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Dynamic Capabilities Assessment

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Dynamic Capabilities Assessment

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Slide 1: Value Proposition

  • The statement that is comprised of the reason for the selection of products or services by the consumers is stated to be a value proposition.
  • This can help in the effective communication that is established in the business for the consumers to understand (da Costa Fernandes et al. 2020).
  • There are 4 key elements that are used for the breakdown that is based on the "advantages", "energy", "risk" and "applicability".

SN-There are three important aspects of the value proposition that are based on the detection of the issues that are for the target audience. This is effective for resolving an issue that is for the products or services being sold.

Slide 2: Short team, the medium and long-term value

  • The short-term value for application for recommendation where communication is established for the selection of the products or services by the consumers.
  • The medium-term consists of the detection of the merits of the product or services of the company that is required to be delivered to the consumers (Mohd Satar et al. 2019).
  • The long-term is aimed at the overall comparison of the products or services with the competitors in the market that are for the target consumers.

SN-This can be stated that the implementation and the three-term value are goal-oriented that links the value of the product with the issues of the consumers.

Slide 3: Comparison between Netflix and Disney

  • There is a boost in the content that was done by Disney which was three times more than Netflix.
  • Netflix has sent about $ 12 billion which is lower in amount than Disney has spent $24 billion for content for the same period (, 2023).
  • The contents variance where the number of games and original contents is more in comparison to Disney.

SN-There are more videos and options on Netflix but their stay period is shorter in comparison to Disney. The episode is released one week after another in Disney whereas Netflix drops all the episodes at once.

Content spending of Disney and Netflix

Figure 1: Content spending of Disney and Netflix

(, 2023)

Slide 4: Growth of Disney and paramount data of expenditure of Netflix

  • There has been an estimated $33 billion and there is also a higher amount of $8 billion that is on content spending.
  • There has been a mixture of forward earnings that was stated to be 30 times and the value of the stock has also increased with the original content (, 2023).
  • Netflix is detected to have spent over $ 80 billion on content and also the leases on the titles where Disney has also had a copyright on certain contents.

SN-There has been a 33% surge in the revenue and overall performance of Disney that has been seen in comparison to Netflix.

Slide 5: Recommendation

  • This can be denoted that there is an increase in the revenue and stocks with Disney going back to original content.
  • There are also boosts in sales as the channel has been leaning towards games as well.
  • There are both original movies and tv shows that are conducted for the "licensing agreements" as seen between the years 2022 and 2020.

SN-Disney has more benefits in leaning towards games and original content shows along with streaming that is higher in comparison to Netflix.


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