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Strategic Leadership And Human Resource Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Strategic Leadership And Human Resource

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Tesco is a retailer services in the UK that provides consumers with supermarket and hypermarket services. The corporate headquarters are in Welwyn Garden City, England. Tesco was in operation for over a century, having first opened its doors in 1919 and now controlling the UK market. The firm wants to extend its services and enter new areas in order to reach a larger customer and generate revenues. The company's creator, Jack Cohen, is aiming to raise industry standards through their high-quality work in the market. Tesco presently has over 7000 locations around the worldwide.Among other areas, the corporation's operations are primarily supplied in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, America, Slovakia etc. Tesco's variety of products comprises supermarket, hypermarket, and outlet products and services, as well as bank and credit services, Kitchener, and household goods (Ren, Tang and Jackson, 2018). 

These are some of the products and services supplied by Tesco to its consumers, which include a rise in business in the retail sector. The number of entrants is growing in the industry, with Sainsbury's being one of the most prominent competitors in a market that is impacting the company's operations. The industry is developing and the competitors of the business are increasing around the global market. The company is working on online and offline retailing services which they offer to their audience. Tesco has the largest market share in the retail business in the United Kingdom, and they are crushing its competition. However, when competition grows, it is necessary for them to develop plans and boost their efforts to expand their business.


Aim of the Tesco is to become the leading retailer in the global market and provide the quality supermarket and hypermarket services in global market.


Tesco's goal is to make everything better. This indicates that their service provision approach leads than the competitors, and that their primary objective is to maintain quality.


Customers which represent as one of the individuals the business is paying for in order to build a solid market reputation and brand value in the retail sector are among people the company is looking for. The company is developing a vision to increase customer satisfaction and making the necessary changes to achieve better outcomes.

Aim & objectives

Aim Statement: The aim of the task is to provide the understanding about the Human Resource Management practices and the strategic leadership in the organization (Oehmichen and, 2017). The paper will discuss the relevance of core leadership in the workplace and provide knowledge of the techniques.


  • Working on customer happiness and understanding them better than competitors 

  • working Closely on excellent customer service and understanding them better than competitors 

  • Improve sales income before the end of business year and keep the covid-19 situation under control.

  • Increasing the value of the company's stockholders.

Significance and Contextual Relevance

  • Staffing: In order to increase Tesco's performance and accomplish its goals and objectives, staffing refers to the process of choosing the best candidate for a specific job opportunity or vacancy (Para-González, Jiménez-Jiménez and Martínez-Lorente, 2018). Estimating personnel requirements is one of the tasks that falls under this category, and it provides information on the estimated recruitments that the firm requires.The selection of the best applicant and the talent recruiting procedure are two of its key actions that aid in achieving the goals and objectives. The tasks of staffing include applicant placement and orientation, as well as workplace training and development for improved performance. This aids Tesco in achieving its goals and achieving them with superior talent prospects.
  • Development: Tesco is focusing their aim and objectives on development, which includes the expansion. It is critical for a firm to focus on tasks such as employing talented individuals and managing talent in the workplace. Working to enhance the diversity of the workplace in order to improve the performance process and accomplish the desired business goals and objectives. They are necessary to work on employee safety and the security process to develop the motivating among the employee and make them feel comfortable with the situation of working in Tesco. The motivation helps in getting better performance and creates better results in business. It is vital for the business to make sure that they are creating new way of development process to increase the performance in workplace and develop results (Lopez-Cabrales, Bornay-Barrachina and Diaz-Fernandez, 2017).
  • Compensation: Tesco provides activities as part of their remuneration package to their employees and anyone who assist them in achieving their aims and goals. It is critical for the company to ensure that they are cultivating a culture of appreciation and developing their employees' trust and loyalty in order to inspire them to reach higher levels of performance.Employee retention and development through training is important in their skills to attain goals. The compensation plans include the insurance plan, disability insurance, paid vacations, sick leaves, and bonus. These are those factors which are helping them in getting better results as the employees are getting motivated (Michael, 2019).

All of these acts help the company get better results, and Tesco must focus on the company's nature in order to achieve greater results.There are a variety of factors that may be used to boost activity in a certain sector in order to improve market results. Tesco are developing the strategic in their leadership and in their HR practices to evaluate better results and performance in market. There are better results after the strategies are being applied.

