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User Manual For The Decision Support System Assignment Sample

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User Manual for Decision Support System at Moriarty Technologies

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A user manual is one type of framework that is important and necessary in making various kinds of decisions for the employees of “Moriarty Technologies”. This user manual has great importance in providing support to business individuals to understand various perspectives of “Moriarty Technologies”. This user manual provides great support in different kinds of fields such as legal issues, saving relevant time, and achieving the aims based on the marketing perspectives of “Moriarty Technologies”. In the context of legal issues related to “Moriarty Technologies”, highlighting legal issues is basically critical related to the products related to “Moriarty Technologies”. This user manual illustrates different types of functions which indicate various usage of safety measures along with warning systems in the aspect of observation of potential dangers of this organization. This user manual provides great support to identify safety warnings related to this organization to “Moriarty Technologist’s employees. In the aspect of saving time, various stakeholders’ time-saving aspects are very important aspects. By the use of a user manual, different types of key factors along with significant illustrations mitigate different kinds of issues. An appropriate support system also helps the employees of “Moriarty Technologies” to achieve the marketing goals here. In this user manual, different kinds of functions such as understanding the concerts related to market perspectives, identification of issues, speech delivery, different kinds of theories along with specific activities, and identification of various kinds of perspectives related to the employees of “Moriarty Technologies” organization are very important.

The skills to translate technical concepts

Different types of skills are very crucial to deliver the perspectives of “Moriarty Technologies” to the employees. Through various skills, the management of this organization is able to translate different numbers of technical terms to the non-technical employees in this organization (Naveed et al. 2020). Through these skills, the stakeholders and the important key holders of this organization develop credibility with the audience and form a shared understanding related to various perspectives of this organization. Based on these types of skills, specific audiences are likely to accept the motives related to the development of the decision-making system of the Steam Age emporium. There are different types of skills that are very important. These skills such as subject knowledge, accuracy, voice quality, knowledge based on technical terminology, and many more skills are very significant here. In the aspect of knowing subject perspectives are very important. Through these skills, the individual is able to translate the subject matter based on experience in the field of technology. Through accuracy, the individual ensures to deliver the speech clearly to the employee of “Moriarty Technologies”. Maintaining accuracy skills is very crucial to the audience. Through accuracy, and delivering speech make very appropriately, the risk errors can be avoided by the expert translating the user manual. Voice quality is also a very supportive skill in this aspect (Chakraborty and Saha 2022). Selected voice quality is very needed for the audience. Through this skill, the audience can able to understand the motives of the decision system.

Understand the perspective of the audience

Understanding the perspective of the audience is considered the first step to developing credibility in this user manual. In “Moriarty Technologies”, there are various kinds of non-technical employees who might be present in the audience. Different types of non-technical working staff such as different kinds of executives, staff belonging to the management level, individuals belonging to the human resource posts, and various kinds of working staff are very important key holders in the aspect of decision-making context in this user manual (Perera et al. 2019). Knowing the audience is very crucial to providing support to identify the perspectives along with the messages of the people carried out.

By getting understanding the perspectives of the audience, the management of the decision-making system can form the ideas related to delivering a speech and what will be the specific voice quality along with the significant context of the decision-making perspective (Shahidet al.2019). Through this process, the management can identify the point of view, challenges, aims, as well as desires. This will be very supportive of the management system to develop a decision-making process.

Important asking questions

In the decision-making context, asking questions is very crucial and supportive as well. By asking questions, the management can avoid very uncomfortableness related to the conversation. There are also various kinds of reasons to ask questions (Marquet et al. 2022). Through questions, the management can understand the perspective of the audience to gain knowledge. The elimination of the confusion related to the technical terms for non-technical employees in the aspect of taking significant decisions is also very critical. Asking questions to a no important person can introduce some incident to feel special along with important which brings attention as well as concentration in delivering a speech. Developing empathy through understanding the point of view of individuals, to build a strong connection to every variable along with the present key holders is very significant. There are various kinds of questions such as asking the issues related to getting an understanding of the term of technology to present key holders, and questions related to different fields of aspects related to key holders also be very supportive to the management in this context (Cambra Baseca et al.2019). Through questioning skills, management can exterminate the monotonous situation which can bring more concentration to the present key holders of the decision-making system.

Advantages of stakeholders

Stakeholders are most important for any organization for making any decisions with using “DSS”. Stakeholder has their own objectives and goals, that effects positively on organizations. They help excessively both people and organizations. Some important stakeholders include:

  • Empower people: Get all stakeholders engaged in the process of decision-making.
  • Making sustainable change: engaged stakeholders help to inform decisions and contribute that support that an organization required sustainability for the long term.
  • Build relationships: Build mutually advantageous relationships, create relationships and promote new ones.
  • Creating a good organization: Involving stakeholders can lead to important problems to encourage any organization to improve CSR or “Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • Raise success: Involving influential groups and turning any organization into advocates and supporters that help to boost the organization's chance of success.
  • Educate: Stakeholders are more valuable origins of information for any organization, and people can learn something from that.

