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Ampol Case study Report

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Introduction : Ampol's Fuel Leakage in Kurnell, Sydney: Impacts and Remedial Measures Case Study Report

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1.1 information about the company

The company that has been selected for this research study is named as Ampol Limited which is identified to be as a sole operating Australian company who is a pioneer in fuel carriage. Ampol is also identified as one of biggest oil retail as well as emission distributor within whole Australia. Currently they have 1900 branded stations functioning crossways Australia and it also functions in New Zealand by means of its subsidiary Z Energy. The main aim of the company is focussed on to decrease the emission as well as is also dedicated to play the function in the transformation to a inferior carbon times (Ampol, 2022).

1.2 A brief information about the problem

The main issue that has been identified in the case is not just the leakage issue but the actual problem if the effect of hydrocarbon elements along with the chemical materials of squander on different parties that will be discuss in the study in the upcoming sections. The impacted parties are mainly the residential community, ecology, public well-being, the reputation of the Amol. The main problem with the incident was that it effected the Australian environment hugely that creates too much environmental pollution.

2. Research questions and methodology

About petrol leakage health impact

The petrol leakage incident in April 2022 in Sydney highly affected the health of people. The motorist spilled fuel during heavy rains last month, leaving a smell of petrol lingering over Kurnell for more than a week. Kurnell residents are facing health concerns. According to residents, the long-term effects of the spill are unknown, which forces them to temporarily relocate from their homes. Itchy eyes, scratchy throats, nausea, headaches, and nausea were reported on social media in the days after the spill (Achenza, 2022). As per the study, this Sydney incident highly affects people on their health as it covers, eye irritation, headache, nausea along with skin irritation which leads to the death of people. Long-term exposure to high levels of fuel or gas vapors can now have serious health effects. Often these folks only are exposed to gas and propylene vapors when they go to the convenience store or use their lawnmower. It has a significant effect on people's lives and health, and they are hardship from a variety of illnesses as a result of the petrol leak. If a human ingests gasoline, it could cause irreversible harm to their bodily functions. It's indeed possible to pass away from ingesting massive volumes of gasoline. As petrol cars become ever more prevalent due to their energy effectiveness, people must become more conscious of the risks they pose. Thus, it affects the health of people in Sydney and they requires an appropriate treatment to solve this issue. It is important for Ampol to bring appropriate measures to reduce the health impact on the people.

About the Environmental Impact

Oil Spillage conspires as a huge threat to wildlife and it affects the environment for a long period of time. Sea otters and birds lose their water repellence and insulating ability due to oil exposure (Fisher, and Smith, 2022). Hypothermia occurs when birds and mammals cannot repel and insulate the water from cold environments. The effect of petrol leakage will be long-lasting. Besides poisoning and suffocating animals, oil also affects buoyancy and natural waterproofing, which can lead to their deaths. A contaminated food supply can result in malnutrition or the poisoning of animals. When oil halts floating on the bottom and begin to sink into the world's oceans, it can have a similar adverse influence on fragile submersible ecological systems, attempting to kill or infect fish and up into small ones that seem to be close connections in the world's food chain. The environment is highly affected due to the leakage and it is important to bring certain changes for ensuring the safety of the environment and creating an appropriate level of security. Some beach seagulls may be able to flee by having to relocate if they detect hazards in the period, but gulls that swim but instead dive for meals are more likely to be bathed in oil having followed an oil leak (Keogham, 2022).

In addition to this, the environment must be safe from this kind of incident, and as per the analysis the company needs to take proper action in the future to avoid such incidents. The oil ecological cost on the water is harmful in a number of ways. When there is an industrial accident on the seafloor or saltwater, it does not dissolve. On the exterior of fresh water and salt water, oil hovers (Birch, Gunns, and Lound, 2022). The oil propagates out into an extremely light coating across the water's surface in a very short period of time. This can prevent sunlight from entering seas climates, causing negative consequences on makers and, as a result, the whole food web of an ecosphere.

About the problem impact on other parties

The issue is all about the leakage of petrol to the floodwaters in Kurnell Sydney after the failure of the pump and the contaminated water overflowing into the roads and start releasing Chemical materials and hydrocarbon compounds. This incident highly affects the local community and their health along with the environment and other parties including the reputation of Ampol to a great extent. The reputation of Ampol is highly affected due to this failure as people trusted the company and this highly affect their health (Webster, 2022). In such an event, business productivity can suffer, sales can decrease, staff morale drops, reputation can be damaged, and worse, the company may have to close its doors. If you want to avoid a repeat accident, you must identify the direct cause and fix it as soon as possible. It can be risky for the business and its reputation as Ampol was affected due to these incidents and people do not trust them.

In addition to this, the impact on other parties includes the Real Estate Economy as the damage of things affects the economy of the country. There is a huge loss in the economy due to the incident of petrol leakage and due to this many people leave their homes and are not able to stay normal as before. Thus, other parties also got affected due to this leakage and the company suffer many losses which required to be fulfilled for the development and growth of the business again. It is essential for businesses to handle the risks in an appropriate manner with suitable resources.

Discuss how the leakage happened, and what are the measurements that Ampol have overlooked to cause such incidents to occur

A fuel retention pit in the Sydney suburb of Kurnell filled with water after substantial rain, covering parts of the settlement in floodwater mixed with fuel remainder. This caused an alarming petrol smell to wake residents (Wilkinson, 2022). As a result of overnight flooding at the Kurnell terminal, Ampol's wastewater treatment plant was overwhelmed by water. As water spilled onto the street, hydrocarbon products were released and the floodwater became contaminated. In this context, Ampol has overlooked to cause and took some measurements for the incidents which are as follows:

  • Ampol will brought in an ecologic advisor to evaluate the impact of the leakage that will include soil and water tasting.
  • A Three - wheeled spill will be dealt with just as soon as possible by having to implement urgent prevention action.
  • The spill's ecological cost was undeniably unfortunate. Ampol provides significant funding to developments that straightforwardly benefit the surrounding community and drainage basin by enforcing this interim interdict (Goodall, 2022).
  • To do so, Ampol must hire an independent expert to conduct 3 weeks of continuous analysis of drain water discharge and pollution levels.
  • Continued to inspect the clean-up process on a regular basis to make sure it met the requirements. They are trying to control the situation and making plays accordingly to reduce the hazardous impact on the life of people. The company makes certain changes in its policies for offering money to the affected people and providing shelter to the people who leave their homes (Cunningham, Lawrence, and Hirschberg, 2022).
  • They look into the matter and provide better services to the affected people immediately so that they can live properly. It is important for Ampol to take such measures for offering a better life to people after a big incident.


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