Literature Review

According to the Naim and Lenka (2018), Strategic human resource management operations are one of the variables that contribute towards company improved market performance. Human resource practices assist the company in getting better results. Organizations working in the retail industries and they are providing quality standard services by the help of their human resource management strategies and activities to increase better performance in the organizations to achieve goals. The HRM activities includes recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation and benefits, learning and development end planning etc. The HRM activities are to support the nature of strategies in the workplace and improve the management with better hiring in staffing of candidates to increase the overall organization performance. 

As per the view of Bakker and Leiter (2017), the human resource management works on the strategies and activities off human resource to increase the organizational performance and provide the outcomes like profitability, rate of interest, growth, competitive advantage, legal compliance etc. recruitment and selection is the activity of human resource management which works on finding the right candidate for the job offered and vacancies in the organization. Recruitment and selections provide the understanding in the knowledge about the workplace, is how many candidates are required by the organizations and the human resource work accordingly to provide the requirements of talent in workplace. But performance management refers to the process of working on the employee’s performance and make different strategies like training and analysing of their data to calculate their performance within the workplace.It aided organisations in learning about their employees' behaviour toward the organisation and making judgments about their future projects accordingly. Creating different strategies to evaluate better performance in achieving the organizational goals and objectives requires proper training and development. the HRM practices includes the training and development of the employees and make them increase their skill sets, so that they can perform better with high skill action in two their performance which further help the organization in achieving their objectives and goals of offering high quality standards of retail business. 

Compensation and benefits are their activities which help the organization and increase the performance of employment by providing them bonus and compensation plans which further help in motivating the employees. The motivated employees perform better which further help in achieving the objectives and goals which the companies are aiming for. It is very crucial for the organizations to make utilization of the HRM activities so that they can develop a better rate of interest, profitability end competitive advantage over their competitors. The human resource management activities increase the process of creating changes and strategies by developing their leadership over their employees, getting better results as in outcomes of directions put by the employees in their process of working. There are different situations on which the activities help business to gain better performance and get competitive advantage in the market. Working on the necessary practices of human resource, Organizations are improving their performance and achieving their objectives by expanding their activities and practises at work.

According to Stewart and Brown (2019), staffing and development the major activities which help the organizations in getting their objectives achieved. It is very vital for the human resource management to make different ways by which they can create a better relation within the organizational performance and the human resource activities. Staffing is very important as it provide the best candidate for the right positions at the workplace. It helped win providing talent management and better hiring of the candidate they are selecting for the job which further help them in providing better results so that they can improve results and help the organization in getting the targets achieved. The management of the organization's work on staffing and they also provide the human resource management with software then technologies to improve their hiring process and providing a staffing with planning. Company provided all of the necessary criteria and needs for better human resource management techniques, which is highly significant in the workplace. The activities help as when the good hiring of the candidate with better skills in talent, provide better results for the organizations which further help the business in achieving their targets and aims of getting one of the leading retailers in global market within the industry. The development activities provide the training of the employees and motivating them with providing the necessary safety insecurities which helped them in getting motivated towards the organizations and their responsibilities. Motivated staff performed better and aided Tesco in achieving their goals more quickly and increasing their goals over time. The compensation activity works on providing a better culture at the workplace, with positive environment and supporting nature. The compensation includes insurance plan, paid sick leaves, corporate discounts, disability insurance, paid vacations, retirement plans and bonus. These are something which make the employee feel accomplished and acknowledgement from the organization's side. it includes the process of development of better relations with the employ and the employee gets motivated and show loyalty towards the organizations. It also provides the increase in retention rates of the organizations which can control their investment in new hiring. The human resource management are working on the process to save their time and money and increasing their strategies with the activities to provide better training and development and increasing their skills for better performance in the workplace.

According to Greer, Lusch and Hitt (2017), working on the human resource management practices and developing the relations with operation performance required a proper strategy of better communications and better management of the human resource towards recruitment and selections and staffing of candidates. Talent management is one of the major factors which can help the human resource management in finding better talents for the organizations in help the organizations in their beautiful means to achieve better results. It also provides development of results and growth within the workplace. The aim of the organization is to focus on the profitability within the market and increasing their rate of interest to get maximum profit out of the working market. It is essential for the business that the relations between the organizations and their human resource management are critical and they work on the same aim to provide the company with better results and improve performance. Developing the increase of activity in the workplace where the company is creating new ways of leadership in the management to increase performance of company.