On the above points the involvement of stakeholders can help any organization for better outcomes, and also helps to raise profits.

Identification of different kinds of functions related to the audience

To increase credibility along with efficiency in the context of a fruitful decision-making process, observation along with the identification of different types of functions and backgrounds are very supportive in the context of the decision-making system. Assessment of various functions related to the audience is the task related to observing the background and the point of view, as well as the desires of the audience, which are very helpful. In the identification procedures, the management can identify the point of view of the audience based on the motives related to the decision-making process (Kravchenko et al. 2022). From the perspective of understanding, the demographical information of the audience such as age, gender educational background, as well as experience of the working staff, will be very supportive of the management system.

Necessities connected with understanding the point of view of the audience provide support to “the Bonsai vet decision support system”. In the aspect of customization, font size, types of adjustment, different kinds of delivering styles, and many more are very significant. In the aspect of recognizing the audience, the management system can introduce this system step by step and through various phases with a lot of questions, the management of “the Bonsai vet decision support system” can introduce a significant user manual to conduct various decisions to “Moriarty Technology’s employees.

Significant functionality of the department's

Different types of departments such as marketing, the human resource department, finance as well as internal information technology department is very significant department that provides great support to conduct various operations in “Moriarty Technology” (Schild et al. 2019). In the context of the decision-making system, the presence of these departments is crucial along with fruitful for introducing decisions. Every department of “Moriarty Technology” concerns are different. The marketing department of this organization identifies different types of care along with priorities connected with the legal departments of this organization. The human resource department represents the key holders of the organization and conducts various types of operations which are very fruitful for these individuals. Through a significant decision-making system, the management of “Moriarty Technology” connected with these departments. For various types of functionality, these departments have different kinds of perspectives and points of view (Giunta et al. 2020). By user manual, the management system connected these departments to introduce significant decisions which are fruitful and also supportive of “Moriarty Technology” organization.

Role of the workflow of “Moriarty Technology”

Workflow technologies is a method for ensuring that tasks, documents, and information flow independently between work-related activities in accordance with established business rules. This kind of automation ought to be a straightforward procedure that is carried out on a regular basis to boost productivity on a day-to-day basis. It is also a part of the decision support system. A workflow is a set of steps that must be done in order to complete a task. The software takes over the responsibility for carrying out these tasks thanks to workflow automation. The organization first defines the work-related tasks before automating a workflow (Stahel and MacArthur 2019). The logic and rules that control how these tasks are carried out are then created. In the end, the programmed software uses business logic and predefined rules.

Moriarty technology is a tool that can produce near-real-time Big Data analytics solutions. With this new tool, data scientists and software engineers can work together. They collaborate to rapidly develop new software solutions through Moriarty. Software engineers work with the concept of services, whereas data scientists use algorithms to transform data through a visual interface. It is based on the idea that users won't need to write a single line of code to create projects involving data analytics and artificial intelligence. Reducing an application's "time to market" that incorporates complex AI algorithms is this tool's primary strength. Big Data modules and various AI algorithms serve as their foundation. There are a number of Moriarty classes: A BPMN engine that defines a workflow for data analysis and performs processing is at its core. A set of reusable functions or artificial intelligence algorithms written in a service-oriented architecture are associated with each workflow's definition by a standard BPMN model.

The role of the workflow is very much important for their decision support system because it helps the fastest operations and it is also developing efficiency and precision of the technological activities. Workflow technology is an important aspect of apprehension of technological activities (Merhi et al.2019). Workflow technology is an essential aspect of many other logic as well, such as high-value tasks, tracking the performance, communication, quality of the organization's product, savings, advantages of the client’s service, and as well as visibility. All those aspects are essential to the decision support system in Moriarty technology.

Background and experience of the audience

To achieve a decision-making process, observation of the audience is very useful for the managing system in this context (Koponen and Mossop 2021). “Moriarty Technology” is a technology-based company where various kinds of key holders are present. These working staffs such as the marketing department, financial department, and legal issues related departments, human resources, and internal information technology are very important departments in this organization. These departments provide remarkable support to conduct various numbers of operations for developing the credibility of the employees. In the context of the internal information technology department, forming a web application is very useful as well as helpful for the “Moriarty Technology” organization (Althaus et al. 2020). Through the identification process, the management can observe different kinds of perspectives related to present-day knowledge of web practices, uses of social media, and uses of different types of digital platforms. Web development is one of the significant processes these days. Different kinds of social media along with various kinds of digital platforms are also very supportive and in the context of digitalization, most people use these social media. Through various kinds of digital platforms, most organizations conduct various kinds of operations through digital platforms. For this type of reason, “Moriarty Technology” have great opportunities to expand its circumference. Through “the Bonsai vet decision support system”, the management system of “Moriarty Technology” can examine the background along with experiences of the audience for taking decision-making process.

