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Personal Pitch Assignment Sample

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+A personalized pitch is basically a synopsis of an individual’s character and history. The next study will explore important abilities in more detail in order to demonstrate the importance of managers knowledge in meeting the specific occupation’s requirements. Furthermore, a SWOT and Personal Audit will be conducted to determine the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Hodge and Lear, 2011). Moreover, a crucial trip will be addressed on essential abilities relevant to the carrier’s fastest way. Additionally, development options will be explored to get a better understanding of the topic. This study has assessed the personal abilities that have been appropriately suggested on the prospective horizons of the business in this respect.

2. Key Competencies

2.1 Calculate the Efficacy of Work-Related Skills in achieve Job tasks 

2.1.1 Amalgamation of Business and Management Theoretical data into association accomplishment 

To create suitable carriers and possibilities, the following factors are included in the carrier building process:

The System management theory

Systems management provides an alternate method to organisational design and governance. According to systems management theory, companies, like the human psyche, are grown in many countries that operate in harmony to ensure the larger system functions effectively. It enhances an organization’s ability to adapt to environmental changes. The corporation is analysed holistically rather than in segments (Richardson and Jackson, 2018). As a consequence, it is capable of adapting to the needs of the surroundings.

The scientific management theory 

Scientific management is a management philosophy that examines and synthesises processes. Its primary goal is to increase market prosperity, particularly labour productivity. It was one of the first efforts to push research to system design and administration (Paramboor and Ibrahim, 2018). Scientific management is occasionally referred to as Taylorism in honour of its founder, Frederick Winslow Taylor.

The Contingency management theory

A contingency theory is an organisational theory that maintains that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to organisational structure, management, and judgement in business. Rather than that, the optimum plan of action is inner in character and involves unique characteristics (Velinov, Vassilev and Denisov, 2018). A manager faced with an employee who often comes late for work exemplifies the constructivist perspective in practice.

2.1.2 Improvise the Critical recognition of selected ground of Employment and Career Progression 

During the process of developing employable skills, certain characteristics must be acquired that will aid an individual in his or her advancement which is listed below:

Manage the capability of decision making

Decision-making is the act of selecting a course of action based on an assessment of existing evidence. Hiring agents are looking for employees that are capable of making decisions in the hope to cater more effectively to the company (Shamim et al., 2019). As a result, as a competent employee or manager in an organisation, it is critical to have judgment abilities.

Construct as an appropriate communicator 

Effective communication demands the capacity to understand directions, learn new skills, make a request, inquire about anything, and communicate information effortlessly (Madsen and Verhoeven, 2019). Efficient leadership requires the ability to understand requests, ask relevant questions, and communicate crucial information.

Produce the aptitude of team-working  

Teamwork skills relate to the traits and abilities that allow a person to successfully cooperate with everyone in conversations, projects, presentations, and other events (Kaur, Awasthi and Grzybowska, 2020). Capacity for teamwork is dependent upon the ability to communicate effectively, participate actively, and act fairly and responsibly.

Enhance the self-awareness 

Self-awareness is entailed in being aware of one’s own values, character, interests, habits, emotions, and abilities in many fields. In a professional environment, self-awareness is seen as a critical personality trait (Steffens et al., 2021). A self-aware individual may drive himself or herself in any scenario that is relatively adaptable for him or her in the job.

2.1.3 Employability Skills essential of a worker

Although qualifications and experience are sufficient for anybody looking for a job, success in the vast majority of occupations necessitates the development of a skill that most people acquire during the time.

Proper Communication Skill

At its most basic level, communication is the process of communicating data from one location to another. It may be expressed orally, in writing, graphically, or non-verbally. In reality, it is indeed usually a mix of many of these (Mishra and Mishra, 2020). Capabilities needed reliable transmission and reception of communications from and to another individual in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Emotional Intelligence Skill 

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to understand, use, and control one’s own emotions in a good way in order to relieve anxiety, enhance communication, empathise with everyone, resolve problems, and minimise conflict (Goleman, 2021).

Proper Collaboration with Team 

Interpersonal skills are the characteristics necessary for successful interpersonal communication (Kaur, Awasthi and Grzybowska, 2020). Firms with positive managerial skills are capable of successfully operating as group members, meeting the criteria and wishes of clients and supervisors, collaborating, making decisions, and resolving conflicts with other individuals, as well as working efficiently with other employees in general.

3. Assessment of the personal skills 

3.1 Personal Audit 

A customized skill audit is a kind of self-assessment that has the potential to significantly affect an individual’s assigned skills.

Serial No.

Skills and Ability

Self-assessed Score

Score from others


Skill of Communication




Confidence level




Time management skill




Problem Resolving Skill




Team working Capability




Decision Making skill



3.2 Personal SWOT 8 and 9



  • I own communication skills that assist in my trust development. For the obvious reason that effective communication fosters common understanding.

  • I have such a pleasant demeanour, which allows me to establish corporate relationships and work for partnership development.

