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Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Assessment

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Introduction: Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

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Assessment 1

Question 1

The company's internal information source that can be helpful for the sustainability improvements can be the supervisors of the company, the sustainability report of the company and the meeting of the company (Jain and D'lima 2018). The internal source can be used to develop the sustainability development by encouraging and by enhancing the base of the resources that can be implemented to develop the internal growth of the organization. The external source for sustainability development can be the sources which are the supply chain partners and the association that are professional. The external source for sustainability development of a company used to develop by associating the company for the mutual benefits and by establishing the relationship of the business (Wijethilake and Lama 2019). This method can help to maintain relations with the partners of the supply chain to enhance the quality of the services that the company is providing.

Question 2

The purpose and scope of Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation is to cover the approvals and the assessment of the environment, to protect and integrate management of cultural places (Driscoll et al. 2018). The scope is to recognize the indigenous people's role for the conservation and use in Australia's biodiversity. A business can be modified with this legislation by leading off trade in order to improve the environment for the development and to make revolutionary changes.

Question 3

The purpose and scope of the National Greenhouse and energy reporting scheme is to reduce the emission of Australia’s Greenhouse gas by providing the framework to publish the information of the company, the production and consumption of energy (Choi et al. 2021). The business can modify their business practices by investing in equipment and green energy by which the company can reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

Question 4

The Australian packaging Covenant is an agreement among the companies in the level of government and supply chain of the company (Ballard 2018). This helps to reduce the environmental impact of packaging consumers. This way affects the company by putting high priority on minimizing and avoiding waste. This also affects the company by preserving, market distributing and by the branding of the goods.

Question 5

The Australian Ecolabel Program is a guiding principle that requires the specification of environmental labeling in order to include the criteria which are easy to verify, and are also reasonable (Kohne 2019). This affects the company by providing the suppliers additional incentives by which it will help the company to reduce the impacts of the environment where the products have been sold.

Question 6

The four environmental and sustainability measurement that a company can establish for benchmark are;

  • The company can link their organizational sustainability and the profit (Mura et al. 2018).
  • By creating sustainability goals that are based on the targets which are based on science.
  • By creating a partnership strategy which will help to identify and recognize the supply needs of the stakeholders.
  • Environmental sustainability can also establish benchmark building and green building certification.

Question 7

The sustainability approaches are the method of choosing the products of offices that are recognized from green certification, and leasing the equipment for the needs that are temporary instead of purchasing those equipment (Lennox et al. 2018). The three purchasing approaches that are contributed to the sustainability work practices are;

  • By stimulating the market demand of the greener products
  • By improving the health and safety of the workers.
  • By helping the business to meet their environmental goals.

Question 8

The supply chain considerations are the management that are involved in integrating the financial and environmental practices into the supply chain lifecycle (de Hooge et al. 2018). This chain includes from the designing of product and for their development up to the selection of materials. The supply chain consideration that can be contributed to sustainable work practices by innovating the design of products and their packaging. The practice can also contribute by adapting the models of circular economy.

Question 9

Companies can use sustainability indicators to measure the assurance of the quality by evaluating the company’s sustainability. The company should evaluate its sustainability by looking into the position of the issues that are within their key areas. Those areas are, governance, environment and the social areas. The company can make a strategy for tracking the global issues that are child labor, corruption and disparity of salary, justice and for equality. The company can measure sustainability by assessing the performance of environmental, social and economic principles.

Assessment 2

Question 1

The company’s sustainability obligations refer to doing the business without any negative impact on the environment, society or the community as a whole. The company can meet its sustainability obligations by innovating and repairing the social trust. The company can also meet its obligation by improving them and being more accountable.

Purpose and current organizational sustainability practices of Blue Heeler

The purpose of Blue Healer is to create products that help to improve the quality of life and people’s wellness. The current organizational practices of Blue Healer are to set a plan for the business for a specified year and to align it with the organization statement strategies. The organizational performance is to communicate the performance and the objectives of every position of the organizations.

Environmental organization of the organization

The environmental regulation of Blue Healer is to attempt the regulations to protect the health of the public and to prevent pollution of the environment by development.

The Blue Healer will take the procedures that will assess to comply with the sustainability regulations are;

  • by ensuring a proper communication, by coordinating with the professionals,
  • By checking the equipment of the company and by focusing the risk management of the company.
  • The Blue Healer’s resource and environmental efficiency that can be beneficial for the company are by conducting the assessment for waste.
  • Another procedure is by improving the management of inventory and the storage.
  • Another procedure that Blur Healer can apply is by conserving water and energy.

The benchmark for environmental and resource sustainability of Blue Heeler

  • To craft sustainability goals that are science based.
  • Crafting the strategy of partnership is to identify the needs of the stakeholders of the supply chain.
  • Another benchmark of Blue Heeler is to make a commitment of the employee's wellbeing in a strategic plan.

Common environment and energy efficiency issue

The three common issues of Blue Healer include the change in climate, water pollution and air pollution. These are the problems that operate in the Blue Heeler organization.

Current resource usage

The current resource usage of the organization is the measurement of the choice of consumption of the resource in the energy and matter.

Ways to reduce the environmental impact

The way by which the environmental impact can be reduced are;

  • By skipping the items that are disposal,
  • To have the idea that what should be recycled, and
  • By reducing the use of paper.

Way that will improve the purchasing strategy

The way by which Blue Healer can improve the purchasing strategy is the method of vendor development and by building the employers skills.

Costing strategy of the company

The costing strategy of Blue Healer is by high and low pricing, bundle pricing. This is the strategy that is used to establish the best price of the product.

