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Reflective Practice in Caring for Indigenous Australians Assignment Sample

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The selected paper focuses on the health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples based on their economic, political, and social circumstances. During colonization, the indigenous people are affected due to negligence, poor habitat conditions, and non-providence of medical facilities. These people are affected by malnutrition, cardiovascular disease, and psychological issues. This study introduces how this paper helps me to understand the principle of nursing practice while providing care for this group of people.

Reason to resonate with the selected paper

It resonates with the condition of the aboriginal and Torres strait islanders due to colonization. I have selected this paper as it works on the identified group of people and demonstrates an effective relationship between their rights from political, social, and economic perspectives and their health status. The paper gives numerical data that about 31% of people in Australia who belong to this group and suffer from different burden diseases due to continuing injustice and poor living (Sherwood, 2013). I have chosen this article as it describes in detaildisparities in health influence their disease affliction, which help me to understand the rules of government health. These people were subjected to negligence by the colonizers, which led to irreversible repercussions, and Aboriginal health policy failed to develop their health status. The indigenous people were subjected to forced labor, displacement from their homelands, and discrimination from the basic facilities. These mishaps have caused the aboriginal people to suffer from psychological problems.

Factors to influence nursing practice

I have observed in this paper, that the aboriginal and Torres islander people are facing several health issues like heart problems and mental disorders. These people were subjected to selective discrimination results poor health and wellbeing due to limited resources of nutrition. At present the condition of the aboriginal and Torres Islander people has not improved and suffers in different infectious disease and malnutrition. The research data develop based on percentage of abuse, diet based on their income which gives an idea about their health which influence on my nursing practice on this particular group. As a nurse, I have understood a special care should be taken while treating patients of the aboriginal and Torres islander descendants. These people were denied basic health services and were discriminated against at all stages.

Selected awakenings to improve personal growth and knowledge

The aboriginal and Torres islander people have been subjected to racial discrimination by the colonizers. The indigenous people should be assessed at regular intervals. Irrespective of race and financial condition, the nurses or the caregivers should provide their best service and attention (Thurber et al, 2021). Honest communication should be formed between nurses and indigenous patients. The nurses or caregivers should respect the individual decisions of their indigenous patients. Honest communication between the nurse and the indigenous people is needed with the exhibition of empathy (Porykali et al, 2021). I have observed in the paper, these people are still plagued with poor health conditions like malnutrition. To give proper care to these people, special attention should be given. The nurses should form special attachment.


The aboriginal and Torres islanders were subjected to racial discrimination during colonization and suffer in poor neutralization problem. I have selected this article as it helps me to understand the governmental health policy against discrimination. Honest communication should be made with them while respecting their decisions. Care should be provided without any discrimination.


Porykali, B., Davies, A., Brooks, C., Melville, H., Allman-Farinelli, M., & Coombes, J. (2021). Effects of Nutritional Interventions on Cardiovascular Disease Health Outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: A Scoping Review. Nutrients, 13(11), 4084.

Sherwood, J. (2013). Colonisation–It’s bad for your health: The context of Aboriginal health. Contemporary nurse, 46(1), 28-40.

Thurber, K. A., Colonna, E., Jones, R., Gee, G. C., Priest, N., Cohen, R., ... & Mayi Kuwayu Study Team. (2021). Prevalence of everyday discrimination and relation with wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults in Australia. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(12), 6577.

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