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People in Organization Assignment Sample

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A good working practice is the major asset of a company that can create a huge profit collection and turnover for a company. Workplace practices have a huge influence on the workforce as it is the main criteria for the development of a particular organization. In case of a little bit fluctuation in the people, management and behaviour of the employees in the workforce can be a great menace to the entire growth and development of the company. Working practices of a company integrate good communication policies, communication procedures, teamwork practices, leadership practices, monitoring, and support structures of the company. By maintaining a good communication system in the company helps the employees build trust and motivation to work which is a great thing for the development of the company.

Communication practices 

Good and effective communication in the workplace has a significant role in running an effective and successful business organization. An effective communication system in the workplace can help build the trust of the employees that directly helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the employees. It also helps in increasing the understanding power of the employees as they get an allocation of different tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the employees according to their merit and capabilities. A healthy communication system among the employees, managers and clients can also create a good employee relationship that is also important for increasing the productivity rate of the employees leading to an increase in employee engagement and employee retention (Kang and Sung, 2017).

The importance of communication systems in an organization cannot be ignored. There are various processes an organization uses for building a robust communication system. Verbal and non-verbal modes of communication systems are used in an organization, for example, video calls and audio calls, etc. As per Prabavathi and Nagasubramani, (2018), the most common mode of business communication is written communication by using electronic tools, for example, emails, messages, letters, etc. Hand-held messaging devices, cell phones, laptops, computers are used in the form of communication techniques to spread information from one employee to another. Social media communications by using WhatsApp, Skype, Duo, are also widely used for developing a good workforce. The communication policy of an organization interprets that the employees can communicate with the other employees or managers at any time freely to get the necessary information. A meaningful and necessary communication system is required for an organization to improve the productivity rate of the employees. For example, Tesco, one of the largest retailing companies in the UK has created a good communication-based workforce where the employees and managers can easily communicate with one another within and without the organization. 

Communication Regulation Act, Employee Contract Law, Employment Relation Act 1996, Company Act 2006, Health and Safety Regulation 1996 all are the major communication legislation that is followed in an organization to build a better communication system in the organization. The communication acts of the organization help improve the communication systems of the company by providing the employee's opportunity to interact with the other employees and managers and get the relevant and necessary information, health and safety-related information, and support.  As per Information and Consultation of Employee Regulation 2004, the employees get the right to be informed and are provided with all the important information to get connected and informed about health, safety, occupation-related all the information which is the main asset of building a good and healthy communication system in the organization (Cullinane et al., 2017).

The communication system influences the organizational structure. As defined by Radovic Markovic and Salamzadeh, (2018), when the organization is weak and unstable, the flow of information gets distracted and it thereby obstructs the growth of the company. When the organization has robust communication and a good flow of information within the workforce, the organization gets flourished and stable, it also gets developed gradually. A large company has a large workforce, more operations, and numerous employees who are needed to be informed and connected regularly at the right time. Therefore, good coordination among the management department and the employees is required to improve the structure of the organization. On the contrary, a small company has to maintain a limited workforce therefore, the small company needs to coordinate with a limited employee which is less time-consuming. Thereby, the structure of the company has a huge impact on the communication systems of the company. For example, Walmart has a hierarchical and function-based workforce and the company also has a huge function to operate, therefore, the company needs good communication systems for coordinating all the employees, and staff.

Technological advancement has brought a tremendous change in the communication system. With the introduction of the internet, the communication process in an organization has become much swift. Therefore, the flow of information and chances of connecting with the employees has also become easy. The managers can organize a virtual meeting, face to face meeting at any time with the help of internet and networking apps or software.  New digital software technical tools and systems for example social media, the introduction of various apps like zoom, Google meet, skype, etc, employee relationship management, and communication system have been highly benefited (Stadter, 2018).  The employees of the organization can communicate with other employees and the managers at any time and at any place. And also the real-time reporting through smart devices has become easy.


According to Khan and Mashikhi, (2017), it is a very significant role in organizational work productivity and the growth and development of the organization. Help in fostering creativity and knowledge among employees and also his inflow of different and various information within the workforce. Images to get flourished. When an employee works in a team it helps in thriving creativity, sharing of knowledge, and productivity by brainstorming different ideas. Teamwork also helps in maximizing the sharing of knowledge in the workplace and helps the employees to develop skills and productivity for the development and growth of an organization. Working together in a workplace or a project can also help them rise in building their strengths talents. The individual team members rely on each other when working in a team that helps in fostering and printing complementary strengths of one another and this is how our organization develops. 

Teams might fail in attaining their goals and objectives. The main reason for failing to meet the objective of the girl is a lack of coordination and a gap of communication among the team members. Due to lack of communication and lack of confidence employees and not connected communicate with one another and there remains a gap in the flow of information. It creates confusion and unnecessary conflicts among the team members. A team may also fail to meet its objectives and goals due to a lack of visibility in the objectives. When the team members are not clearly aware of their tasks and activities, the direction of work does not match the strategy and it thereby leads to a failure of meeting the objectives. 

