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Assessment 2 Digital Presentation Assignment Sample

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Indigenous health can be referred to as the physical, social, cultural, and emotional well-being of indigenous people in Australia. The evidence reveals that these people are devoid of effective healthcare services, which results in increased consequences of mental health problems and chronic diseases. This includes increased consequences of diabetes and cardiovascular disease among this population. There is an immediate need to “improve the health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander” people with the help of effective services. This poster would highlight on “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health program” developed by “the government of Australia” to upgrade mental wellbeing of “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population”.

Evaluation of service

The decreased access of healthcare to “indigenous people” has resulted in increased inequality among the population. It has also caused increased illness and death in this population. According to statistics, 24% of this population suffers from mental health issues due to psychological stress (, 2020). “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health program” developed by “the government of Australia” imparts its focus on improving the mental health of the Aboriginal population by engaging culturally relevant and evidence-based practices (, 2021). Increased consequences of grief, cultural disconnection results in increasing trauma among the people. In this, turn results in increasing mental health issue of indigenous people. In this context, the developed program provides “psychological therapies, case management, complex mental health support, and clinical care coordination” to elevate the mental well-being of this population (McCalman et al. 2020). These have been developed to tailor to individual needs and provide cultural engaged mental health services to these individuals.

Effectiveness of service

The services would be provided to individuals of all age groups and address their complex needs. This, in turn, would help reduce this population's suicide and drug intake. In the services, aboriginal health workers have been involved in understanding the need of this population better (Kairuz et al., 2020). The systematic integration of health workers would help by providing effective community-based services and support. The inclusion of these workers would help in embedding a holistic approach that aligns with the cultural values of the “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations” (Armstrong et al. 2020).

Culturally safe and person-centered approach

This culturally safe and person-centered approach would help in improving the health outcomes and the mental health of this population. The inclusion of aboriginal health workers in this context would help in increasing community capacity by having a free and respectful population with these people. This would also help in avoiding stereotypical barriers and thereby making indigenous people comfortable and improving their mental well-being. This would also assist in mitigating the gaps present in the healthcare system. 


Addressing the urgent need to upgrade the “mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people” “Australian government” has initiated an “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health program” in order to elevate the mental well-being of these people. This poster provides a description of these services and their importance in improving the health outcome of indigenous people.


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Kairuz, C. A., Casanelia, L. M., Bennett-Brook, K., Coombes, J., & Yadav, U. N. (2020). Impact of racism and discrimination on the physical and mental health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Australia: a protocol for a scoping review. Systematic reviews9(1), 1-6. DOI:

McCalman, J., Bainbridge, R., James, Y. C., Bailie, R., Tsey, K., Matthews, V., ... & Doran, C. (2020). Systems integration to promote the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a community-driven continuous quality improvement approach. BMC public health20(1), 1-12. DOI:

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