Understand the concerns

Understanding the concerns related to the audience is one of the significant aspects to implement the user manual for different types of non-technical working staff in” Moriarty Technology”. In maximum cases of the user manual, when someone tries to understand the motives that individual asks a lot of questions to mitigate his queries. In this case, the management of the user manual has to identify the individuals and understand the relevant concern of the audience (Walford-Wright, and Scott-Jackson, 2018). Understanding the concerns of the audience is very helpful to the individuals which provides great support to increase the credibility of the organization. The management of “the Bonsai vet decision support system” should evaluate some factors related to the audience's concerns. Expectations related to the audience, well understanding of the topic, different perspectives related to the demographics, attitudes to the topics, and many more are some of the main concerns of the audience.

Highlighting different kinds of issues

“DSS” or (Decision Support System) faced lots of problems in an organization.

  • Data collection: Collecting and capturing data causes lots of problems. The problems come from inappropriate purchasing of “DSS” with existing computer networks and databases.
  • Data security and integrity: data duplication creates issues based on data integrity, by which data are in various types of cycles of improvement (Arundel et al. 2019). Thus, the separation of “sensitive data” in many places causes security issue that is very tough to manage.
  • Unstructured problems: in an organization, there is a requirement to resolve an “unstructured problem that is mostly faced by topmost decision-making executives.
  • DSS management: Large “DSS” are continuously modified without any documentation, there is a real requirement to handle the techniques and development of products that are included in DSS. Otherwise, the allover thing is running in an unmanageable way, especially when the main developers resign.
  • Standardization: A requirement to standardize a few basic characteristics of “DSS”, so that an organization can use so many decision makers but at the same situation consider a single person's difference as regards a style of decision.
  • Data, that are not independent:data that are utilized by a “spreadsheet” are generally not used by various types of spreadsheets and all spreadsheets are not obtainable easily.

Budget handling

From the perspective of introducing a decision, the management introduces “the Bonsai vet decision support system” to form a decision (Chen et al. 2018). There are various perspectives connected with managing the budget of the organizations, named “Moriarty Technology”. In the context of the user manual, the budget consisted of different kinds of perspectives in a detailed way. These perspectives are such details of the organizational construction, different kinds of procedures based on routine check-ups, and various kinds of checkups to develop budgets for various outcomes related to different types of operations of budgetary control of “Moriarty Technology”. In this user manual, different types of budget-based questions like for which individuals are the main ones to make decisions, and different kinds of perspectives related to cost that are connected with various types of variables of “Moriarty Technology”. In this manual, in which process that project can finish in a quick way, to complete the project cost-budget, the entire cost of the projects in the fiscal tears are such important aspects that are connected with the budget handling context.

Observations on the changing business process

In this competitive world, continuous rapid change is occurring in the aspect of business processes. To improve the quality of the business, observation of the business process cannot be overlooked by the management system. The business process is very useful and helpful to improve the design of the business along with the develop the communication system at various levels of the organization. Different kinds of strategies related to the business process are measured here to execute to develop the business. Observations related to the business process provided great support to the management system of “Moriarty Technology” to introduce a great structure for developing the efficiency of the workflow of this organization. To reach better objectives based on the business strategy, business process also helps the organization to improve the workflow of this organization. By observing the business process, process development provides remarkable support in the aspect of time management. To improve the business process, cost-handling, assessing the budget of the organization, understanding the quality of workflow, and understanding the perspectives related to the significant audience are very significant perspectives here in this context.

Value of the business procedures

Adding value to the business process is a very significant aspect in the perspective of changing business procedures. Identifying the challenges and introducing various kinds of solutions to mitigate the issues are very important (Baltrunaite, and Sekliuckiene, 2020). Different types of investment perspectives based on time, money, as well as different kinds of efforts are such significant factors that are very important in the context of improving the business of “Moriarty Technology”. In this user manual, different types of questions are very significant here to making the decision. These questions are as follows:

  • Significant values related to the business process.
  • Importance of cost-based transparency to improve the business process.
  • Different types of efforts are connected with the stakeholders of the business.
  • Importance of the development of efficiency of the workflow, improvement of communication, and cultures in the context of the value of the business process.

