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Final Report On: Project Management Capstone Assignment Sample

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This final report is based on the findings and outcomes of agile project governance regarding project management Capstone. Through this project how the project is delivered and what can be learned during this process will be provided. This final report will cover the specific theories and frameworks which have been applied within the previous studies. Within the final report, lessons learned and what benefit can be obtained through the capstone project experience. This report will cover what was successful and less successful for the progress of the project. The professional areas of benefit from the experience of this project will be provided within this final report. Through this final report, a communication matrix will be provided so that the importance of effective communication for the progress of the project. Effective communication relevant to project management practices will be provided in this final report. In this final report, a research matrix will be provided.


Knowledge and understanding of Project Management theory and praxis

Agile project governance is an approach to project management that promotes flexibility and adaptability to changes in objectives and scope over a set timeline and plan. This method in project management has gained popularity in agile project environments due to the fact that it facilitates greater participation from employees, more rapid decision-making, and a more continuous process of development. The idea of the "agile triangle" is at the core of agile project governance. The three primary elements of this are time, cost, and scope (Abulnaga, 2019). Each triangle element is taken care of independently, and the entire endeavor is run according to their demands. This suggests that the project's scope, timetable, and expenses can be modified to accommodate changes or fulfill the requirements of the stakeholders.

Agile project governance additionally relies on a set of guiding principles. These include the concepts of collaboration, transparency, and flexibility. To make sure that every employee is involved in the execution of the endeavor and that their points of view are taken into consideration. This collaboration is essential. All stakeholders will be notified of the project's current state and direction due to accessibility. The project is able to adjust to changes in scope, timing, and cost because of its adaptability.

A project leader is also in the position of overseeing the project while making sure that its objectives were fulfilled. Setting the project's objectives, managing all parties involved, and assuring its on-time and affordable execution are all duties of the project leader (Attallah, Jones, & RA, 2020). Conducting the project some risks also have been identified that need the attention of the supervisor. As a form of project management, agile project governance focuses on adaptability and reactivity. It is run by a project leader and depends on the ideas of cooperation, openness, and adaptability. It also contains a variety of tools and methods to aid with project management. Because of this, managing projects in agile project settings using it is successful and efficient.

Learning from the journey of the Capstone Project

Through this project, it has been learned that in this project there are time constraints, financial risks, and benefits to handling concerns about the manager's exceeding endurance norms, the supervisor's essential handling of risks, and the advantages of delivery and implementation. The project manager has to cope with setbacks in the task's scope because of under- or spending when the supervisor oversees the process (Chandrachooodan, Radhika, & Palappan, 2023). Management has to take care of various risk issues and threats for advantages that have been assessed. To fulfill expectations and reduce the risk and take advantage of the advantages, every aspect must be on schedule and remain on track.

Relevant information regarding key matters of this project has been found which especially required the strong attention of the supervisors. It has been learned that various issues have a strong association with the manager. For this reason, the agile team has to be worked cooperatively to mitigate the key concerns of this project. It has been learn this project has issues regarding resources, budgets, and timelines. The key concern regarding the overburdening of the work and lack of communication also have been noticed within this project (Fareed, & Su, 2022). For mitigation of the key issues, the actions of the project team are quite impressive and it helps to learn about how to take proper actions timely to solve these kinds of key concerns appropriately. This project help to learn about the effective activity regarding delivering support and training to the employees which is very important for enhancing the knowledge and skill of the employee. This training provided knowledge on how to stay updated and how to provide a positive work environment.

Learning from the project

Figure 1: Learning from the project

(Source: Self-created in MS Word)

Through this, it has been learned how to motivate the employees and to enhance the performance of the employees of the project. This project assists to learn about how to recognize the barriers and follow vital actions to mitigate those. This project provides appropriate knowledge on the development of a governance framework (GAN, Ouh, & Lee, 2020). From this framework, it has been learned how decisions should be taken, how the project should be conducted, and what guidelines and practices should be pursued. Further, this project provides relevant information on how to address any disputes of interest and sustain fairness and vulnerability. Through this project, it has been found that a solid governance system is required within the project so that unambiguous instructions and guarantees can be proposed which is necessary for conducting the project responsibly and successfully.

