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Case Study Analysis of Young Adulthood Assignment Sample

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Introduction : Case Study Analysis of Young Adulthood

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The chosen case study for this analytical research is “Young Adulthood.” This case study displays the case of Sarah with her 2 years old daughter named Zara. 

Case study analysis

Primary concern of Sarah and its impact

The primary concern of Sarah is to bring up her unborn child who has been detected just a few months ago. The four months baby in her womb must not be delivered with such complications, which Sarah had to face in the case of her first child. Moreover, the person became bound to leave her husband Jason that is an additional concern for Sarah. She became afraid of the delivery and upbringing of her second child that she must manage by facing so many barriers in front of her path ahead. Her lifestyle has already been changed after leaving her husband and it is going to be changed a lot if she gives birth to her second child as she has a daughter two years already. Moreover, Sarah is worried about expenses she will have to bear after she takes a place with two children at Caravan Park and therefore, she has to live in her car only. These factors are noted to be the key concerns of Sarah from the given case study.

In this current advanced era, still single mothers have to face a lot of complications while taking care of her children alone ( 2022). Some ladies are noticed to lack help from society as they had to leave their husbands. Sarah’s case is quite the same where society would not think about the problems Sarah had to face with her husband but people will judge her by the deeds she made with Jason. The concerned fact for Sarah is to behold her second child as the birth of her first child was not easier for her. She is confused and frightened about the arrival of the same complicated situation she faced before. At the time of labour Sarah faced a lot of pain and complications while giving birth to Zara, her two years old daughter. She is known to the fact that she is not going to get help from anyone again which is making her more worried.

Sarah’s stage in the lifespan

Sarah has to face some critical stages in her lifespan, which were not that easy to be handled by the lady. As Sarah is a 21 years old woman it can be said that she is not old enough to handle complications in life strategically. Mental breakdown in difficult situations at early adulthood is a considerable fact (Agnafors et al. 2019). However, in the lifespan of Sarah, she is still crossing barriers living a healthy life.

At first Sarah had to cope with her married life which was not healthy to provide her mental peace. Her everyday fight with Jason about different matters created difficulties from the beginning of his marriage. When Sarah was 19 years old she got pregnant with her first child. Several complications took place in her womb for which the labour of the lady was not easy enough in medical language. When Jason became rigid about cutting the connection between Sarah and her parents, she decided to leave Jason. As Jason insulted her parents Sarah found difficulties to go back to her parents after leaving Jason. However, she found that she is four months pregnant and she hid from Jason, as she was worried about the unethical behaviour of Jason. This became a huge part of her lifespan when she became confused about giving birth to the second child.

As Sarah already has a two years old daughter, her life is going to be complicated with the simple job of a carer at her age of 21 to behold both of the children and take care of them potentially. All these stages are confirming that the lifespan of Sarah is difficult enough and all the factors including marriage and relations with parents both are challenging her to move forwards with a positive mindset and mental energy.

The facilitators and barriers faced by Sarah

The key barrier in Sarah’s life is her unexpected pregnancy, which is giving huge mental stress to her. She could be able to manage the upbringing of one child being at Caravan park with the job of carer. Sudden detection of the pregnancy made her realise that she will have to cope with the same difficulties she faced while giving birth to Zara. Mental peace for a lady who is going through adulthood is highly important for leading a healthier lifestyle (Kisely et al. 2018). Besides, Sarah has no opportunity to go back to her parents as Jason has already made a bad relationship with them. Moreover, Sarah is worried about the acceptance of her parents in this situation. She is ashamed of her husband’s behaviour. This creates a social impact of women’s lifestyle where adult women have to think about many social facts before taking one-step ahead in life.

Sarah’s low income and the pressure of upbringing of two children on her own are the key barriers in society. In addition with these pressures Sarah has to fight with different circumstances while moving forwards alone as a single mother in society. Most of the time it can be noticed that society insults a single mother by criticising the nature of the lady (Becker & Sempik 2019). Sarah is alone and frightened about the delivery of her next child. Moreover, Sarah has a tendency of feeling tired and nauseated all the time of her pregnancy. This would make her weak and she would not be abl;e to continue her job. Therefore, Sarah as the most difficult barrier in her life is considering this pregnancy. One of the key facilitators for Sarah is the care she is going to get from her doctor. Only the doctor can make her powerful by giving proper counselling to her for increasing her mental strength.

Assistance to Sarah to find solutions to her dilemma

The situation of Sarah can be best handled by counselling. She must consult with a psychiatrist to get that counselling. Taking common reproductive healthcare from a gynaecologist and mental care from a psychiatrist would be helpful for a lady who is facing issues in adulthood. Sarah is considering an early adulthood stage (Rosenberg & Schwartz 2019). She got her first child very early which and is now expecting another one at the age of 21. Therefore, it is natural that she would get complications in giving birth to the child. With the help of proper healthcare, Sarah can find betterment in her health. Proper medicine and contact with people out there with a positive mentality is another key aspect that can help a patient of early adulthood (Meyer & Stambe 2022).

Both mental and physical dilemmas can be covered up if Sarah can gain energy to meet her parents again. She must understand that she did not make any mistake with her parents. They are the only supportive persons in her life so she should get a safe shelter near her parents only. Sarah can understand this factor with the help of her carer. Besides, she can also get Non-Governmental Organisations, which give support to ladies like Sarah who are alone and getting weak.


This study is concluding that the importance of getting mental peace and strength of managing difficulties can be learned from the stage of adulthood. Sarah is one of the great examples of women who are passing by the adulthood stage with so many similar difficulties. A care system for those women needs to be implemented in society by the government.

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