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Published On 23 May 2024

PEEL Paragraph Writing

PEEL Paragraph
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A Holistic Approach to PEEL Paragraph Writing

What is one thing that's common across all the texts and even amongst the different subjects? You guessed it, Paragraphs. And many students have trouble writing an accurate paragraph. Some of them end up writing a paragraph that's irrelevant from the starting point they mentioned too.

Many techniques can help students write a paragraph properly but among them, the best one is surely the PEEL technique. You can make a relevant and topic-related paragraph that will make you get better grades always with the PEEL Paragraph technique.

However, is it so easy to do so? Even though the teachers would expect their students to write amazing PEEL paragraphs, for the students they are challenging nonetheless. If you also have issues with the peel paragraph then you have come to the correct place. The experts of the New Assignment Help Australia have brought a holistic blog about the PEEL paragraph

In this blog, we will go through the steps and tips for making a great PEEL paragraph while also looking at some of its advantages. But first, let’s start with understanding the PEEL paragraph itself.

What is a PEEL Paragraph Writing?

The word PEEL is an acronym where 

  • P is the Point
  • E is the Evidence
  • E is the explanation
  • L is the Link

A PEEL paragraph is simply a paragraph made according to the four acronyms of the word PEEL( point, evidence, explanation and link). PEEL paragraphs are a way to make comprehensive and structured paragraphs. The PEEL technique is a proven method that helps cover all the essential points in a paragraph. 

The application of this PEEL technique isn't just limited to Paragraph writing but is actually very versatile. Every writing can be enhanced by using this technique. For example, in an essay, each paragraph will have its point and all of the paragraphs combined will make up a great essay. You will even be able to use PEEL Paragraphs in your college assignments and even in thesis writing in college.

Hence you must try to make the PEEL paragraph writing into an instinct. It will help with making the academic writing better. Just remember that each paragraph should only have a single topic. This ‘Point’ will be explained through the further steps of the PEEL paragraph technique.

What is a PEEL paragraph?

Advantages of using the PEEL technique

You need to understand the techniques that can be helpful in your academic writing. After all, you can study for the test and prepare for it through various methods but when it comes to writing these academic papers it depends on your skills. The PEEL Paragraph writing is that skill, which the following advantages would prove.

  • Peel paragraph is a foundation that works for other academic writing such as essays, not just the paragraph. 
  • PEEL paragraph keeps the flow of the paragraph constant making it easier for the reader to understand and comprehend the writing.
  • It also assists in making sure that the paragraph and then other writing are on-point and precise.
  • Another great advantage of the Peel paragraph is that it allows you to make your arguments stronger.
  • Peel paragraph makes your writing better overall and makes you earn better grades.

PEEL Paragraph structure

Now that you are aware of the meaning and advantages of the PEEL paragraph, you will be wondering about how to write it. The structure of the PEEL paragraph has been talked about a few times already and that is exactly the structure of the PEEL paragraph. So now let us look at it in-depth.

  • Point: This is the very first element of the paragraph writing. Here the students have to explain their motives, objectives or simply their “Point” here. For example, let's say you are writing about the benefits of flossing your teeth. So you should start the paragraph ”The kids should all understand the importance of flossing their teeth regularly.”
  • Evidence: Now the next step would be to give the evidence that would prove your point. Without a piece of evidence, the point would seem like a hypothetical phrase. Also instead of Evidence you can also find the term Example for the E of PEEL paragraph which is also correct. While a piece of evidence directly helps with the claim, the example will allow you to connect it with the Explain step that you will be working on in the next part.
  • Explain: After completing the last section we come across the Explain. This is the most important part of the PEEL paragraph structure and it should be obvious as to why it is so. Explain the stage where you will use the evidence or the example that you gave in the last part and analyse it to prove your point. These sections' writing will decide the success of the whole PEEL paragraph. So make sure to brainstorm and carefully complete this portion. Don't worry we will help with this part too in the further part of the blog.
  • Link: Well done, we have finally made it to the last section of the PEEl paragraph writing. But the link is also the most confusing part for most students of this writing. So let’s clear the doubts about it. The Link is the part of the the paragraph where you conclude your writing and end it. So just as the name suggests ‘Link’ to your point from the first part of the paragraph and just mention how you have proved that point and end it. 

Tips for Efficient PEEL Paragraph Writing

Just knowing about the PEEL technique and how to do it won't make your work easier as it also requires constant practicing and brainstorming. Here we have given some tips that could be used to make your PEEL paragraph writing more efficient. 

Since we already know that each part of the PEEL paragraph is different and has different motives and steps, the tips should be similarly different too. Hence we have given separate tips for each of the PEEL sections.

Tips for Point

  • Choose an interesting and subject-relevant topic for the paragraph.
  • Choose Points that would connect with other paragraphs in the writing.
  • Choose a point that is accessible and understandable to others easily.

Tips for Example/Evidence

  • Choose the best and most relevant example/evidence.
  • Provide just context and don't make the example/evidence too long.
  • Don't choose something that is too hard to explain.

Tips for Explaination

  • Break the evidence/example into small portions to give a precise explanation.
  • Don’t be ambiguous and get on point while giving a clear explanation.
  • Mention the points clearly from an unbiased perspective.

Tips for Link

  • Link to the first line of the paragraph using terms like.’ to find off, as such, hence proven.’
  • Summarise your whole text in simple words and a short sentence.
  • Don’t introduce new points in the link section.

PEEL Paragraph Example

Now for a better understanding of the topic let us finally take a look at an example. Also do note that the paragraph in the example is just written for your understanding and will end with the link. But in most academic writing you might have to continue and give another point right after the first PEEL paragraph.

Point: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the kids need to understand that.

Example/Evidence: Scientists have researched that “Breakfast improves the metabolism of the body and replenishes the supply of the glucose in the body.”

Explanation: Since breakfast is the first meal after a 9-10 hour night fast, it also plays a major part in the body's metabolic activities. The first meal not only fills you up it also provides sufficient carbs and glucose to your body to use as energy during the day.

Link: Hence people should understand its importance and never skip breakfast no matter what diet they are on or any other reason.

PEEL Paragraph Example

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