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Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care Assignment Answer

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Introduction: Person-Centered Approach in Health and Social Care: Principles, Ethics, and Legislation

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 Diploma in Health and Social Care 

  1. Person-Centered Approach (PCA) mainly focuses on the patients and his/her capabilities, likings and requirements whereas the traditional model of care delivery concentrates on treatment of the disorder and the deficiencies suffered by the body with the help of a systematic evaluation that are medically diagnosed. In the PCA, the schedule of the treatment and the routines followed are flexible whereas the traditional model follows a strict routine and abides by the rules and regulations demonstrated by the facility (Broom, 2020). The PCA takes care of the residents and forms a relationship with them beyond the treatment whereas in the traditional method the residents are treated only at a professional level thus leading them to feel alone, homeless and far more vulnerable.
  2. The two most important elements of a healthcare facility are equality and diversity. Ensuring that all the employees, staffs and patients receive the same treatment and discrimination is totally prohibited is the responsibility that one needs to take care of. Certain values and work ethics must be followed within the institution so that everyone has a clear understanding of the norms and regulations provided by the facility. Further implementation of few policies and procedures will enable that equality is maintained, enhancing the culture of social health care (Petty, 2018). A continuous monitoring can be done in order to track whether these policies that are being implemented are contributing to the welfare of the health care facility or not. In order to maintain equality and diversity, the person centered care needs to operate in an unbiased manner, respecting every individual and their attributes.
  3. The personal attributes healthcare professional needs to have are empathy towards the patients and other critical situations that one might be facing. It is a very important trait one needs to have. The healthcare career fields are not like the other jobs that have a standard 9-5 shift, hence the professionals and workers in this sector need to be flexible and adjust with the extra shifts they might need to operate for (Pugh, 2017). Their communication skill needs to be well refined along with a hospitable etiquette as it helps to assure patients and make them feel comfortable. A positive approach towards all the critical situations along with a sense of strong work ethic is ideal for a healthcare professional. Being confident, co-operating with the other working professionals in the facility, thriving in drastic situations and knowing the value of time are the other qualities that a healthcare worker needs to embrace.
  4. In general, the potential of comprehending what another person is experiencing, or thinking is termed as empathy. According to the Simulation Theory, when one tries to replicate the feelings that another person is experiencing in order to know what he/she is going through is when empathy is possible. However, the Theory of Mind does not support the statements of the Simulation theory. This theory suggests that the ability to comprehend another person's feeling is totally based on certain norms for how one person is supposed to think and perceive in a certain situation (Lopez, 2015).

Task 2

  1. Ethics can be defined as the study of suitable conduct and decision-making process in a critical situation. It helps in shaping the attributes of an individual. There are four essential components of an ethical principle. These are the principle of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice. The principle of autonomy states that an individual is capable of making his/her decision and that his/her perception shall be respected. The second principle states that the healthcare professionals as well as the practitioners should cater in the aid of the patients. Beneficence is another word for being kind (, n.d.). The third principle states that no wrongdoings should be done to the patients. Whereas the fourth principle focuses on prohibiting any discrimination in treating the patients. It states that every individual should receive a treatment equally and with fairness.
  2. In a workplace there can be numerous ethical issues faced by the healthcare professions and the practitioners. To identify these malpractices in the workplace one needs to have an eye on the details and should have a proper understanding of the ethical issues that might occur. Few of the instances can be an involvement of bribing, harassing the patients or the staff, lack of integrity and honesty towards the work. Ethical issues can be resolved in a few steps (, 2020). First the identification of the ethical issue needs to be done, then with the help of the guidelines of the workplace an evaluation could be made. The third step involves a strategic planning of the necessary actions that are to be implemented along with the communicating of the plan to the rest of the people in the workplace.

Task 3

  1. One of the primary legislations that needs to be taken care of is to ensure that the equipment that is being used on a daily basis is being safely stored and carried from one place to another. The healthcare facility should be a safe place for patients, and it should also feel safe. Secondly, there needs to be strict regulation on the standard of the food. The healthcare facility requires serving good quality food as the patient's life should not be compromised. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace, the premises should be cleaned along with proper drainage, toilet facility along with proper ventilation (, 2018).
  1. The two agencies that provide healthcare services to the individuals are National Health Service (NHS) and the home care facilities that provide support and shelter to the older generation. These agencies ensure that the healthcare service is provided to every individual without being discriminated against. They believe in proper and fair treatment without unfair means or any other malpractices. They regularly strive to make their services available to all the individuals in need of it. They never compromise on the quality of their services and put the patient at a risk. They utilise their resources in order to benefit the ones that are in need of it (, 2020).

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