which are affecting on his health improvement. It is negatively affecting his health outcomes; hence, he is required to intake proper meals and overcome his poor health condition. Moreover, Mr Joshua has a low oxygen supply; hence, he is provided oxygen supply to balance the oxygen level in his body. I have provided TEDs therapy, which is used in terms of providing treatment for deep vein thrombosis.

Mr Joshua is taking surgery as a colostomy, by which he is advised to use a stoma bag by which his waste excretion is completed in a proper manner. In this regard, he is prescribed to intake PCA in terms of optimizing his pain. Thus, it is helpful for him to get relief from pain and sleep properly. As expressed by Dinnen, (2021), NGT or Nasogastric Tube is a soft tube or pipe and it is effective in consuming food without chewing them. According to the case study, as Mr Joshua is taking surgery hence, he is advised to consume foods via NGT. Henceforth, it is helpful for him to consume food and overcome his poor health condition easily.


Selected goal (Intervention)

S (Specific)

M (Measurable)

A (Achievable)

R (Realistic)

T (Time-bound)

Provide proper treatment through oxygen supply

Give proper treatment by providing colostomy and oxygen supply helpful in balancing oxygen and improving critical health condition

Measured by taking special care and assists in doing other activities to improve lifestyle

it helps in balancing the oxygen level in the body and helps to maintain blood pressure level

This goal is real as it is achievable easily

This goal is accomplished within 5 to 6 months

Nutrition Therapy

Providing NGT, TEDs and PCA are effective as it helps in maintaining a proper diet.

This goal is measured by providing proper nutritious meals

This specific goal is achievable as it helps to improve nutrient content inhuman body and overcome poor health condition

It is real as it is achieved easily

It is accomplished within 4 to 6 months

Table 2: Identified intervention through supplying oxygen and nutritional therapy

(Source: Self-developed)


The above-mentioned goals are helping to improve Mr Joshua’s health condition and help to lead a normal condition. Maintaining a proper diet and treatment helps an individual in terms of overcoming critical health issues. With the help of NGT patients are able to consume foods in the post-operative situation. Maintaining proper diet helps to make the patient fit and physically healthy (Cashin et al. 2017). Additionally it helps to develop immunity power and help him in digestion. Taking food by maintain timing helps him to overcome his vomiting issue.

Impact of Mindful communication

The process of mindful communication is effective in increasing the insight and awareness among patients. The three major components of mindful communication are patience, attention and intention, which are helpful to get proper treatment to overcome critical health issues.


Lack of experience, knowledge and working alone are the major barriers present in mindful communication. In addition, this kind of communication skill is effective in communicating with critically ill patients to assist them in terms of overcoming their health conditions. As per the case study, Joshua is suffering from a critical condition; hence, I communicate actively with Joshua to understand his physical and mental condition and support him mentally. Henceforth, he sometimes feels well both physically as well as mentally.

Alternative communication techniques for improving desired outcomes

According to the case study, Mr Joshua is suffering from abdominal pain incorporated with diarrhoea, vomiting, SOB and anorexia. He also denied following any kind of medication and he is allergic to sulphur-containing pharma drugs. Written communication, Listening actively and Patient Education is the alternative communication skills to achieve desired outcomes (Healthdirect, 2022). In addition, all those alternative communications are effective for Joshua to share his positive and negative feeling with me by which I am able to take special care of him and give him support mentally.


This assignment has summarized that maintaining proper communication skills and proper treatment is helpful to overcome critical health conditions. As a senior RN, I have the responsibility to take care of Mr Joshua to assist him to overcome his health condition.


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