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Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools Assignment Answer

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Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools


Among all the factors that affects the organisation, the human resource is the most challenging input because unlike other factors, it needs skilful handling of emotions, thoughts, and feelings in order to secure maximum productivity. In order to overcome this challenge, the best way is to promote the top-quality communication across the organisation. The high-performing team and team members need regular encouragement and motivation in order to sustain their performance. Effective communication is the best method of doing it. This report is a research proposal that will provide a quick insight of the effective communication tools that might result in motivated workplace. It will talk about aims & objectives of the research, context, and the proposals in context of a chosen organisation.


  • According to Mazzei (2014), workplace motivation is an energy or condition that directed workers to accomplish organisational goals. In today's day and age, communication is the most crucial aspect of the business that can be a vital instrument to motivate employees. There is a relationship between employee motivation and various factors of communication, namely interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, and communication climate.
  • In the study, Sharma&Kamalanabhan(2012)argued that workers are always ready to walk an extra mile for the company if they feel satisfied with the organisation's way of communication. In other words, if the employees feel that senior executives are communicating with them regularly and in an effective manner, then it motivates them to perform well.
  • Ma (2016) mentioned that in majority of organisations, internal communication network is weak. This has resulted in poor employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. This would further affect the revenue and profit share.

Looking into the importance of the communication for the organisation and employee motivation, carrying out research that would provide some recommendations for the organisation to improve its communication is important. Hence, the research will be very fruitful for many organisation.

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The following research will be revolving around the communication process and tools used by the National Australia Bank. Being Australia's one of the four largest financial body, it is important for the NAB to keep its employee motivated. It makes use of internal communication channel. The following research will refer to various reports and research papers from reputed journal to prepare a well-structured report.

Objectives of the Research

  • To study and analyse the role of communication in affecting the business organisations.
  • To critically analyse the effective communication tools that can be used in the organisation
  • To provide proposals regarding the promotion of effective communication within an organisation.


  • Organisation should develop a long-term communication plan, wherein different strategies, channel s of communication, information flow should be emphasised.
  • Training and coaching should be provided, especially when the organisation is highly relied on the non-verbal communication tools.
  • The role of digital platform in encouraging communication within and across the organisation should be understood and promoted.
  • Organisation should promote internal communication tools in order to establish communication with cross-departmental teams.


Here, the role of communication in employee motivation had been discussed. This report was research proposal that provided a quick insight of the effective communication tools that might result in motivated workplace. It talked about aims & objectives of the research, context, and the proposals in context of a chosen organisation.


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