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Character formation: Jesus Christ Case Study

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Introduction : Character formation: Jesus Christ Case Study

Diligence is a term that originated with the focus on the words of God. To prioritise the intentional creation of the schedule that will help for self-development is beneficial for experiencing freedom rather than intimidation. A person who is part of a busy schedule and heavy load can experience liberation through dynamic planning. A counsellor is effective in helping to plan the management of a person's priorities, who is in a stage of self-development. A vital component of the journey of self-development is prayer. As per the perspectives of “Jesus in Luke's Gospel,” what is required for personal development is to prioritise the four areas of growth that includes physical (stature), social (favour related to others), mental (wisdom) and spiritual (favour related to God). Jesus embraced self-development practises that include three verses: process, place and people.

Aspects of personal development:

As per Luke 2:40, “There Jesus grew up, maturing in physical strength and increasing in wisdom, and the grace of God rested on Him.” as per Verse 52, “And Jesus kept on growing—in wisdom, in physical stature, in favour with God, and in favour with others” (, 2022). As per the showed pathway of Luke about the aspects of personal development based on the perspectives of Personal development, demonstrates an improved understanding of the fullness of God that looks like a human being. A Gospel writer, Luke focused on the aspects of Jesus on emotional, Personal development, spirituality and rationality. Doctor Luke elicits the pivotal stories that entirely cover from the birth to death of Jesus, it as well as is beneficial in helping everyone to see Jesus Christ as a human during his crucifixion, public ministry and resurrection (, 2022). He particularly notes the personal aspects of the growth of Jesus. As per the aspects of the Bible, three factors that personal development in person covers include:

  • “your eyes will open (blind people that you are)”, (, 2022)

  • “you will be like God (not wretched creatures)”,
  • "Knowing the good and the evil (you have no idea which world you live in)".

According to Bible, as per the words of “And this is life eternal, that they may know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent".

Mother Teresa, as an influential, inspiration and a mentor:

Mother Teresa, as an influential, inspiration and mentor Mother Teresa, was a person who believed in the pride and dignity of every living being on the planet, she devoted her life to working tirelessly for the development of the lives of the persecuted (Womensweb. in, 2022). Her compassion touched and continues to transform the lives of people from varying faiths, nationalities and walks of life. She is a role model, her influential works teach about the values in one’s life condition that should never be deterred from a person’s mission and goals (, 2022). She is a great example of leadership that motivates generation after generation about time-honoured, positivity based on life lessons, integrity values that are life-giving, compassion and charity. Over time her work of her is a part of a blessing for the living being on the planet that is filled with fulfilment as well as energy.

Mother Teresa is an inspiration and mentor on the ground of self-development for a person that also includes aspects based on proactiveness essence that includes:

  • Human life and its activities are full of irrationality, self-centeredness and unreasonableness; it is required to forgive them.
  • A person may face several kinds of harshness due to selfishness and ulterior motives of others even if the person is kind. It is important to remain kind even after that.
  • A successful person may come across genuine enemies and unfaithful friends during the journey to success. It is important to remain constant on the motive of succeeding.
  • People may deceive a person who is sincere and honest; it is required to remain sincere and honest anyway.

The precious words of Mother Teresa also include that it's always between a person and God, not between that person and others (Mathew and Ashok, 2020). Mother Teresa has a great influence in inspiring to learn to work on their own values then only a person can initiate to master in their own life.

Aspects of character in Luke’s Gospel:

“Luke’s gospel” is a narrative of Luke's religious ethical values accepted from his realisation of a “Symbolic Universe” that is persuading. According to this, the description inspires people to “become involved in the plight of anybody who has got hold of the wrong end of the stick in life - irrespective of the 'stick' - and hence has become a social outcast”( Van Staden,1991). The qualities of such involvement are expressed by the term compassion. Luke's portrayal of Jesus' religious ideology or, as it is better known, his “theology”.

To have compassion in person is very important because history has witnessed, no deeds which are influential to people's lives, and impactful to society, could not be done without Compassion in the heart. Compassion needs a particular level of cognition, compassion and care. To lead a fulfilling and meaningful life, enrich a better self and develop their perception of love and care, positive psychology is very important. A vast part of this positive psychology comes from compassion. Self-impregnation, a positive approach to real-life problems, and happiness all come from showing compassion to others. Through compassion, a social connection develops, it helps to recognize the pain and suffering other people are feeling and show empathy to that person to support them to come out of that unfortunate situation. In the present world, adults seem to have forgotten the true connection between religion and peace. Humanity is at its stake and the whole world is getting involved in a war. In these circumstances, promoting self-control and compassion can create long-lived peace around the world. It is important to be compassionate to the suffering of others. The basis of all morality is compassion. Sympathy is an integral part of the betterment of society. It helps to purify the soul, and escalate self-betterment as well as the betterment of society. The truth is lack of kindness and empathy in society leads us to a state of genocide, acts of terrorism and war.