Evaluation of information selected to support the research or employer-based project

Effective understanding of the findings of the Research project

For evaluating the findings of the project, weekly report, overall status, overview of milestones, review of project activity, and summary of risk have been analyzed.  The request regarding project change has been also evaluated. The weekly report of the project provides detailed information regarding the activities on a weekly basis. From this report, it has been found that team building is the most important part of this project and it helps to complete the project timely. Guidelines are also important for the team members so that they can be capable of enhancing their skills. The measurements of the performance of the team members are also necessary so that the base deadline and actual deadline of the project can be measured (Gonzalez Almaguer, et al. 2022). From the fourth week's activity of the project, it has been found that feedback based on performance is also necessary within the work of the project. This feedback system is essential for this project and based on the feedback employees can enhance their rate of productivity and success of the project.

The overall status of the project helps to find out the relevant information regarding the schedule, budget, risks, and benefits of the project. From the project, it has been found that the project supervisor/manager's attention is required regarding the delay of the project and tolerances. From the status of the budget, it has been found that this project is experiencing underspend/overspend issues and the manager needs to give special attention to this. Through the risk status of the project, it has been found that special attention is required towards the critical risk of this project such as materialized risks of the project. The overall status of the project also shows benefits of the project. Benefits related to delivery and realization have been identified within this project.

Findings of the overall status of the project

Figure 2: Findings of the overall status of the project

(Source: Self-created in MS Word)

A project's milestone is employed to track and keep track of the project's progress. The project milestone offers information on the project launch, sprint reviews, and project completion (la Paz AI, 2020). The project's first milestone will include information on the project duration, objectives, stakeholders, and duties and responsibilities during the project launch. The project milestone will look at the project's backlog, provide suggestions for improving its progress, and highlight any risks or problems during the sprint reviews. At the end of the project, the milestone will provide an overview of the project's achievements and lessons learned. A project milestone is a crucial tool for evaluating the advancement of a project, ensuring it is completed on the timetable, within the allocated funds, and in line with the goals mentioned.

Reviewing the project activity can give substantial insight into the project's efficiency and administration. The effectiveness of the particular instruction and support, the amount and caliber of the retrospectives, and the way in which the system of governance is being implemented can all be found during the review. The team's level of project understanding and awareness, along with its capacity to manage it, will be demonstrated through the instruction and assistance provided. Regular retrospectives allow the chance to reflect on the project's performance and highlight areas that might require enhancement. It is important to assess the group's ability to self-assess and recognize risks by examining these reviews. The governance framework assessment will demonstrate how successfully it is being ensued, protected, and changed to satisfy the changing needs of the project (Magano, et al. 2021). The project's advancement can be monitored and any possible hazardous regions can be found by looking at the project activity. The project activity may be altered utilizing this information in order to make sure it is progressing as planned.

The project issues summary can provide information regarding the progress of the project, the setting of work, and possible areas for adjustment. The lack of clarity and understanding surrounding the framework increases the potential that the project team is unprepared for the tasks at hand. This might end up in errors and an absence of unity. Giving erroneous information may indicate a lack of interaction among team members, which could lead to problems remaining undetected or unsolved. A lack of flexibility and adaptability might suggest resistance to change, which might impede progress and contribute to further confusion and miscommunication. The team can identify and fix any possible issues before they turn into significant obstacles by having an in-depth understanding of the project's specific issues.

From the summary of the project risk, it has been found that all the risks have been categorized based on the priority list. The identified risk regarding misunderstanding and confusion related to the framework is responsible for the delay of the project (McClure, 2019). To mitigate the risk, the response strategy is very high which indicates that this risk will hamper the progress of the project and it is very necessary to overcome this regularly. Failure in providing the right feedback also recognizes as the highest risk for the progress of the project. This is the reason behind the occurrence of conflict among the employees. For the mitigation of these risks, the medium response from the project supervisor/manager has been recognized. The risks related to resistance to change are recognized as the medium priority and its response strategy is also medium. This risk hamper the regular activity of the project and flowers the progress of the project. [Referred to Appendix 1]

From the project change requests, it has been found that a reduction of the sprint length is required so that the demands and working speed of the team members can be maintained (Misopoulos, & Wei, 2020). This is very important for completion of the project within the estimated time duration. Through the scope of the impact, it has been found that through the improvement of knowledge and skill for the progress of the project. Improvement in communication is required to enhance the team's efficiency for this project.

Effective communication

Communication Matrix

Successful agile project governance depends on clear communication. In an agile project governance system, communication is used to make sure that all stakeholders are kept informed and up to date on the project's development, any changes that have been made, and any possible dangers or problems. Multiple methods of interaction are employed in agile project governance.


