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Introduction : Evaluating Assessment Practices: A Case Study of Leafy Greens Girls' School

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  • Leafy Greens Girls’ School assessment issue of homework for children in English
  • NAPLAN features for school and different tests for assessment practices.
  • NAPLAN parents and careers are about access to the learning progress.

SN: The homework provided to the children of Leafy Greens Girls’ School is very hectic and burdens the children as discussed in the case study the homework takes nearly 2 hr of time which is a large period for classes below 6. It gives mental pressure on the children which may affect their physical and mental health of the children. NAPLAN plays an important role in the sustainable development of children and provides overall development of the children it does not supports any test but it accesses the learning process. The concern is about the parents who notice their children's homework. The parents have a lot of issues regarding homework provided to children. However, some of the parents don't have any complaints regarding the assessment being provided to the students.


  • Leafy Greens Girls’ School is facing students changing the school as they are facing issues with assessment.
  • NAPLAN has been introduced by the government to reduce stress on children.
  • NAPLAN gives a basic assessment and provides various resources and reports regarding children learning (, 2022).

SN: Leafy Greens Girls’ School students have an issue regarding homework which is been provided in large amounts and this has made the children very frustrated and led to school change. A solution has been provided by the government of Australia by providing a NAPLAN National Assessment Program. The program has set some rules regarding homework for the children. NAPLAN has provided various relief regarding feelings stressed and anxiety about the upcoming plan assessment. NAPLAN provides various facilities for academic achievement. NAPLAN gives resources and various development plans for children.


  • Review the teaching techniques and adjust the level of pedagogically.
  • Review the homework allocation and provide better options according to the community.
  • Homework must be provided according to the age and to enhance the ability and demonstrate the knowledge of the students.
  • Tests regarding literacy and numeracy must be examined by the NAPLAN in an effective way (Carter, Manuel, & Dutton, (2018)). 

SN: The teaching techniques must be improved in various ways to enhance the learning skills and provide qualitative learning. The improvement in the learning process will relieve the learning process and introduce effective and less homework in lower grades. The relationship between the school and parents will be improvised. This will lead to providing support to the children in two different aspects. 

Assessment managed

  • An independent practice must be provided to the children by providing innovative projects and realistic assessment must be provided.
  • This can be conducted with the help of NAPLAN which provides a variety of resources for every small assessment and learning and provides systematic research from the decades (Rose et al. 2020).
  • Data is used for analyzing past records and making improvements to the current analysis of assessment reports.

SN: Independent practice must be provided to the children for generating innovative ideas and realistic assessments to develop the mental state of the children. It helps in developing the brain of the student by providing practical knowledge. The sources required to achieve the target for the assessment practice must be practiced according to the formal techniques of NAPLAN. NAPLAN is the standard assessment plan that must be practiced for further resources and monitoring the activities of the children. Data is used for the improvement of the assessment criteria where NAPLAN has been analyzing the data for the past 10 years. 

Alignment of practices

  •  Using summative assessment according to school-based.
  • Providing Leafy Greens Girls’ School data for improving learning and teaching skills.
  • Data is used for pacing and differencing it generates technical reports and measures the success of students (Goss & Emslie, 2018).

SN: The summative assessment gives a detail of the homework and provides a better overview of the academics and makes the task easy for children to have a better experience of homework. The summary of the learning provides a well moderate assessment of the children. Data provides the important aspect of improving the teaching as well as learning facilities to develop good homework or assessment practice for the children and reduce the burden. This analyses the past report and provides a backlog and success techniques to faculty members. 

Explore the challenges in assessment in education

  • The literature gives a change in providing a report regarding the success of the student to both teachers and parents.
  • Providing information to the leaders about the education system. 
  • It informs the decision-makers about resource allocation to the schools (Wilson, & Sahlberg, 2020). 
  • Selecting students for special programs. 

SN: The literate and current practice has made some vital changes in various parts of education by changing the understanding in various profiles. The change has been made in parents as well as the teachers. They both provide attention to the results generated by the NAPLAN. It also provides the best experience to the student by changing the way of providing assessments to the children. It also suggests a change in political leaders to change the education aspect in various aspects. The decision makers have better access to education by allocating resources in the schools. Students have a to be encouraged to take part in special programs to develop extra activities in every student.


  • The schools must be focusing on academic achievements to strengthen the values.
  • Students must take the help of NAPLAN for the reporting process.
  • Improvement in the learning process and also providing importance to celebrating success has a good impact on the health of students (Fraser et al. 2019).
  • Data analysis must be done for successive development and diagnosis of past reports.

SN: the school must focus on improving academics and strengthening the values of student teachers as well as parents. The NAPLAN gives a detail of the assessment and gives effective assessment programmers. If students undertake an assessment test then it would improvise their report and knowledge of the student. The importance of celebration for success is an important aspect of busting the confidence of students. Data analysis is the major change that needs to be developed for successive development.

Quantitative benefits 

  • It is rudimentary that our schooling technique might provide all Australian juveniles conceive powerful classes of numeracy and literacy. 
  • NAPLAN also assist useful information for fulfilling the valuable aim 
  • I might say roughly NAPLAN offers us a small window into a portion of the modules 

SN: Quantitative benefits of the assessment procedures are very useful for dealing with the aim which is generally valuable in nature. Apart from that, it also mainly produces findings which are based on generalisable. Moreover, it also nourishes a wider area of a situation.

Qualitative benefits

  • It does not nourish an overview 
  • It generally develops knowledge which is more difficult to approximate
  • Can't efficiently negotiate with an extensive count of matters. 

SN: Qualitative techniques likewise have numerous potencies. These frequently reproduce pictures of quantitative practices. Moreover, where quantitative techniques are usually noticed as standing substantial, qualitative practices are also witnessed as (somewhat) more vulnerable. And where quantitative methods” are glimpsed as more breakable, qualitative plans are glimpsed as (moderately) more powerful. The quantitative versus qualitative debate” has mainly famished down a smallish over the one-time decade. “Qualitative methods” do not depend on preliminary familiarity of a problem to be influential. Moreover, For instance, it is imaginable to contain discussions with individuals and also probe their standing precise if identical smallish is understood earlier. Additionally, knowledge constantly appears over the procedure of a qualitative evaluation or introspection”.

  • Pedagogy enables students to get a thorough understanding of the subject and enhances the quality of teaching for teachers. 
  • It provides information about resource allocation in the learning platform to all decision-makers. 
  • Homework allows all students to revise all the learning’s and builds the habit of self-study.

SN: In reviewing the teaching techniques as well as enhancing the skill for the learning process pedagogically can be utilized which helps both teachers and students to change the way of learning method. In this modern world, it is also necessary to know about resource allocation for making the decision



  • Education has various assessments difficult in that is faced by the student and parents.
  • NAPLAN is the government-proposed feature that gives a detail of the assessment process and way to fill measure the learning practices.
  • Various measures should be taken to reduce the pressure on the students such as strengthening academic values in every aspect.
  •  To take an additional task from the NAPLAN to develop a standard assessment practice.

SN: Australia is facing various issues in schools in regard to homework and task assessment. Various measures are taken by the Australian government to establish good relations with the parents and teachers by providing sufficient and effective assessments. The government of Australia has developed NAPLAN.

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