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HR Analytics Assignment Sample

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Introduction : HR Analytics Assignment

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The overall report will deal with the strategies and patterns that will be helpful for the development of the organisation by various HR strategies. The HR decision making powers will be improved and they will be able to take prudent decisions in respect of the organisation. Various recommendations will be provided for improving the HR pay to make decisions about the interior of the company. It plays a vital role for analysing and understanding the data of the HR that comes judgement and decision for the company and its employees. Techniques are used for approaching and managing the people to process with the company. Additionally, the report will highlight the findings in which they depict the marketing style. Various key sections will be included in the project to provide the reader with the various information about the sections and the process that is followed to make the report. These data consist of the minimum as well as the maximum data for improving the performance of the company. The number includes the employee that is helpful in understanding the real position for the business and also gives brilliant ideas for the employees to improve when enhancing its work and make the work culture existing and say for the new employees.

The HR role is the vital role that is assigned with the duties of talent hunting with the better employees to work with. The employees that are hired are in such a way that provides training and development for improving the workplace safety. Moreover, it manages all the complaints and provides better training to the employees for gaining success in future with the provided training. Additionally this also the pics that name and female both should be working for the organisation to make the women independent and to make the company more efficient towards achieving its goal. The variances and the standard deviations are also explained here to depict about the organisation and also to modify the business. Monitoring of the data more efficiently and accurately is always helpful to the HR to maintain the organisation and to make the existing employees more powerful with the HR process. Professional has a title role for ensuring the diversity for delivery of fair information in the existing company for making the commitment with the employees. That is considered to pick the factor that helps the organisation to get interested with the test employees who highest biscuits and talented persons for achieving the best outcomes for the organisation.


Standard deviation

The employees need to be treated well and need to be satisfied with all their needs as they will make profit by making products according to the needs of the customers. The findings discuss gender, ethnicity, age, performance as well as the salary. The standard deviation has been considered by measuring the minimum and maximum value considering the gender that is 0, ethnicity 0 as well as the salary and performance is 1. The maximum value is considered as 1 for gender and ethnicity. It was 5 and 3 for performance and salary as well (Krakoueret al, 2021). Moreover, the gender bias has affected the equality at the workplace where it has shown the major employees making the right judgement for hiring decisions. The major effect has been shown in the gender where it has declared the inequalities for the gender skills and capability of the main as well as a woman in the existing society.


The above shown graph has measured the correlation regarding the gender, ethnicity, age, performance and salary. It has discussed the gender that is one ethnicity that is 0.3 age that is 0.33. bas basically shows the performance and salary (Krakoueret al, 2021). The correlation has measured the male employee to be 24 and female employee to be 26. The role of the HR here shows the minimum age that is 12 and maximum is that is 65. Age is also a major bias for the company. This is because the younger age is considered to be good as they are more knowledgeable and have skills whereas the employees that have more are considered to be working with less skills and knowledge

The part has highlighted the importance of the HR role. The role of the HR has been discussed which shows the various implementations of new strategies for the business that will help the business to think more about the employees to get and generate better productivity. This also highlighted importance for the sustainability of business by practising various strategies and models for the growth of the business and future. The employees have been calculated in numbers which understand the position in the business and can also provide the better ideas for running the organisation. These days the customers are more curious regarding the sustainability products and services. This is the major function of the HR to look for the needs of the employees for getting better product activity in the organisation.



The discussion part will focus on the HR role for the management in the business. This will also shed light on the appropriate quality of services that are provided by the HR in favour of the employees to enhance their skills and performance. Moreover, this will highlight the correlations of the performance with the age gender minority. Additionally, this will also stay the correlation between the salary and gender and age and ethnicity.

Discussion on performance and gender

Relating to the performance and gender, the gender is seen to be 0.52 in correlation with 3.36. The minimum value for gender is calculated as 0 and 1 whereas for performance it is calculated as 1 and 5. This is the result for the standard deviation calculation. For correlation the gender is calculated as one and the performance calculated as 0.5. This is the minimum and maximum value that is calculated which shows that the relation between performance and gender is measured to be favourable.