  • Business Awareness helps me to work successfully in my current position by strengthening my judgement abilities, enhancing my image, and increasing my advancement chances.

  • Additionally, my team-oriented attitude has allowed us to work successfully with colleagues.

  • A higher level of awareness allows me to organise everything more efficiently. The characteristics of personality are assisting me in making sound judgments and following a logical route in all situations.

  • Strong communication ability enables me to interact with people noticeably. Visitors are immediately captivated by the courteous look.



  • I am inept at organising and planning, which results in insufficient managing time and often unclear project objectives that do not satisfy consumers.

  • I lose motivation, which manifests as worry, tension, and isolation, as well as an increased risk of depression, all of which significantly impede academic and professional success.

  • When an individual lack confidence the someone may spend significantly more time thinking about what other people can accomplish than on one’s own abilities and possible future challenges.


4. Carrier Prospects

4.1 Elaboration of Personal Key Competencies for the selected path of the Carrier 

As previously mentioned, these core competencies are critical for success in one’s chosen area of future work. Some social qualities are needed in an organisational context. Employability skills are the collective term for these qualities. I have adequate job experience in this area to allow me to enhance my productivity in both my career path and present job. According to my past experience, I actually allowed an abundance of initiative, problem-solving skills, and superior observing capacity. It is essential to expect such professional qualities that allow a worker to adapt.

It is a necessary skill for director and senior positions. It often connects problem-solving abilities with people in positions of authority. They have a larger burden of blame and are empowered to deal with any problems that arise. While it is unlikely that I will be required to solve a major business issue within my first week on the job, how I handle minor setbacks demonstrates to a supervisor how well I will handle bigger ones.

Workplaces are rapidly changing. The task will require a variety of distinct job positions and supervisors, and even if an individual work in the same sector for an extended period of time, the nature of the job is susceptible to change. Thus, core competencies are advantageous due to their situational adaptability. As a consequence of my qualities, it has been decided that my affinity for the subject and my capacity for observation will allow me to succeed in my chosen profession, as previously stated. 

Observation ability refers to a person’s capacity to detect, analyze, and remember their environment using their five senses. This technique is often seen as an important component of mindfulness, and it has the potential to help people become more respectful and aware of their surroundings. When combined with other desired qualities such as logic, intuition, adaptability, creativity, lateral thinking, and perseverance, excellent problem-solving talents are highly valued by employers. 

If my employer has concerns about my ability to overcome the roadblocks, it will be difficult to assign me more duties or recommend me for a leadership role in the future. In reality, there will always be a connection between specific skills to conquer challenges and my future career. As a result, my outstanding skills will be beneficial to the chosen future job, which will produce massive output. The fundamental outcomes of honing my skills will be beneficial if I need to make a choice.

It will improve my ability to perform more effectively and grasp many elements of management procedures, in my opinion. I will be able to communicate effectively and identify the fundamental criteria of many management elements if this procedure is properly maintained. These important ideas have been regarded as a beneficial component in achieving success in the workplace.

5. Progression Opportunities

As per the general picture from the preceding part, many important ideas have been characterized as adapting to identify practices as a manager’s duty. It will be beneficial in the future horizons of a selected profession. Nevertheless, I have come to see that the words leadership and management have two distinct meanings and do not belong in the same category. I discovered the true essence of management and leadership after conducting an extensive study.

I think that leading is a fundamental characteristic that allows one to influence others by motivating them to achieve goals with zeal and enthusiasm. Management, on the other hand, is a system that uses controlling things possibly. According to my opinion, a manager who follows a few important leadership styles will benefit from consistent organizational effectiveness.

As a result, I have come to realize that autocratic leadership, also known as a strong leader, is a unique style of leadership. In such a scenario, the leaders are bound to make choices based on their own views, rather than allowing and embracing recommendations from the following. According to my, the philosophy of democratic leadership differs somewhat from that of authoritarian leadership (Chiang et al., 2021). Essentially, it allows individuals or groups to participate effectively in the judgment process.

In reality, in order to comprehend the practices, I need to study and master these ideas. I have observed many positive aspects of these concepts, but just two of them will let me handle everything elegantly, resulting in amazing company effectiveness in the organisational operating system. Applying these two leadership ideas, in my opinion, will allow me to more enthusiastically complete my job.

I must create a positive atmosphere at the office in order to keep the working process moving forward. As a result, giving motivational speeches would be beneficial in making sound choices. There are many important stages or management techniques, but I believe that empowering people will be a successful strategy for my future career. On the other hand micro-management, maybe a controlling leadership style. For me, it’s critical to have faith in the members’ choices while also having the capacity to encourage them to come up with more useful and innovative ideas.

6. Conclusion 

This whole research demonstrates certain management techniques clearly and concisely in order to meet the needs of a specific profession. Various job abilities have been shown in order to meet the criteria of the chosen employment and to apply organisational procedures. As a result, the execution of a SWOT analysis and personal audit outlines governance challenges as well as successful working-progress methods. In fact, psychological introspection is beneficial to one’s chosen professional path.


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