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Development Of An Imc Strategy Assignment Sample

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Development of an IMC Strategy for Microsoft Surface Series Assignment Sample

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Development Of An Imc Strategy

“Integrated marketing communications” (IMC) is one of the most important business strategies that lead to a business organization's success and improve sustainability in the competitive business market. The practical aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of IMC strategy on the different business performances of Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the leading brands in the IT business sector. This study mainly sheds light on the marketing performances of “Microsoft Surface” the first touchscreen PC solely designed by Microsoft. This study will focus on the historical background of this organisation along with the core objectives of IMC strategies in various business performances of this organisation. 

The historical background of Microsoft

“Microsoft Surface” includes a series of touchscreen PC along with the interactive designed whiteboard solely developed by Microsoft itself. This series runs through the “Microsoft Windows operating system” with a system Duo that supports Android devices (Chen et al. 2020). This organisation launched this series in 2012 and this series was updated with times like “Surface Go 3”, “ Surface Pro X” and “Surface Pro 8”. After that, laptops, books, studios as well as hubs were also launched in the series Surface (Š?iltere&Bormane, 2018). The latest version of this series is “Surface Duo” which was launched in October 2021.

The concept of the Surface series had come to the mind of the former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and this was launched in Milk Studios in Los Angeles in 2012. This series was the first initiative of the Microsoft team for integrating the “Windows operating system” along with their own hardware system (Senanu& Anning-Dorson, 2022). This is the first series which was designed as well as distributed by the team of Microsoft solely. The sales of the “first generation surface” were not satisfactory and did not fulfil the expectation of this organisation (Š?iltere&Bormane, 2018). The sales of “The Surface Pro 3” was good enough which succeeded in gaining great popularity among customers and it made the business of the Surface series profitable initially.

Core objectives of IMC strategy

IMC guide to creating a wide range of marketing or sales collateral along with channels through different digital platforms. The core objectives of this strategy are the identification of the target audience through behavioural data, the determination of the appropriate financial value of consumers and other perspectives (Tyas&Syahida, 2022). Apart from that, this strategy is also very effective in the creation and delivering business operational messages as well as incentives, in order to make an estimation of the “customer investment return” is very important (?ikadimovs, 2019). This strategy is also very useful in the determination of the organisational budget, allocation or evaluation of the financial performances of a business organisation.

Core components of IMC strategy

Figure 1: Core components of IMC strategy

(Source: Anabila, 2020)

Microsoft can implement this strategy into their business process to improve the financial business operation for the Surface series because the first generation of this series did not get success because of the pricing strategy and poor marketing operations. This strategy will be effective for Microsoft as it guides the advertising performances along with sales promotional activities (Bormane, 2019). IMC strategy is also very helpful in gaining pieces of information related to customer relations and assists in the personal selling procedure.

Impact of IMC strategy on the business growth of Microsoft

The business growth of an organisation can be enhanced with the help of IMC strategies as it allows awareness in the creation of a “multi-pronged marketing campaign” which targets a wide range of audiences. The Surface series of Microsoft was dealing with some issues in proper planning in terms of pricing strategy as well as marketing activities which is solved after implementing this strategy into the business process of Microsoft (Kembau., Supit& Langi, 2019). This strategy will lead to the business growth of an organisation because it improves the organisational efficiency by providing an appropriate procedure of streamline.

Business effectiveness by IMC strategy

Figure 2: Business effectiveness by IMC strategy

(Source: Muztba, 2019)

Internal communication will be greatly improved with the application of this strategy into the business process. A study disclosed that the business effectiveness of the organisation increased by 1.8% after the implementation of this strategy (microsoft, 2022). The total business will be improved by more than 6.5% by following this strategy in the different business performances of an organisation.

This strategy will enhance internal collaboration and guide to engage of employees in operational activities so that individual, as well as operational efficiencies, will be greatly improved. This particular strategy increases the accessibility to a wide range of audiences which is very essential for Microsoft because the marketing performance of the Microsoft team in the Surface series is not satisfactory (Priyanka et al. 2019). The marketing team of Microsoft can reach a wide range of target audiences as well as attract rich customers with the help of this strategy.

The role of IMC strategy on competitive review and sales innovation of Microsoft

Innovation is the most essential criterion for any organisation that attracts customers greatly. Innovation in different business operations like product or pricing strategy determination is very important. Apart from that, the marketing or sales activities should be innovative for improving the sales ratio of an organisation (Priyanka et al. 2019). Microsoft faced a loss in business in the first generation of the Surface series so this strategy guides to improve the maintenance consistency for attracting target audiences by providing the key messages across the business channels.

