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Project Management Capstone Assessment Assignment Sample

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Slide 1: Introduction

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  • This study is highly based on the projects activity of Capstone project
  • Various kinds of academic and extra-academic activities are elaborating on this study
  • All types of advantages of groups activity have elaborated this study

S.N: This study is highly based on proper outcomes as well as findings on Capstone Projects. All types of project journeys are elaborated on in this presentation. Within this project, all kinds of learning skills, methods as well as development attributes of students are discussed. Apart from their academic knowledge, all types of no academic attributes are also discussed in this study.    

Slide 2: Projects Outcomes


Slide 3: Projects Outcomes


Slide 4: Projects Findings


Slide 5: Projects Findings


Slide 6: Advantages of working activity

  • All final-year students experience proper working attitude developments
  • Working together attributes are increased within their psychology (Purwanto et al. 2020)
  • All types of innovation power are increased within their final work

S.N: Capstone projects mainly try to make focus into develop various working attitudes in every participant in this university. These projects, mainly try to increase work together motivation within a small team. All types of responsibilities of participants are distributed within a workplace. This working process tries to make well preparation for every employee within a small team. It also makes concentration on innovation power which is more important for an employee.

Slide 7: Potential for Building CV

  • Capstone projects are trying to demonstrate all prospective employees
  • Apart from employee academic qualifications, it highly makes concentrations on which is important for CV (Moretti et al. 2020)
  • All types of professionalism attributes are developed from Capstone projects which attract every interviewer 

S.N: At this current time, an interviewer looks forwards towards more than the academic qualifications of an employee. Capstone projects also try to increase all opportunities which are can be achieved by an employee's existing potential. Employees' dedication level, working attachments, and situation-handling process are explored with the help of this project. 

Slide 8: Behavioral Management Theories

  • With help of the Capstone Project and its journey highly make focus on various Behavioral Management Theories
  • In all types of social interactions, participants' satisfactions are highly focused on a projects (Pyszczynski et al. 2021)
  • Organizations’ success rates majorly depend on this socialization

S.N: Within this Capstone Project, various types of behavioral management theories are discussed such as human relation theory, motivation as well as leadership-related theory. On these theories, majorly make focus on the socialization process where interaction attributes are highly focused. 

Slide 9: Behavioral Management Theories

  • Within a team, human relations are the most important objective which is explored by the participants
  • Participants' satisfactions, and value creations are the most important objects which are focused on in this process
  • Participants' decision-making attributes are reflected within developing a projects

S.N: According to this Capstone Project every employee's relations are elaborated in an important manner. Positive work environments and participants' satisfaction are generated for this project's purposes. All of participants' value creation and proper decision-making attributes are developed within this project.  

Slide 10: Behavioral Management Theories

  • With help of this project, highly make focus on participants' motivations
  • Motivation attributes highly make concentration in achieving projects goal (Ulker-Demirel and Ciftci, 2020)
  • The leadership process majorly tries to make focus leadership management process

S.N: Capstone Project mainly focuses on making a motivations process which highly makes concentrations on participants' action process. Proper roles and social idols are identified with the help of these leadership theories.  Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has crucially attached to this process.   

Slide 11: Role of communication

  • Within an agile working process, communication has a proper role for ensures project goals
  • Within this Capstone Project communication builds major trust in every participant (Eisenberg et al. 2019)
  • As a participant, it helps to share any information on projects goals and task directions
  • Communication also helps for encourages all participant's decision-making process within an allocated task

S.N: In this Capstone Project, communication process maintains major attributes. It makes identify all participant's feelings and emotions regarding allocated task. All valuable providing information are highly developed with help of communication in a team. It also increases motivation of every participant which develops task directions. 

Slide 12:


Slide 13:


Slide 14:


Slide 15: Conclusions



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