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Communication skills in the Health Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Communication skills in the Health Assignment 

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This report is based on the communications skills in the healthcare profession. In this report, a detailed description of the two areas of strength and two areas of development will be identified while analyzing the strategies to understand the emotions of patients. This report will help the reader to understand the communications skills that are needed in the healthcare profession for the nurse.

Two areas of strength

A communication skill is essential to collaborate with teams. It has been identified that communication skills are very important in all professions. The areas of strength that have been analyzed for the health profession are listening and patience. These two areas of effective communication skills are essential in the health profession. In the profession of health care, effective communication is important to provide services to patients. This will help an individual to protect the patients, saves cost, and increases day to day operating efficiency (Bradbury et al., 2018). It has been identified that for listening skills, an individual has to respect the patient, builds trust, and allows physicians to undertake the role of trusted transitional. It has been identified that listening skills avoid misunderstanding because people always confirm what the other person has said. It avoids conflicts between the team members because it clarifies all the misunderstandings between them. To solve a given problem, it has been identified that patience is very important which gives the time in the health care professionals to reach an optimal solution to a problem. Patience is a communication skill withy which anything is possible to achieve after giving the hard work to achieve the goals.

Two areas for development

The two areas of development that have been found out while making the reflective journal that has been developed throughout this year are effective feedback and speak slowly. It has been analyzed that effective feedback is very critical for all health care providers to understand how their patients perceive them (Suter et al., 2009). It has been identified that effective feedback is important in the health care professional because it will help the organization to understand how their patients perceive them. It helps to improve the quality of care and satisfaction of the patients. It has been identified that patients' feedback provides valuable information about what they have liked or what they have not liked in terms of services. This area of development needs time so that the organization, as well as patients, is able to think whether the organization has given quality care and the patients are satisfied with that or not. Effective communication is important which needs to be improved in the health care organizations. It has been identified that effective communication protects the patients and increases day-to-day operating efficiency.

In terms of knowledge, skills, and values, it has been analyzed that effective communication is very important. Values and beliefs are influenced by the cultural background in the health care organizations (Moore et al., 2013). It has been identified that in the healthcare organization, the nurse has to respond to the queries of patients with their needs rather than listening to their own. For effective commination and the areas of development, it has been identified that in the health care organization they have to develop a therapeutic relationship that includes respect, empathy, trust, and rapport. It has been analyzed that in the healthcare organization rapport and empathy are important because it helps the people to understand the perception of other while recognition of emotions experienced by the other person.

Assertive communication is the process by which an individual expresses his positive and negative ideas and feeling in an open and direct way (Omura et al., 2017). It has been seen as an integral skill of the nurses in healthcare organizations. With the help of this communication, nurses can express their rights, needs, and opinion in a manner that is respectful to others.

It has been analyzed that there are many challenges that have been facing by nurses in the organization which include that in the hospitals there is staff shortage so the nurses have to work more than their shift hours. They are not able to meet the expectations of patients because of effective communication and management which needs to improve and a lack of transparency is also there in the hospitals.

Strategies (NURSE Model)

It has been analyzed that with the help of this NURSE mnemonic, the healthcare organization will be able to identify to improve the effective communication and areas of development for future practice in health care organizations.

N = Name the emotion

U = Understand the emotion (O'Toole, 2020)

R = Respect the patient

S = Support the patient

E = Explore

This model is very effective and useful for responding to the patient emotions. For example, with the help of the first strategy which is related to underlying the emotion of patients by saying it? For example, if patients are afraid of the operation, then the nurse understands their emotions and gives empathy to them. After this, the second strategy is related to understanding the emotions of patients by confirming it. So the nurse has to discuss their feelings with the patients by listening activity to them. The nurse has to show empathy with the patients but with the confirmation of their feelings. Try to help them to make realize that the health care staffs are always helping the patients while understanding their emotions. These strategies will help them to improve communication for future practice.


It has concluded that effective communication skills are important for the healthcare profession because it helps to understand the emotions of patients. It has been identified that listening to the patients and work with patience in healthcare organizations give success and improves the experience of patients. Name of the emotion and understanding the emotions of patients are two strategies that will help them to improve communication for future practice.

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