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SAP304 Open Book Test-t3-22 Q & A

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Introduction: SAP304 Research Methods and Methodologies: Understanding Key Concepts

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Question 1:

The method of research is defined as the study of the evidence of related information regarding the work that is being undertaken. It involved the collection of data and applying suitable methods to interpret the result. Moreover, the creative approach to work and careful observation are involved while doing any research. The main objective of the research is to develop new initiation of concept that might be useful to collect relevant data and understand the main concept of the research. The development of new ideas helps to improve the actual intention of the research.

Question 2:

The concept of evidence Informed Practice is related to the approach of extensive decision-making ability and it defines immaculate research evidence with the application of scientific research methods to improve the question types. It involves the implementation of evidence to establish and improve the program system and the following interventions of the research by the practitioner. It helps to initiate the innovation of the factors and practice knowledge. The following evidence can involve the live adventure and the client’s voice and the practices done by the practitioner. It is being applied to improve the performance of the organization.

Question 3:

The difference between primary and secondary data are as follows:

Primary data: The main difference is the collection of primary data is done by the researchers through self-observation and surveys (Sakyi Musona & Mweshi, 2020). The raw data is utilized in the primary collection form. The collection of data is mostly involved through suitable observations and inspection of the case studies. The gathering of primary information is quite expensive. This interprets a more accurate form of results. For example, data collected from interviews and questionnaires.

Secondary data: The secondary data helps to collect the second-hand version of information mainly based on supervision of the journal papers and from the following website form. The method of acquiring the information is quite affordable and time-efficiency (Crane, Henriques & Husted, 2018). It helps to provide information for other researchers and helps to interpret the results. For instance the academic reviewed books and articles.

Question 4:

Methods: The effective factors or the specific tools along with the process helps to gather the following information and in the process interpret the data analysis (Ganesha & Aithal, 2022). This involves the procedures of enactment of surveys and the experiments that have been carried out to maintain the research. It helps to investigate the interviews.

Methodology: The methodology helps in the process of research strategies and the required rationale of the project. It involves the practicing of the following methods to approach the results. The execution of the related theories and principles helps to support the objectives that have been produced to meet the requirements of the research (Abutabenjeh & Jaradat, 2018). It analysis the methods that have been produced to allow the investigation of the research.

Figure 1: Methods and Methodologies

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Question 5:

The main element of interpretivism is the interpretation of the components that are involved in the research. It includes the following paradigm that is based on the presumption of the social reality that is neither singular nor objective and is properly executed by human nature. The main purpose of interpretivism helps to forecast the deciphering of the social factors involved in the research (McGill & Decker, 2020). Thus it depends on the building of theory to deliver effective observed information. It embraces the viewpoint of the pragmatic approach that constructs a meaningful value of the events. It possesses the events that help to define the following meaning to the research and the mode of the application of this philosophy is a qualitative analysis that employs the utilization of various methods to reflect on the different issues forms.

Question 6:

  1. a) The research might indulge in following surveys and the interrogation of the interview system. The undertaking of this research would help in maintaining the development of the delivery service team (Bakashbayev et al. 2020). The methods that are involved in this research mainly consist of the primary form of data collection method to interpret the analysis of the result. This involves the methods of distribution of questionnaires to the employees to investigate whether people from a particular age group are selling for help or not. This would help to interpret the results by applying primary analysis to do the research that would hyelps to collect the primary source of information.
  2. b) The formulation of this research is the quantitative approach of the data collection method. This would help to collect the objectives and would help to declare the quantitative data to observe the patterns of the age group (Søgaard et al. 2018). It involves the required survey of the research to understand the service requirements of the people. The number of people is interpreted through the application of these assumed techniques. It helps to test the variables and the hypothesis involved in the research. It helps to declare the numerical system of the results and helps to determine the following measurements of the surveys included in the research.
  3. c) The findings that are being analyzed due to the performing of the primary research help to interpret the results and deliver appropriate concepts that might be useful for the manager. It would thus support the manager’s belief regarding the helpful attitude of the people. It helps to maintain the positivism of the research. The key findings would analyze the results of the research that would meet the objectives of the following research. This would help the manager to focus on prime factors and interpret the answers of the over-representation of people. This would thus help in forming the following strategies concerning the data that has been collected from the majority of people. It forecast the potential strategy of data formation that would help in acquiring the required results. The collection of the answers according to the questionnaires helps to formulate the required strategies to improve the service quality in the management. This would help in driving practice programs according to the deliverance of results. It helps to maintain the key factors through the result analysis by influencing developed strategies to improve the business factors.

Question 7:

The use of Covert methods in research

The implementation of covert methods helps to interpret the investigation factors where the identity and the entity of the profession of researchers are being suppressed along with the academic knowledge (Kluczewska & Lottholz, 2021). It helps to describe the following methods that are being carried out by observing the behavior and the communication system without the consent of the participants that are being taken into consideration. The prospects of the utilization of the covert methods help to deliver the information and reveal the important necessary intention of the research condition. This method is being applied concerning the alteration of the knowledge and concepts of the participants. This kind of method should be implemented according to the justified nature of the applied significance. This research would be delivered when it is considered to be ethical. It is the deception strategy that is being used to analyze the results. The nature of the research project is also being therefore hidden just to ensure the true importance of the information.

The importance of the ethical method of Covert methods

Covert methods should be ethical that should contain highly valid information regarding the people that are being observed in the process. It involves the professional method of behavior and the involvement of the desired ethical approach (Fisher, Olivares & Staats, 2020). It is carried out with professionalism that helps to undertake the business marketing campaign. It helps to expose the true meaning of the information that is deceptive and to represent the exact meaning of the project. The main purpose of this research helps to justify the significance that is ethically proven. This would help to maintain the true realness of the research and ethical consideration is important to maintain the research purpose. As sometimes the research often contains deceptive information that might be dangerous so this method might be accepted to ensure the informal settings of the research would help to maintain the legitimate rights of research significance.

Question 8:

The use of the consent form in the research helps to convey the ethical consideration of the ethical form. It is important to manage the information sheet as per the rules of professionalism. The consent form is considered to be very vital to follow the participant’s response and knowledge. It is important to maintain the evidence form that engages in the collection of data and it relies on the importance of the participant’s decision to involve in the research and survey. The use of the information sheet provides details about the objectives of the research.

The risk that might emerge during the working on this research is an objection from the family members and society. Most of the migrant women must not be intended to deliver the answers according to the questions due to the trauma faced by them. It also involves the following mental health difficulties that might pose difficulties while performing the research.

The encounter of these risks might be formulated with the following strategies to ensure the mitigation of the risk factors. Communicating effectively and dealing with the problems faced by these affected women is important to make them gain loyalty for cooperation. It also involves undertaking certain laws and guidelines to ensure permission to carry out the research from being prevented. Ethical strategies should be indulged and applicate in the research.



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Appendix 1: Research Types

(Source: www.

Appendix 2: Advantages of Primary Data


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