According to Hewett and (2018), in human resource management there are several activities that are carried out, as well as work in relation to organisational performance. The management focuses on the organization's growth and a higher rate of interest in competitive advantage and legal compliance.It is essential for the human resource management to look for the best candidate in their staffing process, which can further help them in increasing overall performance of the organization. Working on the necessary change the human resource management provide them increase in different strategies to satisfy their key stakeholders. It is essential for the human resource management to focus on developing their staffing and organizing process to evaluate better candidate at the workplace which further help in increasing the overall organizational performance in the retail business. The main focus is on the growth and profitability of the organization. It is essential to work on profitability so that the organization can increase their performance as well as develop a wider impact on the business over there competitive and get the advantage. Thereare different kinds of factors which human resource management focus including the talent management into the workplace as well as training and development of the employees to increase their skills and knowledge. Working on the talent management and training and development, it is essential for the human resource management to develop the necessary requirements for the process of talent and training. 

According to Subramony and (2018), staffing, compensation and the development of the organization it is essential for the human resource management to provide the necessary steps in strategies to evaluate a better staffing. If the organisation wants to reach its goals, it should work on building the essential process for reviewing results and finding superior talent candidates. Human resource management is one of the most important components for businesses seeking better results through HRM policies and procedures for employing better employees who can assist them achieve their overall goals. It is critical to improve the performance of skilled workers and develop training to improve their skills in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. To maximise profit in the labour market, it is critical for businesses to maintain positive relationships inside their companies and improve communication with the employer and upper management. So that they can assess better performance in organisations in order to deal with Jesus, who they may encounter as a result of a lack of communication. Human resource management maintains a positive relationship between employees and management so that they can focus on minor details and deliver positive results in the workplace, including higher performance presentations through their actions, and achieve the desired outcomes.The retail industry is one of the most competitive, and businesses must improve their hiring and staffing processes to get better outcomes, gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, and improve their performance in order to meet their goals and objectives.

Application Understanding And Knowledge

The organisational goal is to become the world's leading retailer and to give the highest quality, so this is the final product in the supermarket and hypermarket industries for a global audience. The working procedure of the HR department is to provide the best talented employees and candidates for the roles and responsibilities made by the organizations to achieve their aims and objectives. The objectives are to provide better competitor advantage and increasing stakeholders’ value, increase sale income before the yearend due to COVID-19 situation. The HR department are working on establishing a team which can work online and offline process of working for Tesco so that they can offer different kind service to their audience to evaluate better performance during the COVID-19 situation. The impact of the epidemic is being caused by market competitiveness. The impact of a lockdown on the retail industry owing to a variety of causes, including government requirements are crucial. Their child department strives to find the ideal candidate who can perform in a variety of scenarios and recognise the importance of the job responsibilities they are given. To achieve the organizational objectives, it is very necessary for them to provide the best of performance through skilled and talented employees in the workplace. The retail sector was hit badly and many employees were laid off but it also took the attention to another segment of starting good delivery services with all the safety hazards. While working in the retail industry, it is critical for them to provide services that meet the quality standards that they are aiming for, which necessitates the presence of qualified and talented individuals in their workplace. It is critical for the HR department to understand what the organization's goals are and how they can incorporate their staffing and organisational processes into their operations to achieve all of Tesco's goals. It is vital to get the right candidates who helped the organization in increasing their process of working and achieve the objectives they are aiming (Chams and García-Blandón, 2019).

