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Environmental sustainable practices Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Environmental sustainable practices

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Environmental sustainable practices are those which are conducted by an organisation in order to minimise the negative effect of its practices on the business These practices assists business entity in eliminating the legal obligations and gaining the loyalty of people in the society. It also helps an organisation in generating the brand awareness and getting the recognition in the market. In the present report, case study of merlin entertainment has been taken. Merlin enterprises is recognised as British organisation which operates its business in more than 127 countries. Business entity also provides accommodation services to visitors. An organisation has approximately more than 126 employees. All the workers in an enterprise assists business entity in conducting the environmental sustainable practices. Merlin entertainment company operates visitor attraction places worldwide. An organisation operates midway attractions under the Madame Tussauds, The Eye Brand, SEA LIFE. Merlin entertainment enterprise has ranked as the leading company in hospitality sector of Europe and UK. The objective of an organisation is to provide memorable experience to tourist. Business entity has able to accomplish this objective with the support of highly skilled and talented workers. Business entity also had innovative skills which has enabled firm to achieve leading position in the market. The vision of an enterprise is to become the leader in the market. Management team, in Merlin entertainment organisation has adopted the strategy to achieve high growth and return. Management team in an enterprise believes that strong brand of an organisation and portfolio that is naturally balanced against the effect of external factors (Maier, Szerencsits and Shahzad, 2017)

Environmental impacts

Merlin entertainment company is operating in hospitality industry which is very big. Tourism industry is highly competitive and greatly effected by the changes in external business environment. In such highly intense and dynamic business environment , business entity might face many challenges in maintaining as well as increasing its sustainability. It might be difficult for firm to concentrate on business objectives. Some factors which might have direct and significant impact on the business activities of Merlin entertainment company are political, economic, social, technological and environmental variables. Among several constituents mainly environmental as well as economic factors have direct as well as significant impact on the demand or supply of tourism products as well as services. As the Merlin entertainment conducts adventurous activities for tourists in order to provide them with authentic and challenging experiences, the environmental issues might create barriers in such activities. The environmental factors might affect the Merlin entertainment business is various aspects such as:

Effect on facilities- The change in environmental factors such as change in weather, occurrence of disaster etc. have direct as well as significant impact on the facilities provided by an organisation to visitors.

With increased pressure on an organisation to address environmental issues and to adopt ways of operations which what would benefit society. These issues have direct as well as significant impact on business operations. The environmental issue also affect employees working skills and their working performance. It also effects on organizations goods and service. The changes in external business environmental variables also have direct as well as significant impact on the profitability of Marline entertainment company. The environment have effect on hotels and restaurants business which is main source of income for an organisation. The company has to face legal obligations due to the negative effect of business operations on environment. Merlin Entertainments has soon recognised that its operations have adverse effect on the environment and effective management of the impact is necessary for sustainable business success. Business entity is committed to regular monitoring, auditing as well as reviewing their business activities. Management team in an organisation have focus on identifying opportunities for sustainable environmental improvement. Company has adopted the plan to align or integrate their strategies with organisations goals. This activity has assisted firm in minimising the potentially negative effect of its business operation on enviroment.

 Those following issues which have impact on the business-

  • Waste- The Marline entertainment company define the problem of waste material, how the people make poor environments for the company. And the Marline company has operated 19 hotels, 7 village holidays and 127 attraction. The company provide to full entertainment service. An organisation has made big improvement in operational system which has assisted business entity in reducing waste. Advance technology has been employed at workplace which has helped business entity in reducing the cost of production. It has helped business entity in eliminating legal obligations. The Marline entertainment company is using the technology for recycling waste.
  • Sustainable development of Raw material- all the manufacture use raw material and to put together and make goods.
  • Disaster- The Marline entertainment company face the disaster this disaster going serious impact on the business environment, because the company loss the place where they start their business. The company faced financial and non-financial problem in the business.
  • Expense- This issue depends on kinds of business we own. The company having budget for need With increased pressure on business to address environmental issues and to adopt ways of operations which what would benefit society. The Marline entertainment company to expand lot of many in their business, the lack of financial resource also have impact on financial stability of business, (Dubey, Gunasekaran and Wamba,2017)

Sustainability Practice assessment

Barriers to implementation of sustainable business Practices

business entities often lack the internal procedures to properly value the benefits of managing environmental sustainability, such as decreased exposure to energy price excitability, water risks and other environmental effects of operations. The another big barriers are (Bendell, Different precedence mean that sustainability as well as financial teams often do not effectively coordinate or cooperate with each other. As a result, sustainability teams are brought into project planning too late which have significant influence on project design and cannot make an effective case to financial decision makers.

Benefits of implementing sustainable business Practices.

Sustainability practices have real business benefits. It helps organisation in improving business skills and enhancing brands value. there are following benefits of implementing sustainability in the business.

  • Increase productivity and reduce cost- Sustainability business practices assists in improving the business performance and increasing productivity. It also help firm in reducing the cost of production.
  • Attract employees and investor- the company shows their good behaviour and respectful It helps management team in increasing the morale of employees and providing high level of satisfaction to workers.
  • Reduce waste- the sustainability also helps management in ensuring effective as well as efficient utilisation of resources.(Bendell, 2017)


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