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Children, Families and Communities Assignment Q & A

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Introduction: Children, Families and Communities

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Question 1

Part A

In the era of digitization, the internet plays a crucial role in establishing social connections among different people. There are multiple organizations, those works for isolated families and children and serve a noble purpose for society. Raising children is one of the famous Australian parenting websites that work enormously for isolated families and children. The official link to that website has been provided below:

Raising children is a government-funded Australian website that used to provide different “Evident based tips" and multiple tools for different aspects such as for pregnant people to teenagers. The content of the website is totally free and does not charge anything; hence the videos are viewed multiple times a day. As per the report of the raising children network, the videos of this portal are used to be viewed 50000 times per day (, 2022).The services provided by raising children are enormous and significant and cover multiple areas such as videos and tips for teenagers, pregnant women, toddlers, babies and others. The content in this forum is extremely useful and provides reliable and dated and independent information for helping a family to thrive and go together. The raising children network is wholly supported by the Australian government. There are multiple member organizations for raising children such as "Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children’s Hospital", and “Smart Population Foundation" and others ( 2022). The director of this organization is Dereck McCormack. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, this website helped Australian children to learn about COVID-safety protocol. Hence, this website serves nobler purposes and gained immense popularity among Australian citizens and all over the world. 

Part B

Social connectedness is required for regulating emotions which can lead to a higher level of self-esteem. Apart from that, a good social connection can also help in improving the immune system. Hence indirectly a good social connection helps in keeping health better. In the era of digitization, social connectedness approach is reducing and people are becoming dependent upon the internet and social media, hence the face to face social interaction and decreasing day by day. As opined by Huda et al. (2021), the emerging trend of technological advancement is the key reason behind the popularity and the acceptability of social; connection through digital media. In contrast to that Subrahmanyam et al. (2021), have argued t the busy schedule and work profile of the parents, are the major cause behind the huge popularity of social media platforms. However, children are used to learning from the activities in their surroundings. Hence, a face-to-face social connection is much more effective than a digitalized connection as children can be addicted to gadgets from early life. Apart from that, there can also be different risks associated with the frequent use of mobile phones by children. Hence, building a face-to-face social connection is much more effective for children and it also helps in forming a better childhood and shaping the mind of children properly. Therefore, every parent is advised to be focused on developing a proper social circle for their children. 

Question 2

Part A

Public concern and awareness about child abuse and neglect increased rapidly in the period of late 1960s. US pediatrician Henry Kempe has proposed a definition of child abuse and stated that child abuse may include emotional and psychological abuse and even sexual abuse. More recently the definition of abuse has been extended further and included the exposure of a child to domestic violence that affects the emotional and psychological development of children. Later on, WHO also proposed a definition of child abuse. Therefore, the opinions regarding this aspect used to vary from one to another. For this, is highly difficult to provide a clear definition of child abuse. 

Part B

Protecting a child is considered a common and shared responsibility and protection of a child cannot be given in isolation and it is not also possible to be given by parents, schools and the government. As opined by Vis et al. (2021), parents play an important role in shaping the minds of children and protecting them from different obstacles. There are multiple aspects in children that can be looked after by the parents only such as mobile addiction and others. In contradiction, McFadden et al. (2018), have argued that protecting a child is a community responsibility, hence multiple laws have been formulated to give protection to the child. "Child care act, 1972" is one of the pioneers in child protection aspect in Australia. Along with that, there are also multiple other activities in Australia regarding the development and protection of children. "Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration and “Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is two fundamental steps taken by the Australian government for focusing on the development and protection of the child. Hence, these initiatives strengthen ob the factor that apart from parents, there are some basic social responsibilities of every citizen and government about giving protection to a child to give children a proper fearless childhood. 

Part C

There are also multiple barriers that can create an obstacle while giving basic protection to children. One of the major factors is that adult cannon understand the mind of children, hence adults are recommended to be prepared for listening to children. This is one of the traditional barriers to community-based child protection. Apart from that some children are born introverts and do not want to open up to a person, he/she is unfamiliar with. Hence, this can also lead to creating multiple problems. Along with that less sense of social responsibility is also observed among different people, hence they do not want to actively involve in any situation ( 2022). Therefore, it also creates multiple problems when protecting children. A sense of responsibility is needed to be developed among the citizens for considering the childcare perspectives. Childcare protection is needed to be a basic concern for everyone. Awareness among the citizens can be developed through different campaigning, workshop and others. 

Question 3

Part A

The organization that is chosen for this part of the study is "Early Childhood Australia (ECA)". This is one of the finest advocacy organizations working on the domains of children's education and child welfare (, 2022). The organization also deals with the core interests of young children and families. The organization also extends helping aid to the professions engaged in this field of activities. The underpinning agenda of this organization is to ensure proper quality of justice to all the pivotal stakeholders engaged. Hence the proper quality of justice and equality in matters of rendering appropriate education to all are pivotal aspects of this organization. The organizational service also extends to providing proper quality care to children from birth to the age of 8 years. The "quality-assured publications program" of ECA is one of the impactful tools for rendering promising results in this direction. 

The parent images projected in the classroom of this organization also aid in effective learning and development. As per the vivid research conducted in this space, reflect that parental involvement accelerates the learning aspects of the children. Reports from "Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY)" also reconfirm that parental involvement leads to a higher intensity of progressive learning. This also helps to improve the attendance aspect of the children. In the primary school pattern, the basic level of interaction is initiated by the parents. Thus the active involvement also shapes the operating protocols of this organization (, 2017). This also helps to influence the role and governance aspects of the organization and in turn, also influences the overall design and implementation aspect. The National quality standards (NQS) act as a parameter for assessing the quality of education for children. It also acts as the required benchmark for assessing the overall care quality for the children. This assessment outlines 7 governing areas for assessing the overall development. It has been witnessed that through active parental involvement all these areas could be attained. The children on the other hand are pivotal stakeholders of this organisation. Thus the entire operation is executed from their perspective. More focus intention efforts are integrated for delivering the ultimate benefits for the children. As this organization advocates for children's rights, these children also have an active role in influencing the design and implementation aspects.

Part B

ECA could develop the partnership aspect with the families by, modifying the first impression. The gesture and attitude shape a lot in the partnership development. The partnership should also resonate with the organizational policies and practices. This would help to influence the confidence aspect of the organizations (, 2022). Progressive communication with the families along with the utilization of effective modes of communication also plays a pivotal aspect in partnership development. Informal discussions and planned gatherings with the families can also s help to develop the bond across the families. Thus this could help to amplify the partnership development. A proper inclusive attitude to pay respect to every cultural identity can also help to improve the partnership. Proper training and professional communication with trust development can also help to improve the partnership.


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