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Mental Wealth: Professional Exchange And Applied Research Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Mental Wealth: Professional Exchange And Applied Research 

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As a manager of a hotel, I have to work for 20 hours a day. This working timing is not accurate and it's bad for an individual's health. The placement that has been given by the university authorities where I have completed my course. As per the view of Deslandes et al. (2018), the recruiting process started in the initial days of the last year of college when potential employees are hired by the hotel professionals and the existing employees were retained. The onboarding process is used to select new employees that can serve the hotel business to an extent.


The job role was very hectic as I have to work continuously for days and there was no rest the whole time. The stated job is connected with my interest and skills. Skills and knowledge that are required to get the job were taught at the educational level. The job assurance and the mode of the job are offline where the shifts are operated and I have to manage the hotel. As per the author Lenihan et al. (2020), hotel management is a tough process where the employees have to deal with guests of different cultures and different states. Therefore, the employees who were selected are reviewed upon the existing skills and experience. In the initial days, I also worked in a cafe where I have to deal with many people as a part-time earner. 

2) Preparation

Learning Experience: How did you prepare for the placement

The placement preparation programme for getting a job in a hotel group is dependent on the hotel group. As stated by Liu et al. (2019), the placement process involves three parts which are “planning, recruitment, and employee selection”. These three aspects define the whole process that capable candidates need to go through. There are five ways to keep in mind while going for an interview or to be in the placement scenario that I also followed while going through the selection process.

  • Wearing formal dress
  • Speck or convey the message through body language
  • Good communication skills
  • Keep and organise all the valid documents
  • Basic bits of knowledge regarding the outer world.

Positive implications

All things go well in the interview round where the qualification matches the job requirements. The skills are used for making the eligible proposals, and the dress was also attractive for the formal organistions (Lucaset al. 2019). My speaking skill was so good, that I was confident throughout the selection process. 

Negative implications

The required positions were filling quickly though which I got nervous and my whole presentation got changed. I felt nervous and start speaking a few things which were out of context.

Achievement and learning outcomes from the placement process

Aptitude test has increased the general knowledge by learning new and different things that are out of the stated syllabus. The feedback of the counsellors for improving the weaknesses. It incurs more confidence in the individual as the feedbacks are positive in nature (Mantzourani et al. 2019). This felt very nervous while facing the authority during the interview process. At the same time, the individual mind was confident enough to deal with the challenges that the panel must throw on me. the preparation and the kills and most of the important thing was my experience has helped to perceive the placement offer.


As the abovementioned point described that the plan that I made was totally worth getting the job offer. The personal development plan has restored the value where my plan and process to implement it have shown remarkable n positive changes.

3) Placement Hours (Placement Completion)


The company opens the under-hospitability industry and operated in the country UK. The name of the organisation is the “Grand Hotel Scarborough” (Wallace 2019). It provides hotels and restaurant facilities to the public and offers various plans for meetings and destination events. It has more than 600 staff who manage the services in the hotel.


Everything the panel asked, tried to answer all the questions very confidently. My negative impact was nervousness and I answered a few questions which were out of context. After this, the direct talk with the counsellors made it very clear by telling the truth that getting nervous during the questions answer round. Straightforward behaviour has provided the confidence to get the job and pursue it with full strength (Wilson and Huynh 2019). The first week was good learned a lot of things from the seniors, and saw different aspects of treating guests. From the working segment, I think I got positive remarks or feedback from the observers and seniors. It is exciting to gain more Knowledge related to my niche. At the same time, it was a nervous phase to hold the responsibility of treating the customers and guests.


Lots of experience and skills are learned with practical assumptions. A managerial position is been provided after the training session. As per the placement, the strategies that were planned must contain a few additional elements where it should show more insights than the clear communication process. It just added clear responses regarding the subject which is missed during the selection process (Atkinson et al. 2020). The confidence level was not much at the time of selection. A good environment must be helpful during the placement, as it makes the surroundings positive and effective for the candidates. There are a lot of things that have helped for the placement programs such as training sessions, books, pieces of information, the internet and news articles. In order to get more support after the placement, it can be beneficial to go to the authorities if there are any issues. 


The action plan for getting the personal development aspects is to overcome the issue and weaknesses that are present in an individual. In my opinion, I need to assess my weaknesses first then I will do a few courses and training sessions to mitigate the issues. With continuous workflow, I can increase my confidence level. I should go or try new things that enhance the vision to achieve a good placement process. Next time to get more out of placement I will excite a more effective plan.


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