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Fundamentals Of Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Fundamentals Of Management

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In order to be able to identify the report achievement by having good teamwork and motivation aspects must be present. Individuals have a competitive mentality, but having the correct contribution and distribution will ensure that the group's goals and targets are met. When the correct tools and procedures are used to find out the right necessary working, best possible results by using the right tools and models to be implemented. In order to achieve proper operating and functioning, focus must be present throughout the entire process. Risks can be avoided in order to achieve the desired results, which will lead to success and increased production. Models such as Tuckman's teamwork and Vroom's theory of expectancy would be adopted in order to achieve a higher level of understanding and collaboration, resulting in better work and performance. 

Reflects On Group Work Using Teamwork And Motivational Theories

There are a variety of tools that can be used to ensure that good teamwork and motivation are present. A great deal of research and data collection is essential to guarantee that everything is planned and completed appropriately. Motivation must be present in people who are working together in order to ensure that the outcomes are better and that there is a greater likelihood of success (Barry, 2017). Information must be delivered effectively, and without a good team, successful outcomes will not be achieved. In the further report, the theories of teamwork and motivation will be discussed in order to get better results and making the planning and decisions accordingly.

Tuckman theory

This notion is utilized by teams to ensure that the correct knowledge and understanding are present. Tuckman's theory is for a good teamwork model that may be constructed to ensure that there will be increased operations and better outcomes. Because of the Covid-19 issue, the usage of technologies has increased, which persons must consider, but individuals must also ensure that there is proper understanding between groups despite this element. This model has five stages: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Brainstorming and building the correct culture setting are used to develop ideas and ensure that the right working environment. Goals must be defined and then communicated to employees so that, if they have suggestions or disagreements, they can be addressed so that proper functioning and processing can take place. Individuals were made to ensure that they were following the proper procedure in order to achieve effective teamwork. It is critical to have effective teamwork in order to ensure that better innovations and outcomes are produced. For the assignment the group was motivated well and made sure that they have the responsibilities according to the skills and knowledge which they excel in so that there are better outcomes that can be expected (Painter?Morland and, 2019).

Individuals must be informed of short goals in order to ensure that there will be better working and functioning (Brigham and Houston, 2021). Individuals in the report group must ensure that they meet their targets on time in order to improve their results. The team must ensure that they are meeting all of the objectives and that they are acknowledged in order for them to feel relieved of the burden. Work becomes stressful, and higher levels of working and functioning are required for the greatest results. Good understanding and working skills which has to be present to ensure that there are expected outcomes. Knowledge and skills have to be used well in order to make sure that there is good performance.

Collection must be informed in order for group thinking to take place. It is critical to make appropriate decisions in order to improve the working environment and processes that must be in place. The group to be able to complete this task had a lot of difference in the working due to Covid-19 and collecting the data also took time. There were a lot of misguiding sites and online articles which were not linked to the topic. It was difficult for the group to make sure that there would be right expected results so that they all can be satisfied effectively (Emery, Canbulat and Zhang, 2020). To gain the right outcomes, planning has to be done effectively in order to make sure that there are right improvement that are being present.


Tuckman theory will increase teamwork, allowing the group to have the correct data and work for them. Mindsets must evolve throughout time in order for better activities to emerge. There must also be strong communication, and for that, there must be good teamwork, which is critical for the group's success. There has to be good innovation and creativity which has to be present in a report according to me therefore the team working is going to be a great factor for the assignment to have. Meetings are required to ensure that there is adequate preparation and information (Peel, 2019). A lot of sharing information and knowledge which is present in a group meeting, this can be utilised for the assignment in order to have the right performance. The framework for teamwork must be improved in order for better results to be achieved. The findings must be enhanced and arguments must be resolved in order to uncover the correct components of operating in the industry. It is vital to perform extensive investigation to assure that there will be further work.

As a group there is going to be time wasted on selected the data which has to be presented in the assignment but with the right collaboration there would be better results. Data must be chosen in accordance with teamwork and individual knowledge in order to ensure that better outcomes and information are produced. Treating all the group members the same is very essential for the business to have so that they would be able to make sure that they are providing the best information to the audience (Chatterjee and Oki, 2020). Completing assignments on schedule is also critical, and efficient working must be there. Recognizing the relevant people with the proper skills and expertise who must be there to ensure that the aims are met is a critical component for the group members to possess. To guarantee that there are good compromises in place and that solid goals are defined, good performance from all staff is essential.

