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Importance of mental health - Case Study

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In the present case study, the importance of mental health care has been discussed including the required principles to be followed. The study also helps to analyse the different approaches toward mental health. It also helps to understand howtherapeutic interventions” are important for effective care.

Mental health care


The services that are related to the treatment of “mental illness” and also the improvement of the mental health” of an individual with mental disorders are referred to as “mental health care”.


Pathophysiology refers to the study of mental disorders as well as the unusual behaviour that can be seen in an individual (Galicia-Garcia et al. 2020). It is helpful to analyse the critical condition of mental health. The method of treatment includes the “explanation of the reason” behind the production of the diseases and also how they are produced including their symptoms. This method may help the doctors “understand the mental condition” Roshni to help her to overcome the issue.

Identification of specific interventions addressing mental health needs

Interventions in health care help to improve the outcomes of mental care like reducing anxiety, resilience, and self-esteem, as well as preventing violent and aggressive behaviour (O’Reilly et al. 2018). It is also helpful for the improvement of academic achievements. The “informal intervention” consists of a normal conversation between friends and family as well as professionals to solve the mental issue of a person. In the present case, the method of Classic intervention and Family System intervention can be applied to help the intervenors to understand the issues with the girl with a proper conversation system (Craig, 2020).

Approach to mental health nursing skills and Psychotherapeutic interventions theories

Mental health nursing requires a “soft personality” and “good communication skills” as the main components to deal with the mental health condition of their patients (Horgan et al. 2018). The skills required for mental health learning are active listening, empathy, client report knowledge, desire to help, and professional boundaries to be mountain regarding health. The main principles of nursing skills are discussed below.

  • The patient should accept the health position
  • Self-understanding can be used as atherapeutic tool”(Howard, 2021).
  • Contribution to the patient security is important
  • The patient should be given reassurance

In the present case, the Psychoanalytic theory and behavioural theory of the counselling method are beneficial for the process (Counseling, 2022). Psychotherapeutic intervention can be helpful as they may help the intervenors to understand the mental condition and help them.

Evaluation and ongoing care demonstration

Evaluation of the present situation and the report of the patient is important to support the evidence-based approach (Kerkhoff et al. 2020). It may also help to understand the recovery level of the patients and the areas that are needed to be cured more. The effectiveness of the treatment is important to be analysed. It provides a systematic way for the process of intervention to understand the goal and achieve it.


The report suggested that the health care centre can follow the Intervention methods to understand and resolve the issue. The Psychoanalytic theory and behavioural theory” of the counselling method can be beneficial to understand the mental condition of the girl and help her to overcome them. Psychotherapeutic intervention can also be helpful to resolve the issue.

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