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Critical Appraisal Of The Law Concerning Public Orders Assignment Sample

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Table of Contents


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Government focuses on developing effective laws which can help them in ensuring the safety and security of the human rights of all the citizens of the country. The government makes several laws which are being required to be maintained on the public places. The laws concerning the public order helps the government in controlling the public order crimes in an effective manner (Adang, 2018). The parliament of UK had developed the public order act 1986 which includes different laws related to the public order which involves the laws such as law for the riots, violent disorder, affray, fear or provocation of violence, intentional harassment, alarm or distress, harassment, alarm or distress. These laws are helping the government in ensuring that all the citizens should act properly in the public and should not harm or violate any of the law related to the public order.

The law based on the section 4A and section 5 of the public order offences helps the individual to fight against harassment, alarm or distress which is being caused to them by any another individual. These laws help the government in controlling the behaviour and the words of the individuals in the public which can led to violence. Along with this the laws such as the laws for Riots, Violent disorder, Affray and fear or provocation of violence is helping the government in avoiding and controlling the racial and the religious hatred in the society (Lowerson, 2018). For imposing these rules in an effective manner and for better implementation the government had given some of the powers to the police but there are controversies that the police is misusing their power while ensuring the implementation of the laws concerning for the public orders.

The government needs to ensure that no police officer or any other legal authority should misuse their powers under these laws. These laws are being developed in all the different government across the world for ensuring the proper functioning of the social norms and values in the public places and for ensuring that no individuals should face violence at both the public and the private locations (Taylor-Dunn, et. al., 2018). It can be said that these laws related to the public order are important as they are helping all the citizens in managing their behaviour in the public places and also encourages them to maintain better law and order in the society and to ensure the stability in the society.


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