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BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resource Services Assignment Sample

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Introduction - BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resource Services 

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Business description

RAINBOW industries is manufacturing company which is based in Australia. The organisation works in manufacturing industry of the country (Ingram and, 2014). The company has more than 30 employees. It is retailer and wholesaler enterprise which make widows and door for commercial and residential purposes. Hierarchical structure is used in the organisation. Market position of the company is also very high and the firm believes in providing high quality product and services to its customers. Company gets highly affected by external environment factors like political, economical, social, technological, legal etc. These factors of external environment highly affects the performance of the organisation.

Strategic and operational plan of the company

Strategic plan of the company is to provide superior quality products to its consumers there by making high profit form sales. Operation plan of the organisation is to take contributions for its employee and staff members to accomplish objectives of the organisation (Hadley, Waniganayake and Shepherd, 2015). Human resources of the organisation provides training of staff in customer service. This training help in improving skills of employees so that goals of organisation can be accomplished. HR of the firm also conduct recruitment and selection which supports in maintaining work in the company. The firm aims at providing high quality services in effective manner.

Consultation with stakeholders to identify HR needs

Human resource department of RAINBOW industries have consulted with stake holders by sending them Emails and by conducting open discussion (RAINBOW industries. 2017). Consultation with employees is done to give information about training programs and WH & S requirements of them.

Specific human resource service

RAINBOW industries requires training and development human resource service in a specific area . Training is required for employees because it help them in getting required skills for performing a particular work (Hadley, Waniganayake and Shepherd, 2015). Training will support in educating workers about how to do effective work with using technology. It also help in development of employee's career. Productivity and profitability of the organisation can be increased by providing training to workers. Training also supports in promoting health and safety among staff workers. It also help in ensuring laws and regulation made for the employees of the organisation. Morale of the employees gets boosted and chances of promotion increases. Human resource of the organisation will provide trainings on workplace health and safety so that worker can work safely. This will help in making policies in workplace safety also. These policies and practices will also support in ensuring safety of workers.

Legislation relevant to the service

There are some laws and legislation in Australia which must be complied by RAINBOW industries while providing training to its workers.

Training and skill development act 2008 : This act is made for companies while providing training to its workers. This act provides authority to organisation conducing training and development practices to employees (Shenoy, Gorinevsky and Laptev, 2016). The legislation gives rights to organisation to complaint regarding any barriers in accessing education.

Option for delivering service

There are various option by which human resources of RAINBOW industries for providing training to its employees (RAINBOW industries. 2017). For delivering training to workers organisation can call:

Internal trainers: Company can call internal trainers like to level staff and seniors who have experience about the work conducted in the company. Internal trainers will provide guidance to workers about the work of company (Terry and, 2013). They will also help in improving the interpersonal skills of workers. These trainers will also support in making employees familiar with processes and procedures of the organisation.

External trainers: External trainer can be called from big enterprises and companies who can provide training to employees regarding working procedure of RAINBOW industries. External trainers will provide counselling to workers about the work of company. They will also help in enhancing the interpersonal skills of workers (Roche and, 2015). These trainers will also assist in making employees familiar with processes and operations of the organisation. Training from external trainers will support in educating workers about how to do effective work with using technology

Implementation plan

Name of service : Training and development

Service specification Performance Standard Time frame
Training Improvement in the skills of employees , enhancement in competencies 2 weeks
Development Improvement in employees morale and work efficiency 3-4 weeks

Monitoring to measure progress

RAINBOW industries can use Kirk Patrick model to monitor the progress and effectiveness of training (RAINBOW industries. 2017). This model supports in monitoring the training provided by the trainer to employees. In this model there are 4 stages which helps in evaluating the progress of training and development. Stages are as follows:

Level 1: Reaction

In this level it is checked whether the participants of training found it good or not. Training effectiveness and it applicability in working procedure of company is checked (Twigg, and McCullough, 2014).

Level 2: Learning

In this level degree of knowledge acquisition by employees in training is evaluated. Skills, self-confidence, attitude and commitment to training can be monitored by organisation.

Level 3: Behaviour

 At this level degree of usage of knowledge acquired by employees is monitored. Application of provided training on job is checked.

Level 4:Results

In this level the company's human resources can monitor the degree to which set goals are happening as results of training and help in package accountability.

