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Wellness Action Plan Assignment Answer

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Introduction - Developing a Comprehensive Wellness Action Plan for Holistic Health and Well-being

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(what actions do you need to take to address these needs)

· Encourage healthy sleeping habits

· Organize different fitness challenges

· Eat healthily and stay hydrated all the time.

· Participate in gyms and perform exercises daily.

· Join online meditation programs

· Get mindfulness training

· Join stress management programs/ workshops

· Share thoughts with friends and family.

· Participating in social events and activities

· Going for group outings

· Volunteering for the NGOs

· Get enrolled in Yoga and meditation programs

· Utilize the quiet rooms to relax, sleep and pray

· Joining the giving back programs

· Start keeping a journal of weekly activities and learning

· Model self-regulation

· Embed the tutorials for the learning


(what will be the result of your actions)

These actions will be helpful in keeping the body healthy and relaxed and free from diseases.

The actions listed above will help the individual in being emotionally stable and be able to focus.

The outings and participation in social activities will fulfill the need for belongingness of an individual.

The outcome of the above-mentioned actions will be the effective wellbeing of the individual along with a relaxed and peaceful mind.

The activities will be fruitful for such human in terms of literacy and learning development.

Time Frame

(when should this be done by)

On a daily basis

2 months

Every 2 weeks

One month

2 months


(what resources do you need to achieve this)

In order to achieve effective outcomes, there is a requirement for proper tools for exercise, good and healthy food, and pure water.

There will be a need for a desktop, laptop, and sound internet connection to join any online meditation program.

There will be required a group of socially active people and enough time and funds to participate in such activity.

The resources required here are a quiet room, system, and internet connection for the online programs.

There will be a requirement of the assistance of the tutors and diary to keep a journal.

Student number: _______________________ Date__________________________

Wellness Action Plan

(This counts for about 300 words.)

Consider what factors and lifestyle choices may affect your personal health, fitness, and wellbeing (include at least one reference)

(Write approx. 400 words)

There are several factors and a variety of lifestyle choices that can have a direct influence on personal health, wellbeing, and fitness. There are plenty of people who follow an unhealthy lifestyle. These people are tending to encounter more illnesses as well as disabilities (Fetherston, et al., 2020). The problems like metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skeletal and joint problems, overweight, hypertension as well as violence can be caused because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Because of the unhealthy food eating habits, an individual can suffer from the problems of life obesity. There are people whose lifestyle is influenced by different bad habits such as tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption as well as smoking which are quite injurious to the health and fitness of an individual. These can also cause a life-threatening disease for a person (Boyd, 2019). On the other hand, healthy lifestyle choices and factors such as regular exercise, drinking water, and consuming healthy food can be the reason behind a fit and healthy body. Being hydrated is very important for the human body to avoid many types of health issues (Boyd, 2019). The key factors affecting the health and wellbeing of a person include physical activities, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, social interaction, stress as well as weight gain (Fetherston, et al., 2020).

Identify what strategies you will need for self-care and how you will develop resilience (include at least one reference)

(Write approx. 400 words)

Discuss the relationship between your personal health and wellbeing and the professional responsibilities you will have as a nurse (include at least one reference)

(Write approx. 400 words)

Reference list:

  • Bao, Y., Meng, S., Sun, Y., Jie, S. and Lu, L., 2019. Healthy China Action plan empowers child and adolescent health and wellbeing. The Lancet Public Health4(9), p.e448.
  • Boyd, S., 2019. Assessing and building wellbeing. set: Research Information for Teachers1, pp.54-58.

Fetherston, C., Fetherston, A., Batt, S., Sully, M. and Wei, R., 2020. Wellbeing and work-life merge in Australian and UK academics. Studies in Higher Education, pp.1-1

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