The working procedure and the objectives of the HR departments works together in developing the overall result of the business which Tesco are aiming for. The other objectives provide impact on the performance of the Tesco in getting their aims to be achieved. The HR department works on providing better structure and communication to increase the handling of COVID-19 situations and also providing a better customer services to the audience who are one of the main objectives of the business. the organization aim to provide increasing their performance with their employees and for that the HR practices are to be done to work on the staffing process with all the planning and execution of actions to get the talented and skilled employee as a candidate for the workplace (Cooke and, 2021). HR aims to improve the organization's culture so that employees remain engaged and rely on the company, as well as raise their performance through their actions in their responsibilities and occupations. It aids in the achievement of overarching company objectives and goals.Other goals include embracing a broader societal and ethical development of the company, which can assist employees in achieving overall organisational goals and working procedures, resulting in improved performance. Human resource management are one of the vital factors for the Tesco to achieve their overall objectives and aims in the workplace with increased performance through better talent employees. They developed more of training and development process so that the HR objectives gets increased and help in organizational objectives to be achieved.

Human resource management activities provide different types of impact on the performance and also provide a support for the organizational performance on their objectives. HRM activities include managing of performance by the employees which are working in the organization. Motivation is one of the activities which is very crucial and it can provide both positive and negative impact on the organizational performance towards their objective. If the employees get motivated, they perform better and improve their skills and on the other hand if the employees are not motivated towards their work in the retail industry, they are not able to perform with their high standards and can impact negative on their performance. The HRM activity involves employee training and development, which is necessary for them to work successfully in order for the company to meet its goals. Training and development have a beneficial impact on the business's goals.On the one hand, it improves employee skills, while on the other, it prevents employees from expanding their knowledge and skills in their job duties and responsibilities.The impact of human resource management on Tesco is positive in terms of performance increase and better result. It is essential for them to get the right impact of the human resource management policies and procedures which they are following to increase the overall performance by performance appraisal, training, employee participation end career planning of the employees so that provide them with better results in the organization. Tesco increase technologies in the human resource management so that the HR works with faster outcomes and increase a fast development of their employees towards organizational objectives and goals.

Change Implementation Plan

There are different drivers of change which helped the organizations in their overall performance towards their aim and objective. One of the motivators is to grow staffing which is inside the organisation so that human resource management can assist Tesco in achieving the desired goals through improved workplace performance.The drivers of change include technological change within the workplace which increases their performance through faster process of working on new software and increasing the recruitment in selection process of new candidates and skilled employees. 

Tesco is focusing on increasing quality standards in the retail industry, which helps in drawing more audience by working on social trends in customer pReferences in the market to improve performance.Tesco's environmental considerations include that they are focusing on environmental safety and security, for which they are working on eliminating the usage of plastic as well as online media bills to eliminate the waste of people in printed bills.

Lewin’s change management model

The model is developed by Kurt Lewin’s, which includes three factors in which the model is break down which are as follow,

  • Unfreeze: Unfreeze includes the working of current processes by the human resource management in their change plan, it works on improving the employees to be aware about change which everyone is affected and needs the change within the workplace. It is a process of change implementation plan which includes the process to make the understanding about the importance of change within the workplace and why the change is required to increase the performance. Unfreezing stage aids in the creation of a balance within Tesco for change, which can aid in improving overall performance and change adaptation for employees to a large extent. In order to establish the essential change process, the human resource management must first comprehend the process of unfreezing and implementing new changes in the workplace. It leads to overall success and complete the tasks in effective manner.

  • Change: It is a process of implementing plan which provides the process of creating the climate for the employee to work on the necessity of the change to get better performance in the market of retailers. After the change has been unfrozen, the employee is aware of the process that is taking place in the workplace and how they might improve their performance in order to receive better outcomes and a raise in pay.The changes essential to achieved overall objectives which the organization is focusing and it can help the employees to increase their performance through training and development within the change implementation.

  • Refreeze: When the change is implemented, it is critical for the human resource executives to refreeze the interaction and turn it into a forward-thinking activity that can be applied to Tesco's whole operations. This assists in achieving the objectives that they are aiming for and for which the change is being implemented. Improved outcomes aid in providing better types of assistance to representatives inside organisations, and Tesco fosters execution by refreezing the change and searching for information analysis where the progressions line is headed.

Discussing How The Change Will Impact The Hr Function

It is important to understand the relevance of HR function with respect to its functions and leading to make the forecasting also helpful.

Forecasting the demand and supply of human change

The utilization of the change implementation plan helps the human resource management in understanding the demand in supply forecasting within the workplace. It is very essential for the Tesco to understand the process of working within the retail industries and the requirement towards achieving the understanding off forecasting demand in supply of human capital within the workplace. Stand the forecasting of demand in supply it is very essential for the human resource to access the current human resource capacity of Tesco.

