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Addressing Anxiety Through Poster Development and Research Assignment Sample

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Anxiety Management: Strategies for Well-being and Recovery Support

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 1. Significance of the research

Anxiety is a common mental health issue among all aged people, commonly found in the case of Mike, and those are directly connected with depression and loneliness. The development of the poster helps to develop a clear idea about anatomy and strategies, which helps in the management of health issues effectively. In addition, this task based on a given anxiety related case study scenario of Mike as development of health for Mike helps him to lead a normal life and recover from anxiety. The development of sustainability supportive strategies for a person with anxiety is developed by their well-beings. In 2018, 3.2 million Australian people were stuffed from anxiety and complications related to this situation (, 2019).

2. Anxiety as a mental health issue

Anxiety is identified as a mental health issue which is also identified as a mental illness. According to the view of Knowles & Olatunji (2020), anxiety is defined as the natural response of the human body due to the presence of stress. In addition, some common responses or symptoms are identified in anxiety: restless, panic or sense of danger, rapid breathing, trembling, sweating and overthinking”. Those factors are commonly found in workers who are working in a high-stress workplace (Daviuet al. 2019). As per the view of Lawrence, Murayama & Creswell (2019), excessive stress and pressure, which directly impact the emotions of an individual, are identified as the common cause of anxiety. Therefore in the critical analysis that is identified, the presence of such issues for an individual is causing complications for mental health.

3. Promotion of well-being and recovery support for anxiety

In the development of well-being for people who have suffered from mental illnesses such as anxiety, some strategies are applicable. According to the view of Tian-Ci Queket al. (2019), “Slow breathing, a Healthy lifestyle, Progressive muscle relaxation and positive thinking” are identified as some effective strategies for the development of well-beings. The Australian government developed some effective strategies for the development of the mental well beings of the people and the management of anxiety. The Australian government has identified anxiety as a disorder “distressing and debilitating” that may be treated successfully with the application of some appropriate techniques (, 2022). The application of “Relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, counselling, dietary adjustment and exercise” helps in the development of mental health in people who have suffered from anxiety.

4. Future direction

The sustainability support for people with anxiety helps in the management of mental health illnesses for the people with anxiety. Application of appropriate supportive theories is necessary for people with anxiety with the application of cognitive management theory and counselling of the patients. In addition, the development of self-esteem for patients with anxiety may help them to overcome the issues besides the support of the medications (Bear et al. 2020). Application of the effective management of stress and mental support to patients with anxiety helps in the control of the situation.


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