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Personal And Professional Development Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Personal And Professional Development

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Personal and professional development should be there as this help in having an effective in the working style of people. Development process of procedure is that which do involve both side employees and management in learning criteria as this make entity to meet up in challenges and also help in attaining the desired goals and objectives (Yeh, Huang and Yeh, 2011). Basically, learning time management skill, efficient and effective working with class which reduce the stress in great way. Therefore, firm can go with determining the skills and ability of employees which somewhere can help in development of the organization in great manner. Report is based on Holiday Inn Hotel founded in year around 1950 and was founded by Kemmons Wilson.

Assignment will include the approaches of self based learning with current skills and competencies. It will also include all the plan for personal-and-professional-development in great way. Even though it will also talk about solution to all problems and communicate in various styles in having an effective management strategies in effective way.


1.1 Different approaches to self managed learning.

Self managed learning is such which result into having an better knowledge in different ways in better way. Learning is that which can be done any time and it helps for longer period to use such in effective way too (Stern and Brackett, 2012). Even though self managed learning can be done with the use of various sources and it is be like conferences, seminars and internet with social networking too. Some of these are as follows:

  • Internet: Internet can help people to learn everything in better way, even through internet people can learn knowledge and abilities in perfect way which do help them to come up in proper way too. Basically, on internet every kind of thing is available and through internet learning is also done in great way as it includes an audio and visual criteria. Specific data and information can be found over here which are written by journals and with authors too.
  • Seminar and conferences: people is such who learn various thing through seminars and conferences too. This also help in learning in great way as because it also have learning through having an audio and visual both. Basically, seminar is considered as experienced person which leads to manage stage which do influence various thing and it is that which affect minds of individuals that might help in development of different thing in effective manner too.
  • Social networks: It is that which consider the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Moreover, having an maximum people which do spend there time and also look forward to see some of the things in better way (Schoeman and Mabunda, 2012). Generally, individuals can share crucial information through this to people who needs such. Even though learning can also be done with social networks as knowledge can be gained in effective way.

1.2 Different ways of personal and professional learning can be encouraged.

Personal and professional learning of employees can help them to perform in great way in the hotels and such thing directly help firm to attain there goals and objectives in proper manner. Training and development is that scenario which do help human resource and individual to learn many things in great way too. Learning of human resource through various sources can be encouraged with help of some of the thing are as:

  • Promotion is the criteria which can encourage people and employees to undergo with learning process so that they can come to know about various thing and can be used at workplace.
  • Appraisal, it consider the learning in form of getting knowledge of how to increase in performance and to use technology in effective manner so affectivity can be seen.

Encouragement of individual and employees of Holiday Inn is such which needs to be developed in effective way. These criteria is such which also encourage people to learn different thing in great way. It is such which include some points in firm where somewhere people do get demotivated to work in great way and motivate such in better way which do help them in managing different situation in right context (Russell and Korthagen, 2013). Basically, employees are those which do fail in having an acceptance of changes in environment and also having an learning that also adapt changes which also revamp performances.

1.3 Benefits of self managed learning is there which include individual and organisational.

Self managed learning is such which also develop the individuals as they can learn various thing in there own context too. Basically, they can also lead have an learning in skills and abilities to perform various things through internet, social networking etc. even though it is that which receive new information and having an influence of mindset of individual in right format. They do reduce cost of organisation in training and development program. It is like having an benefit to the individual and organization as follows:

  • Individual SML: It is such which do help in increasing the skills and abilities in great way. Some of those are like (facing challenges, self awareness with certain skills etc.). Basically, individual do learn different thing with approaches to life and also lead to share some of the things with colleagues that also make an compatible things in better way too.
  • Organisational SML: Affect of learning in company is as (better performances, increase motivation and also leads to have an learning of abilities with responsibilities etc.) it is such which do help in having an great relationship and also lead to have an master understanding of business and expectation (Roeser, and et. al, 2012). Even though, things are those which do help in attaining the main goals and objectives in effective way.


2.1 Own current skills and competencies with professional firm objectives.

In organisation human resource are such which is considered as the crucial aspect which work for company so that they can attain there goals and objectives in great way. Even though, it is required by company to evaluate the skills and competency of employees so that they can perform in effective way in any situation (Robertson, 2016). Some of the skills which I pose in me is communication skills, leadership skills and having an time management skills is such which do help me in being look different from other. 

