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Published On 27 May 2024

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics
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Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech is a powerful tool that is intended to influence the listeners and persuade them to do something. Whether you want the people to follow some rules, have your colleagues work more efficiently or even make the people vote for you.

Many of the most famous generals in history such as Alexandra the Great or even Julias Ceasar were known for their ability to persuade their soldiers and increase their Morale. This shows how important it is. Hence it is similarly important for the students to understand persuasive speech not only for wars but also for their academic purposes.

In this Blog the New Assignment Help Australia will guide you about persuasive speech and then we will look at many Persuasive Speech Topic that you can use for your work.

What counts as a great Persuasive Speech topic?

There are many persuasive speech topic for students. But not every topic would result in a great speech. There are some things that the students should keep in mind while looking at their topics which we have mentioned here.


The very first and surely the most important point is familiarity. Choose topics that you are aware of and have relevant knowledge of. It will make your speech more professional and easier for you to write too.


Interest might seem a bit far-fetched for the topic but it is easy to understand. There are things that you are interested in and similarly, things that your teacher or professors would be interested in. so try to choose such a topic.


Now what is a strategic topic? Well, there are three strategies in persuasive writing and if you choose a topic from those then it would be better. These three strategies are as follows.

  • Ethos: The first strategy is to ethical topics that can persuade others through your credibility. Research well, make yourself credible and then write an ethos-based speech.
  • Pathos: Another way to choose a great persuasive speech topic is to look at something that you are emotional about. These emotions would help the audience agree easily.
  • Logos: Now it's obvious that not everyone is emotional. So for such people use the last strategy, logic. Choose persuasive speech topic that have clear logical reasoning behind them.

Not Repetitive and Overused

Many great topics have been used many many times by people and they have become boring and almost a cliche. So choose a new topic but along the lines of the other points we have mentioned.

Choose from the 3 types

There are three main types of persuasive speeches. There is a Factual that relates to facts and logic associated with your chosen topics. Then there is Value that relates to Moral choices to understand whether something is right or wrong. Lastly, there is a Policy that tries to promote some policies and laws. These policies are used to persuade the people about some law or their duties.

Top Persuasive Speech Topics Suggestions For Students in 2024

Here we have suggested many different persuasive speech topic based on various categories. You can look through the following list and choose a suitable one from them.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Teenage Students in 2024

  1. The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Among Teenagers
  2. The Benefits of Financial Literacy Education
  3. Why Social Media Needs a Reality Check
  4. The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion
  5. The Power of Online Learning
  6. The Value of Trade Schools
  7. The Merits of a Universal Basic Income
  8. The Importance of Voting Rights
  9. The Need for Campaign Finance Reform
  10. The Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Persuasive Speech Topics for Geographical Issues in 2024

  1. The Rising Threat of Rising Seas
  2. The Global Water Crisis
  3. The Urgency of Urban Sustainability
  4. The Ethical Dilemmas of Resource Extraction
  5. The Importance of Protecting Endangered Ecosystems
  6. The Need for Disaster Preparedness
  7. The Challenges of Food Security
  8. The Ethical Issues of Geopolitical Tensions over Shared Resources
  9. The Impact of Globalization on Local Communities
  10. The Digital Divide and Unequal Access to Geographic Information

Persuasive Speech Topics for Health Issues (Longevity Issues) in 2024

  1. The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine: Can We Really Live Forever?
  2. The Rise of Telehealth: How Technology Can Help Us Live Longer, Healthier Lives
  3. The Gut Microbiome Revolution: How What We Eat Can Impact Our Lifespan
  4. The Mind-Body Connection: How Our Thoughts and Emotions Affect How Long We Live
  5. The Importance of Exercise for Longevity
  6. The Power of Plant-Based Diets for a Longer Life
  7. The Challenges and Opportunities of an Aging Population
  8. The Importance of Social Connection for Longevity
  9. The Role of Mindfulness in Living a Long and Healthy Life
  10. Personalized Medicine: The Future of Healthcare for a Longer Life

Persuasive Speech Topics for Mental Health issue in 2024

  1. Destigmatizing Therapy: Breaking Down Barriers to Mental Health Care
  2. The Mental Health Crisis Among College Students
  3. Social Media and Mental Health: Friend or Foe?
  4. Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
  5. The Power of Mindfulness for Mental Wellbeing
  6. The Importance of Mental Health Days
  7. Athletes and Mental Health: Championing Mental Fitness
  8. The Unspoken Struggle: Mental Health in Minority Communities
  9. Cyberbullying and its Devastating Impact on Mental Health
  10. Gaming Addiction: A Growing Mental Health Concern