  • Current human capital supply: Supply forecasting is determined by the availability of current resources to meet the demands. When the HR works on their capacity of human resource within the workplace then it helps in building the credibility. They are able to provide a better understanding of their supplies which they are required in the market. It is cool can look within the organization and outside the organizations to hire the best talented skilled employee which can help them in increasing their overall performance within COVID-19 situation. It is necessary for Tesco as well As for the human resource management of the organization do understand the forecasting of human capital supply. To manage the human capital supply the human resource, need to work on their retention and creating employee profiles to attract new target candidates. It is essential for the human resource management to maintain the forecasting of supply in the workplace so that they can meet the demands and achieve the overall objectives the organization sets.
  • Project human capital demand: The human resource management work on the process of developing the necessary understanding of human capital demand which the organization focus for this job Tesco work in the retail industry on a large-scale business which required increase number of candidates. The organization developed strategies of selection recruitment and hiring processes to meet the overall demand of human capital. After recruitment and selection processes they work on their training and development to meet the overall organizational objectives in goal. the demand forecasting process works on the detail of future human resource determining needs in quantity. it provides the information related to the needs of employees in numbers for future aims and objectives which the organization alarming for in the process of improvement in business. To meet the overall matching of demand in supply it is very essential for the human resource to understand their demand and make strategies accordingly to meet all the demand needs and achieve better results in the workplace.
  • Gap closing strategy: The gap closing strategies include the process of Understanding the focus of what employee thinks and not what they do. It is very essential for the organizations to understand the gap within the demanding supply so that they can increase the strategies of developing better but Work through understanding the demand and the needs of human capital within the organizations to achieve the overall objectives. it is very important to understand their employees so that the organization can make different strategies of retention and appraisal of the employee which are performing good and can be a crucial factor for the overall performance of organization. It is essential to understand about the overall change which can make in the performance of the human resource capital Tesco (Singh and, 2020).

Stakeholder Analysis

It is very essential for the management to make sure that they are working on the better communications about their change within the workplace. It is very essential to communicate about the change which the organization is putting into their operations and working to achieve their aims and objectives. Working on the necessity factors of development the human resource should understand the importance of communication for the employee within the Business. Tesco need to understand that the change can create positive as well as negative impact on the employee’s overall performance and which can lead too good result and as well as in loss of their jobs. While implementing the change plan it is essential for the organization to focus on all the challenges which they can face during the change. It includes the risk and contingency planning end the challenges of lack of performance due to unskilled and limited plan to implement the change without prior notice and practices. 

To increase the overall business the change implementation plan is essential for Tesco but on the other hand to communicate about the change do they employ from the management and leaders are crucial on the overall result and performance. developing different ways of implementing change by using communication as one of the major tools to provide the information about the change which is implemented in the organizations for better performance of the candidate or employ. The change impact on the stakeholders by making their process of working in new way of implemented change plan in work on new is structured 4 results which helped the organizations to achieve their objectives.

The common factors two resistance towards change are the lack of confidence of employees on their management and the human resource management. Poor communication is one of the major factors which impact the resistance of change within the workplace and it can cause the overall losses on which they need to make different strategies of increasing the driving forces. Working on the resisting forces it is essential for the organizations to make different strategies to increase their resistance into driving forces. Poor communication needs to be eliminated and the employees should get awareness about the change which is implemented in the workplace. The employee feels that if the change impacted on their performance, they may lose their employment as well as the overall performance of the employee can be negative.

Communication and leadership

The trait theory:The theory after leading the ways they are handling the situation and working as a study of leadership in Tesco. research on the characteristic theory provide the understanding between the effective leadership and pre sonality traits which include the Extroversion,self-efficiency, intelligence and openness to experience. This theory basically works on a shared vision of the leader by including the traits of motivation, set up skills, capability, behaviour, personality in social relationship.

