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Event Management Assignment Sample

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There are various stages involved in an activity life cycle. The  event management company is required to plan all activities 2 to 3 months in advance. The time management played a significant role in the success of an event (Bang, Won and Kim, 2009). There is the following stage involved in an event management:

  • Define goals and objective of an event: This is the first stage of an event. In this stage, the management set the aims and objective of that event.

  • Select an appropriate location: Once the goals and objectives are decided event manager requires choosing an appropriate location for the event. The selection of place is important for the company. There are various factors which affect the location of an event. It involves transportation and other facilities (Kruger, Thoms and Tabieros, 2008).
  • Define the pricing structure: Define your pricing structured based on quotes and cost obtained. Prepare a draft event schedule or agenda.
  • Prepare for registration: After pricing structure is done company requires to plan for registration of the event. For that, a company can use online platform for the registration (Henderson, 2011).
  • Finalise the details of your event: Once event details have been determined, the invitations can be mailed to the audience so as to transfer information related to registrations. Providing early bird offers will entice early sign-ups for your event.
  • Marketing of the event: Promotion of the event is required to create the awareness about the case among the public (Lee and Beeler, 2009).
  • Effective evaluating an event: The survey should be conducted for all your attendees on the day of the event. This will help you in obtaining accurate feedback while the experience is still fresh.

Event for Coca Cola

It is important for the company to make a budget for the event and finalise the same. According to the given scenario, the objective of an event is to promote and branding of Coca-cola with the help of an event. The location of event is crucial. It depends on that particular country. Suppose, the event is planned to be organised in the city of London. The selection of an appropriate location is essential for the success of that event. The area near the central metro station is selected (Lee, Lee and Kim, 2008). This area has the potential to attract a large number of crowd. Once the location is decided, the team is required to make the price structure of that event. We make the team for finalised the schedule and an appropriate structure for that structure. Promotional tools also can be decided by the company in a cost-effective manner.

There are the following details of that event:

Event for Coca-cola

Location: near Central metro station London

Budget: 1000 (Pounds)

Time: 9 PM


From the above carried out analysis, it can be concluded that event management is growing industry at the moment. Furthermore, in this assignment an overview Functionality which is leading event corporation in Sydney, Australia which provides celebration or conference services to business clients and other citizens of the country through the efficient use of its various resource. Further, analysis of the marketing tools of the events management how it can be improved than evaluated of the event lifecycle which helps to achieve the goals and objectives.


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