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Context And Ideation Assignment Sample

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The assignment is done to evaluate the business conditions of the non-governmental organisation. The problems that are being faced by the business organisation are being evaluated and the approach that can be taken to solve the business problems are stated. The solutions of the concerns of the NGO are being formulated based on the data approach and the importance of the data is also being analysed. The organisation d Anglicare which is an active non-governmental organisation is being chosen for the business model analysis in this case. The NGO is responsible for cross-cultural services to the community that needs them.


The organisation of Anglicare is one of the non-profit organisations which is running on the grounds of Sydney, Australia, and is a Christian NGO that is responsible to provide support to the people at all the games of their life. There are 6 centres that are being stretched for the serving people who need support. There are a variety of ways in which the NGO provides support to the community. The NGO has foster homes for the kids and there is active support to the aged people as well (Low & Laver, 2020). The NGO has its domains spread to residential care, and home care, and active members are working within the organisation with a unified goal to make a smile for a living. The organisation works in a variety of ways to serve the community, homecare, care of the retired and the aged people, care of the aged at their homes and residence, assistance of food and financial assistance, handling of family planning and support on the youth, sides of a healthy parenting, counselling and mediation, help to the people with mental health, career support to the people with no directions are all the noble ways in which the NGO is serving the community ( (2019)). The social welfare of the community is responsible to enhance the living condition of the people living in Sydney.[Refer to appendix 1]

Business Problem

The non-governmental organisation is involved in a number of noble approaches to provide help and support to the community that needs it. The organisation has helped the aged and the children using a number of noble methods. There are a number of weaknesses and a number of concerns that are issues and harmful to the business of the organisation. The NGO has its domains spread in the devolved nations only. The underdeveloped and the developing nations are the centres where the noble services of the NGO are the most required (King, 2020). There are no branches or parts of the organisation in these communities where the needs of the services of welfare are highly needed. The organisation has a variety of services for children and aged people but there is no specific kind of help for the women and the children who have faced abuse. This lack of business approach has caused the NGO to lose the trust and support of the community. There has been a threat of ransomware for the organisation which has caused a considerable sum of money to be ransomed to the scammers and also caused the loss of essential data. Such a malicious cyber-attack causes the NGO to lose its hold on 17 GB of data.

Data-Driven Approach

The organisation has lost around 17GB of data in the hands of ransomware scammers because of the malicious cyber scams. The data-driven approach which is to be preferred in this stage is to identify the data that were lost from the organisation. The concerns of these ransomware attacks can be dealt with in an efficient manner with the help of a number of ways. The use of data backups should be done on a regular basis so the data can be kept at an alternative location to prevent the loss of essential data. This also prevents the exchange of finances in the form of crypto (McKail, 2022). The use of efficient systems is to be done, the software which is used in the organisation to communicate is to be updated and systems with efficient access grant options should be used. Access to essential data should be limited so that no editing can be done by other people which protects the loss of data. The data are to be encrypted and should be stored in private cloud-based databases. The databases should be using efficient firewalls to prevent any attacks on the data and this can help the growth of the business of the organisation.


The data collection of the organisation is done in a number of ethical manners. The organisation has the data of the needy and the poverty-struck community of Sydney. The privacy of the data is maintained, the quality of the data is kept private and the data of these records are stored in the databases with proper permissions from the people (Williams, 2020). The awareness of the organisation is being maintained in front of the community from where the data are being collected. The data are not interpreted in any manner to prevent anomalous insights of information. The demands and needs of the community are to be analysed from the data trends and actions are taken according to that.


The non-governmental organisation, Anglicare is being analysed which is situated in Sydney, Australia. The business models that are being used for the development of the community are evaluated in this assignment. The issues that are being faced are also being evaluated and the possible solutions that can be advantageous for the organisation are proposed. The data-driven approaches that can be taken and the values added by the data-driven approaches on the business of the organisation are also stated. The different approaches that are being taken by the organisation to serve the community are analysed and the ethics followed by the organisation to collect the data are also evaluated.



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