Estimation of return of investments for service delivery

Formula for return of investment for service delivery is

ROI= Grain from investment- Cost of investment

Cost of investment

Define the anticipated benefits Anticipated cost
Skill of employees will be improved 50$
Better customer service will be provided by company 40 $
Employees will be able to work effectively 40$
WHS policy will help employees in working safely at workplace 30$

Identification for training support for participants involved in service delivery

Training support that will be required by RAINBOW industries in delivering service is as follows:

Study material : This will give guidance to the trainer while giving training to its employees. This material will also support trainer in learning ways on how to provide effective training. Reference material will be an aid for trainers (Terry and, 2013). It will support in demonstration and stimulation of work conducted in the company.

Training location: A location for training would be a proper room or area where training can be provided in effective manner. Location should be equipped with all the tools required for training for employees.

Training manuals : Training manual will support inexperienced trainers to get guidance from manual. This will give directions to the simulator while giving education to its employees. This manual will also support trainer in learning ways on how to render effective training. Reference material will be an assistance for simulators.

Other supporting materials: Apart for the above mentioned material other supporting material would be required such as laptops, projectors, video, internet will be an aid for providing training to employee

Reference materials : This training support will help trainer in providing proper training to employees. Taking help from some reference material will support in giving appropriate training.

Communication methods for providing service specification and standards to stakeholders in implementing SLA

Stakeholder will be communicated by RAINBOW industries in the following methods :

Emails: Stakeholders of the company will be informed about service specification by sending emails. The management of the organisation can send whole information about training and development by using emails (Terry and, 2013).

Telephonic conversations: Stakeholder of the RAINBOW industries can be informed through calls. Human resources of can call each individual about service specification.

Meetings: Company can conduct meeting with stakeholders to discuss about service they are providing to its employees.

Ethical practices and code of conduct

The RAINBOW industries need to provide training to staff by taking all the ethical practices in account. The organisation should provide training without any discrimination. All the employees should be given equal opportunities to take participation in training (Roche and, 2015). Social norms should be considered by organisation. Code of conduct will support in making inclusive culture. Every rule described in code of conduct of the company should be followed while providing training to staff people. It is important for the enterprise to give equal opportunities to each member so that effective implementation of training can be made.

Service level agreement





(Service provider)


This document represents a form service agreement

between (Client)

and (Service Provider)

for (name of the service)

for the period from 29 July 2017 to 30 December


For the Service Provider For the Client

signatures of RAINBOW industries HR and trainers Signature of client

(Name) XYZ (Name) ABC

(Title) (Title)

Date: 29 July 2017 Date: 29 July 2017

 Contact details: 463470020 Contact details: 838200802


 Agreement objectives: The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to establish legal agreement between service providers and the client. This agreement will help in providing training by legal means.

Description of services: This Service Level Agreement covers the training to staff me members about customer service and workplace health and safety practices. functions for: employees and staff members.

Communications, reporting and review:

Supervisor of the RAINBOW industries will be responsible for monitoring service levels. Primary contact will be employees to whom the training will be given. Reviews will held after 2 weeks or after completion of each training phase. The trainer and the staff workers of the company will attend the this reporting reviews meeting.


Responsibilities of each party to the SLA: Each member involved in service delivery and service consumer should follow all the rule and regulations describe in the code of conduct of the company.

 (Service Provider): Service provider should also follow all the ethical practices and and regulation while providing training to the employees. Services must be provided without any discrimination. All the employees should be given equal opportunities in getting service.

Client : Client of the company should not breach the contract and maintain all rules and regulations policy.

Billing and payment arrangements :

 Once the service will be delivered to client whole payment should be given .

Dispute resolution : During the service if any dispute will occur then mediator method will be used to solve the issues.

Variations: The service provider can change and negotiate the funding , resources without any prior information. Service can be modified any time.

Termination : The service can be terminated at at any time and no prior information would be given to the service consumers.


Activities Agreed service level/target Measured by (position title) Time frame(s) obligations
Training to staff members about consumer service Level 5 Supervisor . Trainer 3 weeks
Training about work place health and safety Level 2 Trainer and safety officer of the company. 4 weeks
Training on recruitment and selection Level 4 Trainer and safety officer of the company. 5 weeks


Summing up the above report it can be concluded that human resource of the RAINBOW industries need to provide training to employee regarding workplace health and safety and customer services. It is required that service provider should also follow all the ethical practices and and standards while providing grooming to the workers. Services must be provided without any favouritism. All the employees should be given equal opportunities in getting service. The RAINBOW industries must provide training to personnel by taking all the ethical practices in account. The system should provide training without any favouritism. All the employees should be given fair opportunities to take participation in training. Social norms should be considered by organisation. Strategic plans should be made by the company to accomplish its goals and objectives. It is recommended that service level agreement should be made by each company before providing services to employees.


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RAINBOW industries. 2017. [Online]. Available through: <>. [Accessed on 29th July 2017]

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