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Emotional intelligence Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Develop and Use Emotional intelligence

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Task: 1

Case study

In given case study it is shown that a team member is not feeling comfortable with his colleagues. So he decided to leave the organisation to return to Fiji. It is because the other team members are not friendly to that person. I will handle this situation by finding out the strength and weakness of that person. After that I will find out what are the reasons that is making him to remain far away from his friends. By this it will be easy for me to analyse overall situation. Afterwards I will communicate and interact with that person and share his issues and problems.

I will tell him not to travel daily so that he get some relief from stress. I will help that person by motivating him to get involved with other while working. Moreover, I will build a strong relationship with him to understand his behaviour. This will help me to take appropriate decisions on how team performance can be improved. Furthermore, I will assign role to member according to their emotional quality. It will be helpful in again getting back on track. I will try to remain calm in case of critical situations. This will help me to handle team in effective manner. Besides this, first of all I understand his behaviour so that it becomes easy for me to identify what problem he is facing. This enables me to know what action can be taken in order to improve his behaviour. I will handle this situation by spending time with my colleague. In that time I will try to motivate him and identify needs. I will try to encourage him to get involved with other team members so that they can work together. I will provide him several offers and benefits to maintain his interest. Moreover, I will also approach other team members to discuss the problem.

I will tell them to help that member by communicating and motivating with him. I will try to build strong bond with each one so that it is easy for me to understand individual behaviour and needs. I will change his role immediately and assign new role where he can communicate and work with each other. Then I will monitor changes in his attitude and performance. Accordingly, I will take provide suggestion to him. By this it will be easy for me to have close supervision on him. Moreover, I will continuously motivate him to keep his interest in work.

He got isolated with his role as he was not getting time to communicate with co workers. So for this I can assign a role to him that keeps his interest in work. By this it there will be constant change in his attitude. Also, I can set goals for him to achieve them. For this I will motivate him. This will continuously keep me in contact with him. I can also share his feelings. His problems can be identified and solved. The role that I will assign to him will involve communicating with others. It will enable in changing his attitude and performance. He will get involved with others and then his plan of going to fiji will be cancelled. So this all efforts done by me will help in changing his attitude and performance.

Part: 1

I belong to a middle class family that is comes under a minority society. The place from which in belong is very diversified in culture. It consists of different religion, caste, creed, etc. I have been a very well educated person and is very polite and simple in nature. I have faced some major failure and success in my life. During my school time I faced my first failure that I got was I got failed in one subject in secondary education. This shocked me and I was in very depressed. I got success in when I got selected in inter state football team. This was my major success. The traumatic event that occurred with me was I met with an accident during my exams. This had a great impact on my education. I hope to become successful gentlemen and person. Also, I want to play football for my country world cup.

Part : 2

Self assessment tool – I did this with the help of SWOT analysis. It helped me to identify my strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities.

Personal competence

In this I analyse my existing knowledge and skills

Relational competence

in this I evaluated my communication and relationship with others. This helped me to know my relations with person.

Self regulation

in this I evaluated how I am able to learn things and adopt it.

Building relationship

I evaluated how I am able to lead others.

Strengths – my current strength is I remain calm in critical situation and control my emotions. This helps me to work in effective manner without taking stress. Also, I communicate effectively with others to share my views and thoughts. This helps me in getting relax.

Weakness – sometimes I am not able to control my emotions due to excessive work load. This makes me angry and I start getting loud and loud. Moreover, I get nervous when someone I am not able to solve a problem.

Independent source at workplace- I was able to analyse my 360 feedback by taking reviews from manager. He showed me that I was lacking in some things that I needed to improve. Also, manager helped me to identify my weak areas.

At my workplace I am able to manage my work by working freely and independently. This is the main reason I am always had positive emotions.

Part: 3

I need to improve this area so that I am able to work freely and without taking stress during work load. For this I need to get training from my seniors. This will help me in removing this weakness. Also, I will be able to handle my work load. For monitoring changes I will take feedback from colleagues. By this I will identify how much I have controlled my emotions and what changes are there in my behaviour. This will be done for 30 days and if there is not changes then I will develop another plan.

Part: 4

Description - There occurred an incident at workplace in which there occurred a lot of conflict between supervisors. It was occurred during work load. So because of this no work was completed in time and it lead to conflict between manager and supervisors. Supervisors blamed each other for this. This affected employee as well as organisation performance. It was due to stress of work load and supervisor were not able to handle that.

Feelings- Everyone in organisation was not comfortable with change in behaviour of supervisor.

Evaluation- It is evaluated that conflict occurred due to not managing the situation in proper way by supervisors.

Analysis- It is been analysed that due to stress supervisor were not able to control their emotions. They blamed each other for this situation.

Conclusion – From this incident it is concluded that in work load it is important to have control on emotions otherwise it will lead to conflicts with other person.

Action plan – For this training must be provided to manage work in such situation. This will help in controlling emotion and working in freely way.

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