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Exploring the Genres and Audiences in Children's Literature Through the Ages

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State types of books when and how inception of literature for children started. How it had been popular over a point of time

Children literature can be said to be integral part in cultural construction. The subjects in literature include texts specifically written for children that have been a part of attraction form children inn masses. Folk and Fairy Tales had not been written for children but with the passage of time they became staple for children literature. It is of the opinion that it is the audience that define the field rather than producers. At first it is important to identify children as distinctive category with separate interests and needs. It is of the opinion that Philippe Aries in his much-needed assertion mentioned that childhood had been discovered in the seventeenth century. In this assignment there would be discussion concerning Victorian children’s literature, Fairy and Folk Tales, Contemporary children literature (Vukojevi? et al., 2017).

State genres of literature depicting children

It is of the opinion that prior to the development of public libraries and public education children literature tended to be limited. It is said that children book reflects the ideologies in relation to culture that was embodied and written assumptions about appropriate behaviour about children. The literature that is being showcased by children reflects adult concerns and concepts at the same time. The generation gap and the difference of attitude between children and adults can be said to be often revealed by means of children literature. There are quite a number of children authors Daisy Ashford The Young Visitors, Anee Frank’s Het Achterhuis, The Dairy of the young girl. Also includes famous authors named Louisa May Alcott along with Louis Carroli.

They helped in producing family magazines for children along with intent of their juvenilia that had been published into children’s books. James Barrie’s friendship that had been with Lewelyn Davies resulted in the play named Peter Pan, or the book named the boy who would not grow up. There had also been inclusion of novel Peter and Windy. There had also been inclusion of bedtime stories by A. A Milne that had been revised into Winnie the Pooh. There had been quite a number of generations that could be included in time zone towards books inception. During the middle ages there had been circulation of manuscripts that contained religious education. They taught of rules of conduct. Harvey Darton stated that children’s novels could not be felt or known during the seventeenth century. Johannes Gutenbuerg’s fifteenth century had been inclusion towards handmade and printed books. John Newbery can be said to be one of the prominent people in the respective field that published at least thirty books of children genre which could be said to be permanent and profitable branch of books during that time. Little Bery Pocket Book can be said to be first commercial book published in English. The inception of Fairy Tale and Folk Tale could be seen as the most conventional medium of literature.

Critics viewed them as witchcraft who had been Puritans along with Locke and Rousseau stated relating frightening aspects. The History of Fairchild Family had been intended to provide religious education for children. There had been quarrel with the progress of fairy tales. The attitude towards fairy tales changed during nineteenth century when Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published two volume collections in the name of Kinderund Hausmarchen. Victorain Children Literature helped in reflecting separate spheres concerning men and women. The period during the middle of nineteenth century could see the explosion of children literature in terms of quality and quantity. Twentieth century saw the growth in terms of children literature. The purpose and style had been changing from time to time.

Main body

Discuss types of literature for children

The different types and genres of literature can be said to be an important perspective during the fifteenth to nineteenth century. Whereas, the former part in fifteenth century saw the inception of religious literature. Conduct and morality towards life could be acquired during that time. Then came the time which saw the inception of printed and as well as handmade text. The dedication and involvement during that time could be seen at the ground level. After the religious parade of literature then came the time of instruction-oriented books which had been during printed and handmade time (Isler and Dedeoglu, 2019).

Instruction and goal could be seen highlights for the children during that time. Then came the time of John Newbery who published thirty books as children genre at that time. Townsend considered that books published prior to Newbery could be said to be prehistory of children’ literature. Although as per his opinion these books had not been intended towards children but eventually reached them. There had also mention concerning conduct book for gentleman that contributed towards prehistory of children literature. However, certain books had not been appealing during that point of time. Fairy and Folks does help in capturing audience to the fullest. With the advent of Hans Christian Anderson’s Eventyrthe triumph of fairy tales’ book could be featured. After the twentieth century there had been media adaption in relation to children’s books both in relation to books as films and television series became an important part during the period of children literature (Duan et al., 2018). 

State examples concerning audience along with target and purpose audience

The inception of books had seen quite a number of changes from time to time. Audience tends to be changing at every phase of publication of books and literatures for children. Children can be said to be most innocent creation of man. The thoughts and subject matter that had been reflected tried to attract children to the fullest. However, there had been quite a number of critics that could be seen during different phases of publication of book. In the initial stage there had been inception of manuscript which resulted in attracting one’s fan towards mythology. There had been quite a number of contemporary writers during that period from fifteenth to twentieth century. The class and genre tend to shifting from that time onwards. Moreover, inception of critics led to inception of competition in the market. It led to thinking on the part of the producers and writers as to which topic would be helpful in attracting audience at large. Literature although oriented towards children but that also helps in touching lives of parents also. There had been a point of time when with the inception of paperback book, it resulted that not only adolescent and younger children participation without supervision of parents and superiors. It is said that children’s book represents the ideologies along with assumption of during that period concerning children along with appropriate behaviour. The class of audience that seemed to be engaged towards books mostly children and not that much of adolescent seemed to target audience (Campbell, 2018).

Traditional tales

Fair and traditional tales seemed to lure audience. The stories and extracts seemed to enhance popularity of audience in particular. Attitude towards fairy tales seemed to adapt emotion towards literature. The collection of German books and dialects seemed to attract audience to the fullest. There had been display of ingredients and themes that tend to bring in the fame towards literature at all times to come (Rayan and Ahmad, 2018).


There had been inception of contemporary children literature that helped in enhancement of both writers and authors. Joel Chandler, Harris Uncle Remus, Story of Little Black Sambo, Chocolate factory had been judged to be racist in nature. There had been such improvisation in terms of literature review that resulted in more concern towards multiculturalism approach towards literature. There had been segmentation in relation towards age appropriateness. There are certain books concerning mental illness, divorce, bulling namely the girl who knew too much, getting past your breakup, face by Benjamin Zephaniah. Books on homelessness includes Tell them who I am. All the aforesaid books do have an impact towards children and adults.

Stories concerning children and young people tackling different issues.

The discussion that had been presented seemed to depict different points of time. All the books that had been put into craft seemed to attract wide range of audience to the fullest. They tried to display society towards various themes and tried to draw their attention. Although there had been wide range of critics at all points of time it resulted in improvisation towards writing concepts. Variation could be felt in different stories or concepts put forward.


Elucidate the way literature has changed over the years along with its relevancy

From the discussion it can be established that there had been multiple changes during every phase of life to be certain. Relevancy of facts seemed to changing time and again right from the fifteenth century. Series books could be seen holding ground segmented and contested at the literature segment. Books that go the same set of characters and themes or in the horizon or repeated formula had been said to be holding an important place towards children literature. While critics had tried to dismiss repeated nature books and concepts some works namely Laura Ingalls, Wilder’s little house series, St Lewis Collection Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, The Witch, Wonderful Wizard of Oz have been recognized as excellent works (Vuong et al., 2018).

Since the inception of 1960 there had been well designed number of picture books. Some of the illustrators namely Francesca Lia Block’s, Sorcerer’s Stone had tried to hold strong adult readership. Picture books had always been a showcase for designers and also illustrators to display their talents. Some of the sophisticated versions include Maccaulay’s Black and White, postmodern concepts and themes concerning Jon Scieszka which had been illustrated by Lay Smith in Stinky cheese man had been appealing not only to the children but also to adults. The business of children literature had become much profitable business there had been establishment of a number of writers who are choosing to write for the young generations with their perceptions and views.


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