Type of communication

Purpose of communication







Initiation of the meeting

The objective of the project is included.


Evaluate the management strategy in addition to meeting the project objectives.



Face to face meetings.

Conference call

Every week

Project Supervisor/Manager

Team members of the project.

Other employees of the project.

Provide relevant information regarding project mapping and which activities need to do first.

A computerized version should be maintained and distributed to key stakeholders



Verbal communication with the team members of the project


the position of the

project with

the team



Video conferences.

Face to face meetings.

Through telephone calls


Every week

Project Supervisor/Manager

Team members of the project.

Other employees of the project.

Permits employees to quickly and easily provide updates, consult issues, and cooperate on solutions.

A computerized version should be maintained and distributed to key stakeholders


Written communication regarding the key concerns of the project


a report on

the position of

the project

for the completion of the project timely


Through face to face meetings.

Video conferences.


Project Supervisor/Manager

Team members of the project.

Other employees of the project.

 Provide record decisions and make sure that every employee is on the same page.

A computerized version should be maintained and distributed to key stakeholders


Electronic communication with the team members

To develop

a report of the


The current position regarding costs,

Activities, risks,





Face to face meetings.

Video conferences.

Through telephone calls

Every week

Project Supervisor/Manager

Team members of the project.

Other employees of the project.

Provide relevant information regarding project updates and changes (Mokhtar, & Khayyat, 2022).

A computerized version should be maintained and distributed to key stakeholders


Communication through social media

Come up

with different

designs of

the social




Through email.

Video conferences.

Through telephone calls


Project Supervisor/Manager

Team members of the project.

Other employees of the project.

Provide communicate in real time, aids resources, and obtain feedback from other team members.


A computerized version should be maintained and distributed to key stakeholders



Table 1: Communication Matrix

(Source: Self-created)

From the above communication matrix, it has been found that effective communication is required for meeting the interests of the project. The above communication matrix provides relevant information regarding the types of communication and the requirements and interests of every team member and employee for completing the project successfully. Communication between the team members, employees, and the project supervisor/manager is necessary for the initiation and completion of the project (Morris, 2021). Therefore communication is important for the supervisor of the project so that the project can be capable of acquiring the planned goals and objectives. It is also important to be less bureaucratic to enhance the strong communication between the project manager and the employee of the project. It is vital for the project to give impotence towards the feedback system.

Effective communication relevant to project management practices

Any project management system must contain effective communication as an essential element, but this is particularly relevant for agile project governance and capstone project management strategies. The foundation of an effective approach to project management is transparent and regular communication among every stakeholder. This includes the project team, customers, and other project participants. Lack of interaction can result in miscommunication, which can cause delays in projects, price hikes, and other complications (Pejcinovic, Wong, & Bass, 2019).  Any project management system needs effective communication because it fosters cooperation among every team member. In terms of the project's objectives and deadlines, it's essential to make sure that everybody is on the exact same page.

Furthermore, prompt resolution of any problems that develop throughout the construction process is made feasible by effective communication, resolving disputes, finding fresh opportunities, and adapting to project changes to the scope all come within this category. Effective communication is particularly important when it comes to agile oversight of a capstone project management plan. Agile governance of projects requires a method of iteration and frequent stakeholder and team member interaction (Rush, & Connolly, 2020). As a result, the project plan can be changed rapidly in reaction to input. Furthermore, good communication makes sure that the team of the project stays appraised of any adjustments that might have an effect on the project plan such as modifications to the cost or scope of the project. [Referred to Appendix 2]

Trust between the team members and the project supervisor is important for completing the project successfully. The project supervisor’s faith in the project team's ability to meet the project’s goals is made possible by this trust and it leads to the success of the project. The open interchange of thoughts and solutions is made possible through trust, and this can enhance the results of the project.


This final report will be valuable for the stakeholders and gain more valuable information regarding the progress of the capstone project. This final report will help to know about theories and relevant frameworks which have been applied within the project. In this project, several activities have been taken for mitigating the risks and issues of the project, which have been evaluated within this final report. The findings of the report are very important for evaluating the success rate and progress of the project. This provides more valuable knowledge regarding the weekly activity, overall status, and review of milestones and project activity. This final report will help to find out whether the project is successful or not. The taken action for solving the issues and risks assist this project to become more successful than previous.

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