Identification of concerns

Identification of various concerns related to the audience is very effective for the business. In the context of the decision-making process, the actual concern related to the decision-making process is developing the communication system to connect with different types of stakeholders to develop the business process. Besides the main concerns, different types of concerns connected with the budget of the organization as well as potential savings related to the projects and overall business of the organization in the fiscal years, an understanding based on upfront cost, perspectives related to the investment perspective of this organization are very helpful in the aspect of the decision-making process. Similarly, concerns based on the importance related to changing workflow and the effects of its on the organization, identification of various kinds of issues along with the introduction of solutions to mitigate the issues, introduction of the feedback loop, development of the process of the business to increase the communication transparency, assessing more factors related to the decision-making process are such important concerns related to implementing the decision-making system in “Moriarty Technology”.

Procedures for delivering concepts to non-technical individuals

To deliver the user manual, different numbers of procedures are very important. Various kinds of tricks along with tips such as uses of jargon, drawing relevant pictures, using metaphors, quality of the delivering speech, explanation strategies, body language, and so on are very relevant tricks that must be followed by the management of “the Bonsai vet decision support system”.

Jargon uses

Uses of jargon are significantly prohibited in the aspect of delivering the user manual to the audience. To understand various kinds of technical terms, the significant individual must not use jargon. Avoiding technical vocabulary is also a very significant trick the individual can apply to take the decision process. To understand important technical terms, the individual clearly illustrates the language related to the speech. Appropriate usage of acronyms and introduction of standard language is also very significant for this user manual.

Draw pictures

Visual languages played a great role in the context of delivering the user manual. Through the procedures related to drawing pictures connected with the variables of the aspect of the decision-making process. Pictures provide great support to connect the specific vocabulary to illustrate the confusion. Through the process of pictures, specific individuals introduced various kinds of variables related to the decision-making process.


Using metaphors is one of the common tricks to express specific illustrations related to technical terms. The key factors related to metaphor provide remarkable support to the audience to understand the motives of the decision-making process by significant system. Different functions related to mailing to somebody, accessing different types of technologies, and connecting with various kinds of variables are such examples to metaphors. To introduce the decision-making process, the management of “Moriarty Technology” organization can access various kinds of resources to deliver the user manual to different types of non-technical working staffs and well as all kinds of working staffs of this organization (Nisar et al. 2020). In the context of delivering significant technical terms to non-technical working staffs, proper language is considered as the metaphor.


Different kinds of procedures are very helpful to deliver the user manual in the aspect of the decision-making process in “Moriarty Technology”. But in the aspect of illustrating technical terms, highlighting various key points can be very helpful along with useful for the managing system of this organization (Huvila et al. 2022). Deep illustration with significant context must be avoided by the individual. Different types of strategies are very helpful to the management department of this organization.

  1. In the aspect of illustrating unfamiliar technical terms along with technical concepts, decreasing the rate of speech is very supportive of the management system. In this process, various non-technical working staff are able to understand the motives related to the decision-making process.
  2. English verbal explanation related to the technical terms is not very supportive to understand the actual motives. To elaborate on the explanation, drawing some pictures instead of descriptions are very attractive to the audience.
  3. To explain various kinds of differentiation along with remarkable connection to various kinds of variables related to this organization, the rate of speech along with taking more time to explain the main concerns is a very relevant procedure (Chen et al. 2019). Connecting with different kinds of variables along with understanding the main concerns related to the decision-making process, the management of a significant decision-making system, have to understand the motives of the audience, and the need for a higher level related to the effort is very supportive.
  4. Connecting with the various kinds of stakeholders related to marketing along with the human resource department, these two departments have great contributions to developing the business as well as improving the business process. To make decisions, the marketing department of the organization can take relevant time in this process.
  5. In the process of delivering user manual related to the decision-making process, paying attention along with connect with the audience is very supportive for the management team (Oberst et al. 2020). Different types of body languages also stated various kinds of aspects that have to observe by the management team. Various numbers of body movements such as crossing arms, sleepy eyes, yawning are such body movement that stated monotonous aspect of the speech. This movement also stated that the audience are not connected with this process. To change this type of scenario, the management department can introduce different types of perspectives to draw attention.

To explain various important technical terms to non-technical working staff and to connect different types of key holders in the context of the decision-making process, various kinds of steps are very needed to implement the decision-making process. These steps are such as understanding the motives of the audience, assessing the concerns, points of view, and desires of this individual, connecting with the stakeholders to make a decision-making process, not to use of jargon, drawing some pictures, deep illustrations, avoidances using acronyms, delivering a speech in a simple way, rate of speech, not to use complicated technical terms, explanation strategies, identification of the perspectives of the audience, observation of the body language related to the audience are very supportive as well as important to conduct various operations to implement decision-making process.



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