IMC strategy on sales growth

Figure 3: IMC strategy on sales growth

(Source: statista, 2022)

According to recent research, it is seen that IMC is the most essential strategy that leads to business development and that is why most business organisations all over the world implement this strategy. This study disclosed that the annual revenues of Microsoft gradually increased after the implementation of this strategy (Das, 2019). In 2008, the annual income of this organisation was $221 billion but in 2016 it increased to $547 billion which increased more than 120% from the previous situation (Das, 2019). In 2020, the sales revenue of Microsoft was around $1000 billion and it is expected that by 2024 the sales revenue of this organisation will increase by $1200 billion. 

This strategy is very useful for the competitive review because it provides an additional idea of the competitive business organisation that guides to improve of business strategy as well as other business performances. Sales innovation is very important for increasing the customer volume of an organisation and this is the principal strategy of Microsft (Larasati& Nita, 2022). For example, the Surface series made always innovative products for its customers as they produce several products like “Surface 2, 3, Go and Go 2 or 3. The next product of this series is the Surface Pro, “Surface Laptop SE”, “Surface Laptop Go”, “Surface Laptop” and “Surface Laptop Studio” (Larasati& Nita, 2022). Apart from that, this series also launched some innovative products like “The surface Book”, “Surface Studio”, “Surface Hub” and their latest android version is “Surface Duo” that are gaining successful business for Microsoft.

The assistance of IMC strategy in the promotional activities of Microsoft

The promotional activities of the business organisation are fully dependent on the IMC strategies as this strategy mainly focuses on communication as well as other marketing performance of the organisation. This strategy engages more customers with the company by building brand recognition as well as improving trustworthiness. Apart from that, this strategy will emphasize the “marketing communications strategy” that builds consistency in delivery possible. The marketing of Microsoft for the Surface series is to drive the enterprise business by making cloud-based solutions that stick with more customers. This organisation mainly focuses on the demographic mix and the “customer behaviour segmentation” into various groups with the same characteristics. 

Development of promotional expenses of Microsoft

Figure 4: Development of promotional expenses of Microsoft

(Source: statista, 2022)

The marketing expenses of Microsoft have been increasing gradually but it is seen that the sales performance of this organisation is not as satisfactory according to its expenses. In 2011, the expenses on marketing performances is $13.94 billion which was increased to $15.54 billion in 2015. This current fiscal year, the marketing expenses of Microsoft were around $21.83 billion and most quantity expenses on the performances of customer engagement and brand value increment. The IMC strategy focuses on the performance of the marketing department and this strategy allows different marketing performances through several digital platforms like the company’s website, and social medial platforms as well as different digital channels.

Effect of IMC strategy on sustainability and business ethics of Microsoft

Sustainability is the core component of a business organisation that mostly relies on business strategy, organisation ethics as well as promotional activities. IMC strategy can be effective for improving organisational efficiency by incorporating the promotional communication of a business organisation. Microsoft, the leading business organisation in the global software business sector follow this strategy to improve promotional activities. The marketing performance of the “Surface series” Microsoft was not satisfactory and this is the reason for not fulfilling the expectations of the organisation.

The IMC strategy improves the conservation of the surrounding ecosystem, HRM, as well as performance control or business management which leads to sustainability improvement. Apart from that, this strategy guides to improve the durability as well as the energy efficiency of the organisation which has a positive effect on sustainability development. Waste reduction performances, inner collaboration among the employee and gaining more knowledge in terms of customer requirements that leads to improving the sustainability of the business organisation.

The ethics of a business organisation determines the growth and success of the organisation. Microsoft runs an ethical business performance that guides to improve the success as well as improve the sustainability of the organisation. The IMC strategy guides to improve the trustworthiness of the organisation by intending the target audience, consistent messaging as well as allowing various channels for promotional activities.


Taking into consideration the above study it can be concluded that the IMC strategy is one of the most important strategy that guides the improvement of the business performances of Microsoft in terms of business growth of the Surface series. The impact of the IMC strategy has been discussed in this study in terms of sustainability improvement as well as business growth. Apart from that, the effect of IMC strategy on sales innovation as well as promotional activities has been described in this study. The IMC strategy is very effective for any business organisation to perform an appropriate marketing performance because it focuses on consistent communication through a wide range of promotional channels. The sustainability of an organisation depends on financial viability, environmental protection as well as social equity.



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