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Multi Disciplinary Team, Ie; Research & Introduction, Pros & Cons Recommendations Assignment Sample

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Multi Disciplinary Team, Ie; Research & Introduction, Pros & Cons Recommendations

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The multidisciplinary team consists of healthcare workers or healthcare professionals in healthcare settings. All those members such as social workers and psychiatrists and are providing proper care based on their role. This study has shed light on the evaluation of the major concept of a multidisciplinary team and boat the positive and negative aspects have been included in this study.

Pros and Cons of a Multidisciplinary Team

A multidisciplinary team is promoting workplace diversity whether its diversity in skills, knowledge, culture, or language. It is also bridging the gap between cross-cultural individuals and all demographical differences. According to Selby et al. (2019), a multidisciplinary team has “improved motivational levels”, “increased working efficiency”, “boost creativity”, and “decreased competition” among team members. While team members are working together for achieving common goals and it is creating community sense which has translated for increasing motivation levels. Similarly, as opined by Musuuza et al. (2020), a multidisciplinary team is including all members who are responsible for taking equal responsibilities. Hence, it is reducing the competition levels and increases the process of workplace promotion among employees. On the other hand, all team members are communicating and contributing their ideas. As a result, it has inspired others for thinking creatively and generates potential solutions (Dwivedi et al. 2023). Moreover, they invented several kinds of Cutting edge technologies or business processes thus; it is boosting employees’ creativity.

Even though a multidisciplinary team is effective for an organisation, it is also generating several kinds of disadvantages like “increasing conflicts” among employees or team members and “taking more time to make decisions” in a team. As depicted by Verhoef et al. (2021), since every team member is belonging to a different cultural background hence they have a different perspective. For this reason, during a discussion, all team members are sharing their own opinions and ideas which are not acceptable to all team members hence, it is the main reason for increasing conflicts among team members. Similarly, at the time of making decisions all team members have contributed their opinions and ideas which take more time or this process is very time-consuming (Selby et al. 2019). In addition, the process of decision-making may further lengthen in case team members do not follow any other channels to communicate with other team members.


  • Maintaining a “cross-cultural communication strategy” in a multi-disciplinary team can be recommended to reduce conflicts among team members. As opined by Verhoef et al. (2021), the maintenance of cross-cultural communication has been dealt with by understanding different types of cultural beliefs, values, and norms for understanding their feelings and thoughts. Hence, it is reducing conflicts among team members and improves working efficiency.

  • Interacting and communicating with team members by using online platforms can be suggested for making decisions on time. As opined by Musuuza et al. (2020), using online or digital platforms is helpful for communicating or interacting with team members. As a result, it is helpful for generating potential solutions and improving creativity for delivering positive outcomes to their working place.


The entire study has summarized that a multidisciplinary team and the team members are bringing together various capabilities and skills in various areas for adding value to their working place. Additionally, it is promoting positive working culture and creating positive relationships with other team members to increase productivity levels.



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