  • Communication: As I have to work with the team so I have to take care of this as how I have to manage the whole team and needs to interact with them so that then can interact with me in polite and in effective manner with having relations with staff members.
  • Coordination: If there is an proper coordination is there in between the different department of company then automatically, it will help me in completing the task within the time period in great way.
  • Leadership: As need to provide the right direction to employees so that they can perform in better way and work or task can be done in effective way and even in before time too.

2.2 Identification of own development needs and activities.

Having an SWOT analysis is such which is considered as useful method as because it somewhere help in getting the things according to the requirement for the development of growth for having an accomplishment with set target and objectives too (Pillen, Beijaard and Brok, 2013).

Effective assessment of SWOT is being described as:





I never get hesitation while working and can face challenges.

Sometimes, not be able to cope-up with diverse group of people.

Looking forward to learn new skills which do help me in development of my career.

There is an absence of required capital in good amount.

Capable of learning new things from different sources in effective way.

Sometimes morale goes down and becomes difficult to bring it up.

Learning through training and development is there and it help in learning various new skills and knowledge too.

Competition with other people is also there and needs to be considered to develop these thing.

I know various things to interact with colleagues and higher authority with customer.

Having high emotion and sentimental in better way.

Maximum jobs are there with opportunity due to introduction of new firm.

There is a limitation with influence and upliftment is there. s

2.3 Identification Opportunity which meet current and future needs.

Moreover, having an inner strength and weakness leads to get updated with existing requirement and also future demands as well with determination of having an development opportunity (López‐Pastor, Monjas and Manrique, 2011). Even though, it is such which is having an essential identification which needs to consider the real or precise data with having an effective role in growth process. Current and future needs as describe below:

  • Current needs: according to above aspects, I need to minimise the hesitation issues and also needs to have an exchanging opinions. So that I can share some of the problems and personal issues needs to influence in performance of mine. Apart from which I need to pay for some of the few attention and emotions because they need to have an affect on my overall presentation too.
  • Future needs: It is such which needs to identify self assessment and needs to get aware about the things which have an high priority but also having an some of the drawbacks of mine which do have an importance (Leahy and Wiliam, 2012). For instance, anger and short tempered in nature. Therefore, it is such which needs to be improved in future as well. So that effective work can be there in right context too.

2.4 Development plan based on identified needs.

Strategies and planning is such which has an overall personality development which is required for me to overcome barriers which has an influence on my personal needs with professional barriers. Even though appropriate plan needs to be made and stated as:

Learning objectives

Current proficiency

Target proficiency

Development opportunities

Criteria for judging success

Time Scale



I have to minimise my shyness behaviour.

Change in minute affects.

Wanted to have an eradication with problem and having an interacting with every member.

Looking forward to attend the training and development needs in effective way.

It can be done by conducting various demo classes in perfect way. `

3 weeks

Required to have an availability of managers.


I need to learn and increase my confidence level by having an boosted morale.

Needs to look forward to have an attendance with motivation classes too.

I need to learn hoe to be confident while making an effective decision in great way.

It is such which also make an decisional process by having an sharing views with opinions.

2 weeks

Owe to management.


Requires to procrastinating

Delay in work create issues.

Wants to complete file on time

Successful leaders should be followed

Should have an testing.

1.5 weeks.

Members of staff.


3.1 Process and activities that require implement activity as planned.

Implementation of having an planned activities which is having an easy task and also leads to take a lot time because many of them are not task and it states as:

  • Assessment of plan: Having an evaluation of plan before having an implementation for having an identification with hidden issues and problems (Glogowska and et. Al, 2011). Needs to check feasibility and viability.
  • Generating a vision: Having an creation of different thing for having an understanding of long term and short term.
  • Choosing group: Selecting of deserving and suitable of employees for having an accomplishing planned task and activities in proper way.
  • Involving directors: Suggestion is such which requires to have an high authority in an efficient manner as well.

3.2 Documentation of development activities.

It is considered crucial thing for enterprises which do make an having effective documentation of activities and strategies which is planned and having an development for having an avoidance for postponing and delaying in work too (Gamrat and et. al., 2014). It takes numerous tasks for deciding the uplift of personality as:

  • Improvement and preparing: This is such which distinguish different project which do have interest with expert and having an individual. It is considered as PPD and leads to accomplish the knowledge.
  • Change administration: Individual is having an different capacity which needs to guarantee and having an entire inventive apparatuses and procedures additionally techniques that do chose in fundamental way.