Persuasive Speech Topics for Environmental Issues in 2024

  1. From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Style: How Our Clothing Choices Impact the Planet
  2. Beyond Recycling: Embracing a Circular Economy for a Waste-Free Future
  3. Regenerative Agriculture: A Path to Healing Our Soil and Feeding the World
  4. The Ocean Crisis: From Plastic Pollution to Acidification, Why We Need to Protect Our Blue Planet
  5. The Power of Plant-Based Diets: Combating Climate Change, Protecting Animals, and Improving Our Health
  6. Investing in a Renewable Energy Future: Breaking Free from Fossil Fuels and Building a Sustainable Grid
  7. Rethinking Transportation: The Rise of Electric Vehicles, Public Transit, and Active Transportation
  8. The Climate Migration Crisis: Preparing for a World Disrupted by Rising Seas and Extreme Weather
  9. The Power of Citizen Science: Empowering Everyone to Be Part of the Environmental Solution
  10. Rewilding Our World: Restoring Biodiversity for a Healthy Planet

Persuasive Speech Topics for Political and Legal Issues in 2024

  1. The Future of Work in the Age of Automation
  2. The Impact of Climate Change on Our Legal System
  3. The Need for Campaign Finance Reform
  4. The Rise of Misinformation and Disinformation
  5. The Importance of Voting Rights
  6. The Privatization of Public Services
  7. The Role of Social Media in Political Discourse
  8. The Second Amendment in the 21st Century
  9. The Rise of Populism
  10. The Future of Roe v. Wade

Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids in 2024

  1. The Power of Play: Why Recess Matters
  2. The Truth About Tests: Are They the Best Way to Learn?
  3. Field Trips: More Than Just a Fun Day Out
  4. Unleashing Creativity: Why Arts Education Matters
  5. The Power of Kindness: How One Person Can Make a Difference
  6. Books vs. Screens: Why Reading is Still Important
  7. The Lunchroom Revolution: Why Healthy Food Matters at School
  8. Going Green at School: How We Can Make a Difference
  9. The Pawsitive Impact of Pets: Why Pets Make Great Companions
  10. The Power of Yet: Why It's Okay to Make Mistakes

Persuasive Speech Topics Based on History in 2024

  1. History Repeats Itself: Why Learning from Past Crises is Crucial to Avoiding Future Ones
  2. We Can Do Better: How Historical Social Movements Paved the Way for Progress on Today's Issues
  3. Lessons from Leaders: How Studying Historical Figures Can Shape Effective Leadership in the 21st Century
  4. Should We Tear Down or Teach? Rethinking Monuments and Memorials in a Modern Context
  5. History is Not Set in Stone: Reexamining the Past Through a Modern Lens
  6. The Past Informs the Future: Why Studying History Should Be a Core Part of Every Curriculum
  7. Fake History, Real Consequences: How Misinformation About the Past Threatens Our Future
  8. Beyond Textbooks: Using Immersive Technologies to Bring History to Life
  9. History Belongs to Everyone: Expanding Access to Historical Archives and Artifacts
  10. History on Trial: Can We Hold Historical Figures Accountable for the Morals of Their Time?

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics in 2024

  1. The Power of Play for Adults: Why We Should All Be Making Time for Fun
  2. The Ethics of AI-Generated Art: Are Machines Stealing the Spotlight from Artists?
  3. The Case for a Universal Basic Income: A Solution to Poverty in the 21st Century
  4. The Virtual Revolution: Why the Metaverse is the Future of Social Interaction
  5. The Power of Citizen Science: How Everyday People Can Help Solve Global Challenges
  6. The Four-Day Workweek: A Recipe for a Happier, More Productive Workforce
  7. The Right to Disconnect: Why We Need Laws to Protect Our Time Outside of Work
  8. The Rise of Vertical Farming: A Sustainable Solution to Food Security Challenges
  9. The Importance of Sleep in a 24/7 World: Why We Need to Prioritize Rest
  10. The Power of Local News: Why We Need to Support Independent Journalism

Funny Persuasive Speech topics in 2024

  1. Why Folding Fitted Sheets Should Be an Olympic Sport
  2. The Importance of Taking a Nap As a Productivity Hack
  3. Why My Pet Should Be the School Mascot (and How They Can Totally Handle the Responsibility)
  4. Why Reality TV Needs More Professional Gamers
  5. Cooking Shows: A Masterclass in Deception or How to Make Burnt Toast Look Delicious?
  6. The Unsung Heroes of the Grocery Store: Shopping Cart Returners
  7. Why Socks Always Go Missing in the Dryer: A Conspiracy Theory
  8. The Existential Crisis of a Expiring Milk Carton: A Philosophical Inquiry
  9. Why We Should Celebrate Our Most Awkward Childhood Photos
  10. The Urgent Need for a Universal Remote for Life
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