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Published On 7 January 2023

What are Narrative Conventions?

Narrative Conventions
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A Complete Guide About Narrative Conventions For a Students

Narrative conventions are a very major part of literature. Some of the students are aware of that and some are not. It is very important to know this topic because it adds meaning to your work. Those students who know this they are able to write their work with a meaningful aspect. But those who do not know it is a big trouble for them. So, to make the things very easy we have a complete guide about what is a Narrative Conventions and how to write them.

What are Narrative Conventions?

Narrative conventions is a method or technique used by writers to create meaning in a storyline. It can also be used as contextual flow in the literature which is mostly used or associated with events. Most of the literature works like stories, dramas, novels, poetries, and many more related things which are drafted need this. This is generally a technique which is used by writers to give meaning to the story or write-up. And there are various things which come under his like plotting of characters, development of content, point of view and many more.

It can be defined in two parts primary and secondary narrative conventions and both parts are equally important. So let us start with…

Type Of Primary Narrative Conventions

In this, the first steps are taken case or can also be said like the base is prepared for it. In a primary convention, there are few steps which are followed and it helps students in various ways. Let us understand it step by step.

1. Setting

For the narration of any story or writing piece, you need to set so many things initially. This is the base of any things. While writing first you have to decide the time you will be talking about and after that the place where the things will be happening. This is very important because it will give a flow and your readers will not get confused at any point.

  • Destination Setting

  • Period Setting

2. Plot Development

The next thing that comes is about plot Development the thing which you are going to write. In this, you decide the basic things about what storyline you will be keeping and how it will be continuing. What will be the climax, and if there is any twist or not? Basically in this entire storyline is decided and it helps students in a clear vision.

  • Denouncement

  • Exposition or Orientation

  • Falling Tension

  • Complication

  • climax

3. Characters

After deciding the storyline the very important thing in Narrative Conventions is deciding the character. It gives weightage to your story and helps you in enhancing the quality of your story. Also, it gives a sense to the story. There are many things that need to be done, and sometimes you lack in this but when a professional team is hired this part is sorted.

  • Protagonist

  • Antagonist

4. Conflicts

To keep the readers, engage in your writing it is really important that you hang apples. So many times, students are not sure about it like what will attract them. In the content, if the conflicts are added it makes the things really good and interesting. Basically, it automatically enhances the reading time of the story or write-up you are working on.

  • Man Conflicts Against Society

  • Man Conflicts Against Himself

  • Man Conflicts Against Nature

5. Themes & Language

It is the final step of the primary part of the narrative convention. In this, you have to decide the theme of the story and related language. The team does it really carefully when you assign a professional writer. It is the deciding factor which says if the things will be effective for you or not. A good theme and language help you in scoring a good grade.

  • Core Themes

  • Symbol

  • Motifs

6. Characterizations

Characterizations make the things appealing. In this step, you have to define the characters of your plot. Who is the main lead, what impact the side roles will do and what will the behaviour of the character be. Thoughts, feelings, and interactions are the main part of the narration. It gives a flow to the story and builds a relationship with the user.

  • Interaction and Relationships

  • Appearance

  • Thought/Felling

  • Behavior

  • Dialogues

7. Descriptive Language

Generally, Writers Used Descriptive language techniques to expand the commitment level of the literature towards the readers. With tools of descriptive language Writers try to make coordination between tendency and taste for the reader

  • Figurative Language

  • Imagery

  • Sensory Imagery

8. Point Of View

Narration Of the Storyline is possible by the writer from three different points of view, first-person, second-person, and third-person.

  • First Person

  • Second Person

  • Third Person

   Primary Narrative Conventions

Type Of Secondary Narrative Conventions

In secondary narrative conventions, the reader’s psyche is majorly maintained. It creates a major impact on the reader. This part is very important because it makes the things really good for students. This part has majorly four parts. Let us cover all of that.

1. Development Of Character

For making the reader connect with the stories it is very important for you to develop the character. It brings a life to the story and that is why never miss this part. There are many ways in which you can add a character. Sometimes you can add the twist and sometimes you can make the character hit the rock bottom so it will add a weight to the content.

2. Mood

The mood is the only thing which uplifts the sense of the story or any write-up you are going to write. In this, you must describe what the atmosphere is, how the leads are dealing with the situations and how it makes a change in regular ways. A little bit of exaggeration helps in engaging the audience and it also helps in enhancing the quality of the content.

3. Tone

A tone is the manner in which the characters are talking. What is the emotion of the character is defined by the tone. For setting the storyline and character to the plot it is very important that you should be very clear to tone. Various emotions are described in this and that is why it is very important. While setting the tone understand how it will impact the storyline and perspective.

4. Voice

Voice can be referred to as the ideas, views, positions, and perspectives of the characters. It helps to understand what a writer is thinking and trying to deliver through his stories. Setting a voice is as equivalent to putting twists and plots in a write-up. It makes the content easy to read and clear to understand.

     Secondary Narrative Conventions 

Q1) Is symbolism a Narrative Convention

Symbolism is an integral part of the narrative conventional. In this place, a person or any object is symbolised in the story. It defines the tone and increases the engagement of the reader. For writing any story or any writeup it is very important that you do the symbolisation. It makes the readers understand the tone of the narration and helps them in knowing the mood of that scenario. 

Q2) List of Narrative convention

1 Characterisation

2 Setting

3 Tone

4 Style

5 Structure

6 Dialogue

7 Syntax

8 Narration

9 Similes

10 Imagery

11 Symbolism

12 Emotive language

13 Personification

14 Descriptive language

15 Hyperbole

16 Metaphors

 Q3) Characterization of Narrative Convention

Whenever you are writing fiction or any story, building the character is very important. Because it fills life to the story. When you clearly define the character the storyline is built automatically and it helps the reader to feel connected towards the story. It makes things really easy and helps students in understanding the context easily. To Explain it better we have done the Characterisation of Narrative Convention in two parts

Direct Characterization

Indirect Characterization


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