Discussion on Performance and age

The performance and age discuss the minimum and maximum value for which the age is 12 and the performance is 1. On the other hand, the maximum value in this standard deviation was calculated 65 for age and 5 performances. The salary is calculated as three where the minimum and maximum value differs. The employees have been calculated in numbers which understand the position in the business and can also provide the better ideas for running the organisation. HR should focus on improving the quality of work to improve the productivity of the organisation.

Discussion on Performance and ethnic minority

The relation between ethnicity and performance has the important part that includes a factor for the performance of the employee of the association. This implies that the individuals are different and also States the measurement for performance as 0 as the minimum value for ethnicity and 1 as a minimum value for performance. Moreover, this is States that one is the maximum value for ethnicity and pie is the maximum value for performance. This is the measurement for the standard deviation.

Discussion on Salary and gender

The standard deviation has been calculated to salary and gender shows that these under average of 0.52 where the salary provided to them according to the centre basis is 1.78. is basically said that the minimum value is 0 for gender and salary it is 1. Maximum value that has been calculated for standard deviation for gender is one where the salary has been calculated as 3. According to the calculation the male employees that have been in the company are 24 where the female employees that have been calculated are 26. This shows that there is a positive relationship between gender and salary.

Discussion on Age and ethnicity

The age and ethnicity have the relation that shows that it is complex when the culture and ethnicity are involved especially in the workplace. This basically defines the modified presence that helps in spending the time outside for developing those gaps. The city and age have been calculated in the standard deviation as one for the maximum value of ethnicity and 65 for age (Rockinsonet al, 2021). Moreover, for minimum value the age has been calculated as 12 and 0 for ethnicity. This is state that it is considered to be modified and the traditions has been contributed for the identification of the group that shows that it is necessarily genetic.


The salary is calculated as three where the minimum and maximum value differs. For correlation the gender is calculated as one and the performance calculated as 0.5. Gender bias has affected equality at the workplace where it has shown the major employees making the right judgement for hiring decisions.

Future investigation

The ethical consideration provides the best social norms as well as the customs in favour of the appropriate data that is being used. In the HR analytics the major issue that is based on the employees are the disclosing of the sensitive data that can be considered accurate and appropriate for understanding the data security of the company. Moreover, this also helps in understanding these strategic objectives which underlie the data analysis that surface. Ethical considerations in HR are the issue of privacy, disability, gender and also just recruitment policy. The data that is provided health ethical issues for the company that is in gender.

The centre issue is the most common issue because this is considered to be unequal pay and also can be a major problem for the women to get promoted less than a man. Gender inequality is one of the major issues that can be considered by the HR to help the existing employees of the company. HR can establish a fair and transparent HR policy in which it can include all the senior rules for achieving and reducing the bias (Kwon et al, 2021). This can engage with the local communities to adopt with the company and community. Basically, it also provides help with the sustainability for a long-term shareholder without an insurance community that already existing the gentle issue and equality can be led by the HR by providing them a friendly work please with the balance of the work and the obligation of the family. Moreover, the culture also includes sponsorship and the mental ship that can help the HR for reducing the inequality that is faced by the gender in the company.

Ethical consideration

The data that has been collected shows the results for maintaining the certain strategies that had been required for keeping the ethics in all aspects. Moreover, the HR Road has played an important role in finding the relationship between gender and age and also ethnicity and performance. Professional has a title role for ensuring the diversity for delivery of fair information in the existing company for making the commitment with the employees. Basically, deals with the average performance that indicates the performers which lies and is neither between the satisfaction and the dissatisfactory section. This helps define the relationship that helps in getting the variables to provide the inside for the current organisation.

This will also introduce the discussion that is taken by measuring various gender participants' age and performance of the candidates that is the major role in the company which describes the embracing and diverse force attracting more skill than trained employees. This is important and helps to achieve the target of the companies (Zhao et al, 2021). Moreover, the general role States the gap that is perceived. It says the human capital factors that basically highlights the male and female employees for managing factors like the human capital and the education factors. The HR role is the vital role that is assigned with the duties of talent hunting with the better employees to work with. There is a difference and diversity are also treated for the acquisition which is not acceptable and also determines the value for the diversity by generating negative insight on the organisation.


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