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Systems Analysis And Design Assignment Sample

Systems Analysis And Design

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Introduction - Systems Analysis And Design

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Data modelling has become very much familiar to everyone. Mainly for the smartphone user it has taken a huge place among the users. Based on the cloud facility the design is going to be implemented in the current topic. Basically the research is going to be done on an application which is mainly based on the doctors medical centre. Users or the patients will be able to create in this application and through this application they will be able to book the appointments with the doctors. These appointments will be done at the doctor’s place and all the time and data will be added to the appointment schedule. Rather the patients will be able to cancel and reschedule the appointment and the payment can be done through the internet process. And also there will be some more facilities to use the application. Some diagrams are going to be drawn to understand the entire facilities of the application.

Use case description for registration account and making the appointment

image of Booking appointment

Figure: Booking appointment

(Source: Self created in

Above figure is the appointments scheduling system which has been drawn in the platform. Here the user or the patient will be able to book the appointment as per their requirements. And after confirming the booking the admin of this application will send the confirmation mail to the user that the booking is confirmed.

Use case diagram

case diagram

Figure b 2: Use case diagram

(Source: self created in

Nothing much to discuss about the figure. This is actually the use case diagram. Where the department has been shown of the work like about the patients requirements (Gould, 2019). and the receptionist will keep the details of the appointments and make the bill ready and will send the confirmation to the patients about the bookings.

ER diagram

image of ER diagram

Figure 3: ER diagram

(Source: Self created in

Above figure is the entity relationship diagram that is also done in the platform to show the relation among all the attributes. All the relations have been shown in the above diagram and the primary keys are also indicated along with the parameters.

Class diagram

image of Class diagram

Figure 4: Class diagram

(Source: self created in

Class diagram is mainly to show the attributes and the parameters of the entire application and to show the functions of all attributes (Lukosch et al. 2018). Every parameter is done according to the sign and this is clearly understandable about the functions of the attributes.

Sequence diagram

image of Sequence Diagram

Figure 5: Sequence Diagram

(Source: self created in

Sequence diagrams are nothing but an admin interface to make all the formalities. Mainly this has been done for the admin side. The step by step process has been shown in the diagram to discuss much about the diagram. From logging in the application to insurance management and payment clearance, everything is under the admin maintenance.

Activity diagram

image of Activity Diagram

Figure 6: Activity Diagram

(Source: self created in

Data entry screen for entering personal details

image of patient details form

Figure 7: patient details form

(Source: Self created in

Above figure is very simple to understand that this is just a detailed form of the patient (Magana, Seah & Thomas 2018). This is the form all the details will be added from the patient side and a copy will be uploaded to the database of the application.

Booking appointment input

image of Booking appointment input

Figure 8: Booking appointment input

(Source: Self created in

This is the booking appointment input where the details of the patient like patient id, address, appointment place and data and the time has been recorded.



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