Figure 1: Motivation theory

 (Source: Tuckman expectancy theory, 2021)

Vroom expectancy theory

All of the individuals in the report must put in significant effort in order to achieve the best possible results. Effort must be there in the workplace in order for higher performance to be achieved. Employees who are motivated will be able to ensure that there will be improved performance. The organization's goal is to ensure that there will be stronger cultural management in place. To ensure that there is a favourable influence, there must be a good relationship existing (Chandra, 2020). Contribution of the entire group is very important and whatever work they are been given according to the skills and talent of them has to be acknowledged so that they can continue to be motivated. Higher levels of service and teamwork are required to ensure that the organization's objectives are met in the long run, allowing for more efforts and improvements to be made. There are a lot of desired rewards which can be provided to the individuals as well. Individuals must be evaluated based on their performance and efforts in order to improve productivity. The group can also receive rewards in the form of physical and mental stimulation (Dyorina, Savva, and Rabina, 2021). Many members of the group want to hear something positive all of the time to ensure that the appropriate steps are being taken and that their work is being appreciated in front of everyone.

Figure 2: Vroom expectancy theory

(Source: Vroom’s expectancy theory, 2021)


Vroom expectancy theory helps the group to understand each other better so that they would be able to make sure that there are right actions and improvement which they can make. There are a lot of decisions which are not in favour of the group members but to be able to work as one they has to be a common ground which they all must have so that there is going to be better outcomes. I have to make sure that all the group members have the right knowledge and understanding so that they would be able to make sure that there are better contribution of all. Knowledge of previous performance can also be extremely beneficial to all individuals (Peel, 2020). The group must work together in order to achieve better particular goals. Individual participation in teamwork is required so that better work can be accomplished, which is beneficial to the whole operation. I have to make sure that all the individuals which are involved in this process are having a good knowledge of working as a team. 

Reflection Of Self Using The Cvf’s Action Imperatives

The competing value framework, which was created in 1983, will be used to determine the proper talents and activities for the group. Leaders are decided by the group in order to make sure that there are better decisions and ideas which are developing to that there would be right working. Leadership behaviour present in the group has a significant impact on the ultimate outcome and the values that all individuals hold. Flexibility, as well as the activities that are now taking place, must be prioritised in order to acquire a competitive advantage.





Goal 1: Team work







All group members have to give in their best for the assignment to be completed on time




Goal 2: Motivation



In process

The students wait for the end results to make sure that there is going to be better results.




Competing value framework

The first priority must be to focus on the actions that are engaged in order to ensure that there will be consistent working and processing of the assignment which is present. Culture of the group has to be set and classified so that there is going to be a good respect for one another and making decisions is going to be right as well. Completing value framework is done by the group to make sure that there is going to be good collaboration of value which is present so that there are going to be better results. Many conflicts and other issues can develop, and they must be resolved swiftly if productivity is to be improved. The compilation must be good, and leaders must be able to understand and deal with it properly so that useful actions may be taken. In order for appropriate planning and functioning to take place, all of the persons' values must be present.


Communication must be improved in order to ensure that better transference occurs, resulting in the accomplishment of the task. Due to the lockout, the group was unable to ensure that proper working conditions for the collection of data that was available. There are numerous aims and goals that must be met in order for excellent communication and collaboration to take place. There is a lot of knowledge and cultural understanding that may be applied to the group that I have understood from this assignment which allows for the utilisation of specific aims. 

As a leader, I must be aware of the responsibilities in order to ensure that the quality of your work improves of not just me but all the individuals in the assignment. As a leader I took feedbacks from the individuals as well so that I could make sure that the tasks assigned to all are being achieved and make sure that there is going to be better working. Necessary data has to be distributed and information must reach to all so that there are better outcomes that can be expected.

It's critical that everyone in the group participates in listening and comprehending each other over the phone and video calls. To ensure that performance is equal, innovation must be increased, as well as support and trust in one another. Understanding the group's strengths and limitations is critical for making the best decisions and making progress. While presenting the report in depth, there are opportunities for fresh ideas and breakthroughs. To be able to find the correct area, there must be good imaginative planning. All of the reports and group understanding differ from one another, but the problems must be resolved in order to obtain the best workable solution

There is a certain degree of quality that must be maintained, and that was the main focus of this report in order for the team to have a successful conclusion in the future. Everyone is unique from a standpoint, which guarantees that good ethical considerations are in place to ensure a good work is done. In order to be able to finance in the correct position with good projected effects, I need to ensure that there are good results and placement. I must effectively lead the team and ensure that there is good transparency that all concerns are resolved, and that communication is effective. It becomes quite difficult to ensure that there will be no problems if there is no communication.


According to the above data, there is a need for teamwork and a motivation component in the workplace in order to reach the current goals and objectives. Tuckman's theory and Vroom's expectancy theory are both highly useful in ensuring that operations are improved. There must be strong application of these parts to be able to obtain in good leadership skills so that there would be good team working and motivation factors that must be considered to make the proper outcomes be there. In order to choose the ideal place for higher-level work, some activities must be completed. There are a number of methods to accomplish this, but this was the method used for the assignment. The team must be able to achieve the best results in order to ensure that there will be effective working and performance in the long run, as well as better results than expected.


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