3.3 Reflection of learning against with aims and objectives.

According to above development plan needs to get aware with my inner strength and weakness which needs to be done and has to be overcome with issues that are coming in with completion of task and activity. Development plan and useful thing is such which attain the personal and professional objectives in minimum time period. Even though I need to develop the confidence level of mine with various programmes and sessions leads to attend counselling classes. It is such which difficult is considered with relevant facts and figures that help in with available opportunity. Although, I have some diverse qualities against points with destination with developed as:

  • Capacity to fence business and having an life hazard which do make an emerge.
  • Beat the shrouded hindrances.
  • Produce improving views with having an inventive personalities.
  • Having an capacity which needs to determine troublesome thing in making an strides too.

3.4 Update plan on basis of feedback.

Learning objectives

Current proficiency


Opportunity to improve

Time scale

Exchange thoughts and opinions


Having an cancellation of hesitation.

Take part in decisional process.


Increase in confidence level.

Requires analysis

It requires final assessment

Needs to make plans and strategies

1 months

Overcome the sentimental problem.





4.1: Solutions to work-based problems

In solving and overcoming the work based problem, some phases are mentioned below as above:

  • Identify problems and issues- It is first and important stages in this manager play vital role in identifying the main issues and problems in their organisation.
  • Perceiving regarded interest- It is nest phase which is more critical and important in solving any kind of issue There will be a maximum need in order to analysis the better outcomes of the issues (Forte and Flores, 2014). Thus, it is essential to administration to maintain the requirement of a organisation on the antecedence.
  • Contra list of actual solution- In order to solving issues which are arise in the organisation, company apply brain storming part which help them to easily overcome this problem. Thus, in this highly needs to solve all issues in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Investigating the options-As per the financial resources as well as strength of the organisation, it is necessary and important to select the accurate and better solution.
  • Practicability of option- In this, it is essential and significant in order to measure and analysis the practicability of chosen option in the parts to external environment.
  • Contingency, Evaluating and controlling: It is identify as a last phase which is highly needed to controlling the contingency plan in a systematic and effective way.

4.2: Variety of styles and appropriate manner at various level

There are different types of communication styles which need to be adopted by Holiday Inn Hotel which are discussed as under:

  • Controller style: According to this style, the manager of Holiday Inn Hotel are autocratic in nature in which the managers are solely took decisions without getting any suggestions and views from their staff members. They are much comfortable in working solely in order to achieve success individually (Eros, 2011). It will bring demotivation and dissatisfaction among staff members as they are not getting opportunity to take participate in decisions making process.
  • Analyser style: Under this style, an individual may show interest and willingness in performing delegated roles and responsibilities after analysing the result received in future. Such individual have analytical skills, knowledge and abilities which help in adding some value to the firm.
  • Supporter style: Under this style, an individual need to get support from other in completion of allotted business activities. Due to having low skills and knowledge, their main focus is to gain experience of work so as to help them in future.
  • Promoter style: Under this style, an individual are more interactive and show interest in working in a team so as to give combined maximum efforts in achieving desire target within limited period of time (Cleary and et. al., 2011). Such type of individuals are easily adjusted in new environment due to which Holiday Inn Hotel get maximum support from them.

4.3: Measure and use effective strategies of time management

Holiday Inn Hotel is one of the largest hotel of United Kingdom which has attained large number of loyal customers. Therefore, it is essential for an organisation to make an effective and suitable strategies in order to operate different business functions on timely basis so as to maximise the satisfaction level of customers. Such strategies may be related with:

  • Know to spend time: Through such strategy, the manager can able to allot time for specific business activities and maintain a record about it (Berk and Meyers, 2015). Due to this, the staff members should able to perform within pre-determined period of time.
  • Set priorities: Maintain the record of given task along with the time allotted, the individuals are able to set priorities on the basis of their outcomes.
  • Schedule time properly: It is also essentially required for management of Holiday Inn Hotel to set time frame for particular business activities which motivates employees to complete task as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid multi tasking: It is important to separate each business activity in order to avoid confusion which help employees in executing business activities in more effective and efficient manner.


It has been concluded from the above project report that Professional and personal development is essentially required for every organisation whether engaged in retail or hospitality sector as it helps in developing skills and capabilities of employees due to which they are able to contribute maximum efforts in achieving desired goals and objectives. There are different approaches which are related with self managed learning includes online sources, conferences and seminars etc. The management of Holiday Inn should required to identify the needs and requirements of staff members at workplace which enable them to make an effective decision to fulfil in order to achieve desired goals ad objectives within pre-determined time period.


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