Possible strategy to ensure resource strategy

The possible strategy that can be implemented to realize the management of the resources in the process of the organization is to develop continuous culture of appraisal.

Efficiency targets for the team members

The targets for the team are to diversify and to lead them with gratitude and by sharing the important operations of the organization with the team members.

Question 2


Subject: Meeting date and time

Respected Sir,

I am the senior manager of the Blue Heeler Company. The project that has been given to our team has been completed. This is the time where you should come and schedule our meeting regarding this project work and for the upcoming project. I request you to set a proper time, date and place for the meeting as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

Senior manager

Blue Heeler

Question 3

The sustainability improvement report is the reports that discloses and communicate with the social, environment and the governance goals. The company's sustainability strategies are to know about the needs of the consumer and make a social trust with the consumer.

Senior Manager: The project strategy is to make a social trust of the consumers and also we need to meet with the needs of the consumers in order to make a supply chain of the organization.

Vice President: How to meet and understand the needs?

Senior Manager: By seeking the feedback from them.

Project manager: What should we add to make the project more applicable?

Senior Manager: We can focus on the needs and by the help of the stakeholders the project can be more valuable.

Managing directors: What will be the possible way of the project?

Senior Manager: The way by being more knowledgeable and making a good leadership.

Sales directors: What will be the way of promoting the sale?

Senior manager: By the process of giving the competitions and also by giving free demo of the products.

Customer: Who will perform in this part?

Senior manager: Every individual will take part in the project and they all will have their work according to the project.

Question 4

The document is based on the project of the organization where every individual has to perform the task according to their department. The feedback that the senior manager has received from every management of the organization is differ. Mainly the feedbackafter the organization is good. Every people has understood about the project and has given their positive feedback for the project.

Question 5

The company’s sustainability policy and the procedures are little different according to the strategies of the company. The changes are basically based on the policy and the procedures of the organization project.

Question 6


Subject: Feedback of the meeting


This is information about the feedback that has been received during the meeting and to implement what to implement the basic needs for the project. The report is based on the improvement sustainability and the procedure of the project. The feedback that has been received from the consumers is really appreciable for every individual of the organization. The development for the project sustainability has been improved.

Thanks & regards,

Senior manager

Blue Healer

Question 7


Subject: seeking sustainability improvement report


This is an email regarding the sustainability report of the organization to make the improvement that has been made for the changes of the organization. The company have to makesome improvement for the project. The organization has also made the changes and looking for more changes to make in the project. So you are requested to have a look on the project and send the feedback for the project.

Thanks & Regards,

Senior Manager

Blue Healer

Assessment 3

Question 1

The techniques that can be made to determine improvements for the current practices by analyzing the flow chart, by the control chart and the effect diagram. The process involves improvement of the tools by assuming the possible methods such as renewable energy climate change and GHG emissions. The potential environmental development is the social, economic and the environmental as a responsibility for the communities and business.

Question 2

Company’s Sustainability Policy and Procedures

  • Development and protection of resources
  • Enable to meet with the current needs and providing the need for future generations.

The policy and the procedure of the organization are to develop and make protection of the resources. This also helps to meet with the needs for future.

Changes made to the Sustainability Policy and Procedures

  • By saving the energy.
  • Recycle and reuse of the products.

The company can made changes to the policy and the process of recycling the products of the organization.

Summary of Sustainability Improvement Report

  • The disclosure and communication environment
  • Goal of Social and governance

The summary includes with the disclosure and the communication of the report and also by implementing the social goals for the progress of the company.

A summary of the inspection

  • Organizing a chart
  • Making a strategic planning

The process of inspection is to make a chart and also by implementing the project of the organization.

Question 3


Subject: context of the project

Respected sir,

The company has done a project regarding the attachment and the summarizing the project description. This is to request you to schedule a date, time and the place for the meeting. This will help the organization to work better and also to enhance the attachment of the project organization.

Thanks and Regards,

Senior manager

Blue Heller

Question 4

This report has been made to evaluate the presentation that will indicate the team and the members of the organization. The presentation will help everyone to identify the changes required to be made for making sustainable policy and procedures.

Question 5

  • Quality assurance s required to be focused on by the company in order to improve the quality of products and communicate the performance
  • Renewable resource usage s required to be used and developing low pricing strategy for cost

Assessment 4

Question 1

It is analysed that the quality assurance audit was predetermined to be $2415 a year n case of energy bill however the target was not achieved n the next six months while after one year t was analysed to be $1800. This shows that the target was achieved after one year. On the other hand greenhouse emissions were not achieved as it reduced from 14.3 tonnes in six months to 10.2 tonnes in a year.

Thus it is recommended that green purchasing and transport policy must be acquired to reduce electric consumption and develop sustainably. 

Question 2




This is to convey you that it is necessary to develop green purchasing and transport policy in order to achieve the greenhouse emissions target. Thus an energy audit is required to be proceeded which can help to achieve the annual energy bill and control greenhouse emission as these could help in developing sustainable initiatives and awareness. Further it is needed to develop halogen downlights and transformers which are energy efficient and convert electricity from coal by connecting to natural gas.

Question 3


This is to inform you all that implementing a system relating to renewable sources would allow everyone to get $200 per year as a reward to achieve sustainably target. Further half of the reward will be provided to everyone as a reward to achieve energy bill target however greenhouse emissions were not achieved so the overall reward is not provided with a value of $ 100 per year. Further achieving such target could help everyone to get a reward of $200 n the next year.


Ballard, S., 2018. Sales and marketing: Exploring new and innovative approaches to improve sustainable packaging in the wine industry. Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker, (659), pp.78-79.

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