Personality is one of the major characteristics of this theory it shows that a leader should have been positive and motivational personality to motivate others to increase their performance and achieve the overall organizational goal. the demographic characteristics include to give the quality in terms of leadership and no gender bias Ness within the working culture of Tesco. task competence and interpersonal attributes are those characteristics which includes the approach of execution the performance towards the task and also developing the intelligence to achieve Better Business in the workplace (Alayoubi, Al Shobaki and Abu-Naser, 2020). The advantage of this theory is the characteristics can be developed within the workplace by providing training and development so that the employee performed better. the theory also provides the increase of more leaders within the workplace and it can be beneficial for the organization in achieving the overall performance towards results. the disadvantage of this theory is it is not possible for every leader to get the leadership by their traits. this theory doesn't work on situational circumstances which is a major factor for the organizations to look while utilization this theory in their workplace.

Behavioural theory: Behavioural theory works on the behaviour of the employee and leaders within the organizations and the way they handle the situations to overcome all the issues they are facing. it is essential for the organizations to maintain the overall performance and get the right leadership to achieve better results. Such a theory is useful in motivating and developing their confidence through the process of rewards in punishment on changing behaviour what’s the performance. Working in the retail industry it is very essential for Tesco to develop a behavioural theory in their leadership so that they can increase more of performance through understanding the mentality of the employees. It is very essential for Tesco to have the leaders who work on behaviour as it can lead to better results and provide them with increased understanding and better relationship within the management and employee. 

To develop behaviour the leaders, need to manage the relationship of employee and management so that the behaviour of the organization stays positive and provide good results to the overall process of working (Dirani and, 2020). The advantage of behavioural theory It addressed the key questions on which the organizational leadership model is working. It also identifies the leadership style of the manager working in. The disadvantage of behavioural leadership theories are that working on the behaviours take time to develop and it can also increase the cost by training and development programs. The leaders also have to understand the considerations of how to manage the employees within the retail industry.

The best fit in approach for Tesco to work in the retail industries and developing better process of communication in leadership. They need to work on increasing the performance of behavioural theory in their workplace. The behavioural theory includes the understanding of employees and it is essential for the leader to manage the employees to provide better inputs from them so that they can achieve profitability. Developing the overall prices of operations and management the leaders need to work on communication as well as working on the behaviour towards the workplace on which the management provides rewards and recognition within the workplace to their audience (Palladan, 2017). It is necessary for the management of faithful to have a better leadership and communication skills within the workplace so that they can achieve the aims and objectives which they have set.

Recommendation And Conclusion

From the above report it can be concluded that change is one of the major factors which can help the organization in achieving their overall objectives and goals. The HR needs to work on the understanding and knowledge of their employees as well as their responsibilities and practices towards the organizations. Working on this staffing process and finding the right talented employees for the workplace is one of the major factors which can help the organization in achieving the overall objectives. The HR objectives and the organizational objectives needs to be worked in contrary to provide better results and are essential for them to manage the development of their process towards achieving Better Business. The change implementation plan concludes that while working on the change the HR needs to make better communications within their workplace and including their leaders’ managers and employees to understand the importance of change. The organization in achieving their new targets can be done by implementing the change with proper planning and procedures and making employees understand about how the change can increase their overall results in performance. Development of better organizational objectives the HR needs to provide high skilled and talented employees so that they can achieve the results they are aiming and provide better functioning performance. Leaders play very crucial factors in increasing the overall performance as they need to make a good relationship between the employees and management by developing their communications and making then understand about the change end process of working in the organizations to get better results in retail industry.

To recommend it is essential for the organizations to implement the change with higher communication skills and providing knowledge to their employee. The change can impact the performance of the employees which make them resist the change in the workplace. Working on the necessary development process the change needs to be communicated with the employees and management to get a better understanding of implementing the plan which does not impact on the overall performance of the organizational employees.

To implement the change the organization needs to increase their technological skills so that the employee’s performance can be analysed. It is essential for the organizations to make sure that they are working on the right path of change and the HR needs to make a proper procedure of plan with the operations team to hire the right candidate for the desired roles and responsibilities which Tesco are looking for. 

The leadership style needs to be positive and also increase the overall motivation and trust of the employees towards this organization so that they perform better. It also includes the input actions of the employees and for that the leaders need to motivate their employees in performing better for the organizations. So that they can increase the large results which can also help them in getting better performance and achieve the overall organizational goals.


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