Mother Teresa’s contribution:

 Mother Teresa is a symbol of compassion, love and care. She shows the true expression of selfless love and cares for the world. At the age of just 18, she turned her back to the materialistic pleasure of the world and devoted her whole life to the sick and distressed. She founded “Missionaries of Charity '' where she shows her eager commitment, and unbelievable managerial and organisational skills to help the unprivileged ( Irrespective of caste, colour and religion she served the people who were in need. She was given a posthumous “Nobel Peace Prize” for her lifelong service to society. Her touching lines “Let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.” She opened schools for poor infants and brought them the light of education. She created shelters for the homeless, hungry individuals and people who feel unloved, and uncared for. She opened up those who become a liability to society and are shirked by the eyes of so-called civilised and educated people. She found her strength and diligence in the path of compassion that “Christ” shows. She always tries to improve the lives of others by showing mercy and sympathy. She became a true role model of “Compassion”. For example Quaid-e-Azam, is also a great leader and he also influence works teach about the values in one’s life condition that should never be deterred from a person’s mission and goals

 “The Missionaries of Charity” founded by Mother Teresa for the help and care of people continues its legacy even today. Its branches are spread all over the world. Effective help and relief work during epidemics, floods and other natural catastrophes are provided by this organisation. They help alcoholics and AIDS patients too. Teresa realised the need for compassion at a very young age when she came to know the horrific and distressing condition of India when she was in a sacred heart church ( The more she learned about this, the more she felt for the unfortunate people living there. Teresa decided to choose her life motto of love, care and compassion and she decided to work for those people. Her determination and eagerness to help went further irrespective of caste and community, thus she was able to bring a change in society and people’s thoughts through her simple effort of spreading compassion. She found peace through serving.

Applicable lessons of Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa is an inspirational model of potential leaders who brought a wide range of differences on the planet by spreading awareness (Pessina, 2018). The leadership lesson that can be learned from Mother Teresa includes three factors spreading happiness, as per her words “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Each action of kindness matters, as per her words “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” (DeFazio, 2020). The last lesson of Mother Teresa includes that Human beings are part of this world and belong to it. In her words, “Every person whether he is Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, he is my brother, my sister”. Apart from that Muhammad Ali Jinnah also help in leaning discipline, faith and unity that might be adopted by Pakistani peoples in effective way.

The application of the lessons of Mother Teresa may include several activities that cover the three aspects. It is required to spread happiness with the people around, spreading happiness among the surrounding people as well to all the living being is one of the innovative actions that will be part of the new action that will start tomorrow. The further application of the lesson will be based on the existence of human beings, kindness and happiness. These three factors provide enough information and this can deliver effective support to convey my daily activities by following those myths. The purpose of good practices provides suggestions to me to carry on good behaviour and learning resources to overcome any issues in life. Continuous development and strategic implementation can provide effective support to reach career goals and helping hand to others such as delivering kindness and happiness to others can develop the entire society and well beings.

“Care, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Communication and Competence” are the 6 C's of developing compassion. Any big change can be started with small deeds. I can develop "Compassion" within me by building these attributes within myself. To develop care, I think I should volunteer in any charitable trust or food bank which helps people to fill their bellies and keep them warm. Compassion can be developed by encouraging friends and neighbours who are in distress without judging them. There are many social service organizations which I can join to offer help. Moreover, I should learn to accept who I am and what I am capable of. Whatever the situation, I should not leave the path of honesty, love and sympathy.


It is always salutary to society that we should reinvigorate ourselves and be a better version of ourselves. Mother Teresa’s honesty, empathy and love for afflicted people, and her determination to help the needy create a theology of compassion. She created the opportunity to educate children who are already outlawed from civilised society. In our work and social life, we should develop faithfulness, honesty and compassion which will help us to build a strong character and we can contribute to our society in a very meaningful way. World society has become a very hard and grudging place to live. Only by showing the brighter side of our character we can save our world and make it a better place to live for our future generation.

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