 “An evaluation of the impact of leadership styles on teamwork (AC 2M1)”

The role of leadership and also teamwork is inevitable. The leaders have the ability to understand the individual talents and abilities of the team members and thereby allocate the different activities and tasks to the individual employees or the team member as per their capability. In an organization, the managers form a team that can work efficiently and willingly to attain the desired results. Effective teamwork and team performance come from effective leadership. Leaders set different goals and also create strategies for attaining the goals and objectives. Moreover, the leaders also create, develop and also structure the team with efficient and skilled members for achieving the goals of the team. The leaders also have a responsibility of increasing the efficiency and productivity of the employees and the team members by generating sharing and flow of information and knowledge among the team members (Giudici and Filimonau, 2019).

Teamwork has a great role to play in an organization. Tesco tries to maintain a good workplace by forming an efficient team full of skilled and adroit employees. It helps in sharing different ideas among one another that is very crucial for the employees to improve their productivity and chances of innovation. 

Remote working 

As per Felstead and Henseke, (2017), Remote working has become a very common thing, especially after the Covid pandemic situation. The workers work from a remote distance to maintain the work-life balance. Remote work needs a good team and a robust communication system among the team members because it is totally dependent of the communication systems. Some people work from home for several days or a week. They use Microsoft office to regularly connect to the team members. They stay far away from the office and the only mode of communication for them is the internet. Night owls are the people who work in a long stretch and uninterrupted time especially in the evening and night to avoid a busy workplace and to get the work to be quickly done. Microsoft teams help them get in touch with their colleagues and business partners. It also helps them in keeping records, sharing information with their co-workers. They also depend on the internet, tools like SharePoint and one drive for keeping their early cause and exercising their files, information and data whenever they require.

For operating remote work various companies found to work with common working practices starting from creating communication systems to operating meetings. All the companies use a robust internet connection for communicating with the clients and employees and providing them with relevant information and data. 

Amazon uses different technically advanced level software and apps like zoom, Google meet etc. to call for a meeting and discuss the entire project of the organization with the employees while working remotely. From that Microsoft office OneDrive, cloud computing systems are also used for keeping variable records and information and data to be secured and safe (Wang et al., 2021). 

Like Amazon, Adobe also operates remote work facilities and for that, the company also uses Microsoft, Google Meet, Skype, and other technology-based devices to communicate with the employees. The company also provides flexibility to the employees to increase their motivation to work (Bloom, Davis and Zhestkova, 2021).

Leaders play a very vital and crucial role in an organization by motivating the team members and employees to enhance their talents, abilities and help an organization develop and grow. Leaders use their skills and communication to attain the objectives. The leadership styles that are relevant for the remote workers include:

Transformative leadership

The transformative leaders direct the entire team and the organization with a purpose and goal. They set the goals of organizations and try to bring positive change. They also inspire the team members to work and create trust, motivation, productivity, and innovation among the team members. By continuously communicating with the team members through virtual medium apps and communication systems they try to provide all the necessary information and support to the remote workers to achieve the desired goals and objectives (Choi, Kim and Kang, 2017). 

Situational leadership

Situation leaders try to adjust to the emerging requirements of the employees and team members and the procedures. The leaders have the responsibility to support the team members and the individual to meet the different problems found in virtual or in a new work environment. They also try to create a bridge of generating communication systems for providing them flexibility in the workplace (Lynch et al., 2018).

Support and monitoring structures 

The Human Resource department has the responsibility to monitor the employees and people within the workplace. By implementing effective training and educational programs for the employees the human resource managers try to improve the skills and knowledge of the employees. Human resource managers monitor the employees by understanding their needs and requirements and by providing them efficient and enough accessories to meet their needs. 

As stated by Papa et al., (2018), human resource managers use qualitative and quantitative indicators to monitor the employees and evaluate and estimate their performance. Managers use unstructured narrative or description in terms of qualitative indicators of the entire outcomes of the employees for monitoring their personality performance and behavior. Using job goal setting the human resource managers also monitor the performance, productivity and behavior of the employees. By analysing the feedback of the employees the managers also highlight the social performance of the employees to monitor their progress. Human resource managers also provide great support to the employees by understanding their needs and requirements with the help of generating feedback systems and identifying the employee performance.

Legislation has an influence on employee relations because it gives the right to the employees to get all the safety, protection, security from the organization that helps in building a robust employee relationship with the managers in the organization. 

According to the legislation of Equal pay act of 1970 and Equality act of 2010, the giant retail company Tesco provides equal compensation and payment to the workers of the company that has enabled the company to maintain a good employee relationship in the organization (Fadeyi, 2020).  

The Health and Safety legislation Act provides sufficient support to the employees of the organization to maintain their health, different occupational hazards, and safety and security in the workplace (Pilusa, and Mogotlane, 2018). Amazon provides all the necessary information regarding the occupational hazards to the employees to maintain and the employee relations. Different health policies, insurance, and safety protocols are also maintained in the company to protect the employees.

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