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Quantitative Statements Critiquing Task And Statement Analysis Of Peter Dutton Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Quantitative Statements Critiquing Task And Statement Analysis Of Peter Dutton

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The Australian Federal Budget of 2023 critically explains the present economic situation of the Australian economy by analyzing the area of interest rates, inflation, energy, job creation etc. The speech and critical reviews from the opposition leaders, and the politicians play a vital role in analyzing the “Australian Federal Budget '' which is announced on 9th May 2023. Peter Dutton is one of the famous opposition leaders who critiques that the labor budget is one of the missed opportunities. Analyzing the present economic situation, Dutton also critiqued that the electricity prices and the price of gas also increased to 56% and 44% in the future of next twenty months. This creates huge economic challenges and pressures for maintaining the energy resources and creates negative impacts on the entire Australian economy. This assignment will critically focus on the quantitative analysis of the critique task based on a critique of the opposition leader Dutton.

Analysis and Discussion

The controversial opinion regarding the chosen statement analysis of Dutton helps to understand the present economic consequences and impacts of future energy resources and the impact of increasing electricity prices for the next twenty months (Slocombe, 2022). Peter Dutton, an unmistakable opposition leader, has raised concerns in regard to the Australian Government Spending Plan of 2023. His evaluation principally spins around botched open doors in the work financial plan and the expected expansion in power and gas costs throughout the following twenty months (Krayem and Betts, 2019). These reactions feature the monetary difficulties and tensions looked at by Australia in keeping up with its energy assets, which could adversely affect the general economy. The quantitative analysis of Dutton's study is urgent in surveying the legitimacy of his cases and grasping the possible outcomes of these elements on the Australian economy.

The claim of the predictions

The famous opposition leader Dutton identified “Budget forecasts have tipped electricity prices to rise 56 per cent and gas prices 44 per cent in the next 20 months”. Peter Dutton claimed the given prediction about missed opportunities of the Australian government after the post-budget of the Australian budget in October 2022 (Laurenceson, 2023). Dutton targeted mainly labour, particularly from the school curriculum and critiques the action of the Australian government by considering the theory of “radical gender theories”. The Dutton consider the living cost problems and directly accused the Australian government of the actions regarding the labor budget planning. According to Dutton, the actions of the laborers creates the miss opportunities for the entire Australian economy.

Increasing trends of rise in electricity price

Figure 1: Increasing trends of rise in electricity price

(Source: commons library. parliament. AUSTRALIA/research-briefings/cbp-9491/)

The above graph critically explains the increasing trend of electricity prices in the Australian economy.

Unusual about the claim/ prediction in the context of the business environment

Opposition leader Dutton strongly claimed and criticized the labor budget of the Australian government leading to the missed opportunities for the laborer after school curriculum. Dutton also claimed from the budget forecasts that the prices of electricity continuously increased to 56% and 44% within the next few months. Considering the present world economic situation, the claim or the prediction is almost correct which creates huge business disruptions for the entire Australian business environment.

Annual prices of the Electricity market

Figure 2: Annual prices of the Electricity market


The present globalization impact, invasion impact of Ukraine and Russia, impact of globalization, and climate change all lead to the increase of sudden rise of inflation prices in the entire global world (Wallace, 2021). The fluctuation of supply and demand of the necessary items faced the situation of supply shortage for which price of the renewable energy continuously increased. But the predicted rate by the opposition leader Dutton might fluctuate for electricity prices.

Data are used in this report

The Australian unemployment rate, present inflation rate, and situation of current oil prices, all are used in the entire Australian budget report of 2023 to describe the present impact of the miss opportunities arising from the labor parties and the impact of sudden oil prices for future purposes. Dutton critically focused on the situation of globalization, increasing electricity prices due to fluctuations in renewable energies which create major effects on the electricity price in the next 20 years. According to Boyle, (2019), also determine that fueling inflation is one of the major reasons for the future increase of electricity prices. Another big challenge arises due to fluctuations in renewable energies for which the shortage arises and creates huge challenges for increasing the electricity prices. This present report critically focused on the analysis of increasing electricity prices in the next 20 years in the Australian economy and also analyzed the miss opportunities of labor forces.

Key statistical trends of labor force changes in Australia

Figure 3: Key statistical trends of labor force changes in Australia

(Source: Self-created in M.S Excel)

The above table explains the situation of the labor participation rate in Australia which shows the missed opportunities used in Labor forces in Australia.

The technique of the use of data

The quantitative analysis is done for analyzing the critical statements of Peter Dutton for analyzinglabor missed opportunities. Analyzing the present condition of economic situations of labor forces it is found that the unemployment rate increased to 3.6% and employment increased to 13878900. According Boyle, (2019), in his article critically discussed the missed use of labor opportunities as per the Australian budget held on 9th May 2023. The interpretivism philosophical approach helps to detect the budget analysis of Australia.

Mathematical and statistical techniques are used here

The quantitative approaches are used to analyze the impact of renewable energies for which the electricity price changes in the next twenty years (Ndhlovu, 2021). Different types of bar charts, line charts, and graphical representations help to analyses the critique of Peter Dutton. From the budget report, it is clear that the small business might contribute a one-third proportion of annual turnover for electrification of the energies.

Labor missed opportunities in Australian economy

Figure 4: Labor missed opportunities in Australian economy


The above graphical representation shows the missed opportunities of the labor forces in the Australian economy.

Analysis of labor misused opportunities in Australia

Figure 5: Analysis of labor misused opportunities in Australia


The above graph discussed the present labor market situation in Australia which shows a positive growth rate of labor markets in Australia (Boyle, 2019). But the opposition leader Dutton strongly criticized the missed opportunities of the labor forces which deals with the situation of the high unemployment rates. Therefore, the above graphical representation critiques Dutton's opinions regarding missed opportunities in the labor force.

The diagrammatic representation used in the claim/predictions

The claim of opposition leader Peter Dutton claimed that the price of gas price and electricity price is going to increase by almost 56% and 44%. The assumption is relevant because the analysis of the past trend of electricity prices shows continuously increasing rates.

The Pricing forecast of electricity prices in Australia

Figure 6: The Pricing forecast of electricity prices in Australia


The above diagram critically shows increasing trends in electricity pricing from analyzing the data for 2020. With the continuous increase of the fluctuation of renewable energies, globalization impacts continuously affects the entire electricity prices.

Alternative use (Solar use) to reduce the price of electricity in Australia

Figure 7: Alternative use (Solar use) to reduce the price of electricity in Australia


The Australian budget report also focused to adopt solar energies to reduce electricity prices. The federal budget report of Australia 2023, shows that the Australian government supports 400000 job opportunities by which the Australian economy can improve 100 billion dollars. The report also shows the significant impact of climate change which impacts renewable energy for which the electricity prices might fluctuate. 


The Australian budget for 2023 plays of an important role in analyzing the present economic conditions by considering the criticism of the opposition laborers. This entire assignment critically focused on the analysis of the Australian federal budget in 2023 by considering the critiques of opposition labor Peter Dutton. The assignment also discussed the present missed opportunities of labor forces of the Australian economy and also consider the impact of rising electricity prices. Finally, it provides some arguments and justification regarding the critique reviews by using some graphical representations, and budget analysis of Australia. 

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