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Review Of Theories And Frameworks Methodology And Methods Assignment Sample

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Introduction : Review Of Theories And Frameworks + Methodology And Methods

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Employee requirement and retention are crucial aspects rising within multinational business organisations. Business organisations are looking at employee recruitment seriously as their overall productivity and profitability ultimately depend upon them. The human resource involves in employee recruitment looks at employee skills and eligibility criteria during the whole process of recruitment. Work balance, flexibility, training and development are essential factors that affect employee retention within an organisation. This research shed light on KFC's employee recruitment and retention strategies and processes, especially in South Pacific regions.

Customer care services are for helping customers and fulfilling their desires by giving exclusive needy services. The criteria for KFC groups are providing accurate food services and having superior interpersonal abilities. Fast food experts concentrated on welcoming all clients in a friendly, warmly and welcoming manner. Pursuing added accountabilities to help cafe and restaurant processes run smoothly. The worker who services food is usually required to have past experience working in any restaurant or customer care service. Also who previously worked in any client's care services or any food-making industry work easily in the company (Wakeman, 2022). The company worker also should have a potential mindset and calm behaviour will encourage them in this work.


This research work aims to develop strategies for KFC SOPAC to improve employee recruitment and retention.


  • To review theories and frameworks based on employee recruitment and retention
  • To analyse secondary data for employee retention and retention
  • To identify the issues in KFC employee recruitment and employee retention in SOPAC
  • To predict strategies to improve employee recruitment and retention in KFC in SOPAC regions
  • Purpose : The main role of a restaurant worker regarding KFC is to deliver a tasty and fresh variety of food and take many orders from the customers. The restaurant attendant should know cooking for better service. Food preparation responsibilities and preparing menu cards are also distinct items that are the duties of the company employee. The company delivers several special food items in a small time with low coast ranges. Some health-conscious people cannot go to restaurants as their spicy food are most on the list (Chowdhury, et al. 2022 For supporting those people they give properly focus on making healthy food with maintaining good tests. In the provided file the main purposes are to pay attraction and develop the company for increasing future outcome
  • Background : Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was established by “Colonel Harland Sanders” a roadside restaurant and achieved a long distance in its long journey. As per the comments of Jiang and Zhang (2021), KFC has become one of the favourite food restaurants worldwide and in South Pacific regions. With more than 41000 restaurants and outlets of KFC, it is operating in around 125 countries and territories ( 2022). Due to its unique recipe and best food, KFC reached the heart of millions of people. As employees are considered the backbone of the industries, KFC employees are equally valuable and recognised for their success.
  • Problem statement : However, the present scenario tells another story that employees are paying less attention towards their jobs and responsibilities. They seek more interest in gossiping with other employees rather than serving employees on time. On the other hand, the management is losing the thread while recruiting employees. As a result, it creates a challenging situation for KFC while recruiting employees and retaining them for long-term profitability. In this regard, Matthews and George (2019) have stated that employee retention has multiple benefits such as it saves an organisation's cost of hiring, training, replacement, productivity and efficiency. In case of less employee retention, the overall organisational employee turnover increases which bears multiple costs to the organisations? On the other hand, it has been found that some of the employees at KFC are giving their resignation without any information. The frequent change in human resources, or employees, cost consumer creates dissatisfaction within KFC (Sin et al. 2019). Employees ' lack of concentration and carelessness towards their job represent that they are not loyal towards KFC. It has also been identified that some managers are supporting employees and are careless about their code of conduct.

The issue faced within KFC regarding employee retention and recruitment has been investigated in this research work based on the secondary data and predictive analytical approach. The secondary research sources including primary data based on employee recruitment and retention in KFC have been used for this research work. The secondary such as articles, journals and peer review has been collected from different online sources.

Review of theories and framework

As this research work is based on identifying the issues and finding strategies to improve employee recruitment and staff retention within KFC in South Pacific regions, it is covering Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Hertzberg's two-factor motivation theory to study employee retention and recruitment issues. Additionally, the predictive and diagnostic analytical tool has been reviewed in this section of the research work.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Some of the factors such as safety, love, esteem and others are considered important for providing motivation and job satisfaction to the employees. Here comes the importance of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, a theory of employee motivation. The theory of needs states that the business organisation has to fulfil at least five major needs namely “physiologic, safety, love, esteem as well as self-actualization” (?tefan et al.2020). The figure stated below underpinned these needs in a hierarchical order.

From the above figure, it has been noted that psychological needs are at the base and most essential and as well as self-actualisation is at the top. From the point of view of Fallatah and Syed (2018), the hierarchy of needs measures the level and satisfaction and arranges different needs of employees in a hierarchical order based on their level of satisfaction. In a similar context, Hopper (2020) has stated that an organisation can determine which needs are effective in motivating the employees to make sure they pay all their attention at work.

Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Motivation

Here, another two factions have been opined through Hertzberg's two-factor motivational theory which directly or indirectly influences employee retention within an organisation (Alrawahiet al.2020). Recognition, responsibility, achievements along with advancement in work procedure are some of the factors which are essential motivational factors (Hur et al. 2018). From the perspective of the author, it has been found that these factors are effective in retaining employees within an organisation.

These theories can be applied within KFC SOPAC to enhance the motivational level of employees which helps in retaining employees as well as attracting new employees to get recruited.

Predictive analytical framework

The analytical framework is widely used for evaluating factual data based on raw data. As explained by Ahmed and Frohn (2021), predictive analytics are widely utilised for predicting the future of business operations within a business organisation. Therefore, predictive analytics can be used for predicting the status of employee retention and recruitment within the KFC SOPAC.

The predictive analytic theory is a beneficial analytic tool that will provide a wide range of help not KFC to make predictions that will be based on several outcomes. The predictive analylyti9c tool utilises a combination of historical data and machine learning, data mining techniques and statistical modelling. KFC can utilise the tool to address several effective patterns based on the identified data and to analyse and identify several opportunities and risks. The tool is generally associated with data science as well as big data. Prediction of future patterns and risk factors will help the company to focus on strategic planning based on focusing the upcoming challenges. It will also help KFC to analyse factual data based on raw data. 

Diagnostic analytical framework

Secondly, diagnostic analytics is another form of analytics framework which examines collected data and provides diagnostic answers. This analysis depends on questions such as “why did it happen”. Additionally, “drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations” are some of the techniques followed within this framework to analyse the data diagnostically (Bennett et al.2018).

The diagnostic analytic tool is another beneficial tool that will help KFC to answer questions, extract insights and identify trends by utilising the data. These will help the organisation to drive several effective business strategic plans as well as will also provide beneficial information that is required in the decision-making procedure. The framework is based on four major types of data analysation that involves descriptive, which focuses on the occurred data that is based on the occurred incident. Diagnostic focuses on the root causes of the initiation of the incident, predictive focuses on predicting the next occurrence and prescriptive focuses on the required masses that should be taken based on the entire procedures. 

Methodology and methods

Case study research methodology

Here, the case study has been selected of KFC SOPAC regarding the issues of employee retention and recruitment within their different outlets and restaurants. The case study research method was selected to find more information on employee retention within KFC. As per the views of Samad (2019), case study research methodology provides an opportunity for the researchers to perform an in-depth study of the particular research topic considering this research work, an epistemological standpoint approach has been selected. Additionally, the qualitative case study research method has also opted for this research work as it enables the researchers to perform a detailed exploration regarding the issues of employee retention (Aminuddin 2021). As this research work is completely based on KFC SOPAC, it has only analysed and explored the employee data of KFC and has not compared it with any other organisations. Using the descriptive and heuristic approach, researchers have studied the issues of employee retention within KFC SOPAC. 

Secondary data

Secondary data and secondary data analysis has been selected for this research work to perform find evidence and analyse them. The data and valuable information are collected from secondary sources published by previous researchers regarding the issues of employee retention and recruitment within KFC SOPAC. Secondary data helps the researchers to find out the answer to the research question and help in achieving research objectives (Samad 2019). Identifying proper and primary datasets is the priority of researchers while performing this research work. Secondly, the secondary data has been collected from the article and journals based on primary data collection and analysis such as surveys, and interviews in journals, books, peer-review and other secondary sources (Thomas et al.2021). The relatable information published and authored by certified authors and publishing house in the last five years has been collected for this research work.

Analytical framework

Secondary data has been used for this research work to analyse them to get relevant results. In order to analyse secondary data, Predictive Analytical (PA) has been implemented to get relevant data and information. This analytical tool has been considered user-friendly which is why it is mostly accepted to predict future trends within business organisations. Secondly, the analytical tool helps analyse primary data mentioned in secondary research by combining information technology and business models (Gkontzis et al. 2022). With the use of the available data, analytics aids in the forecasting of a given occurrence and future patterns. Businesses can become proactive and future-focused thanks to the predictive analytics methodology. Data is the foundation of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics will be used in commercial applications in future. Due to its quantity and type of data influx, PA has been utilised by experts. PA is software that is easy to use, however, many professionals utilise it to analyse multiple data within their business environment (Srinivas & Ravindran, 2018). Predictive analytics uses analysed data that has been transformed into a structured format. A model that can make precise predictions has been created. The analyst's responsibilities include monitoring the model and making predictions.

Therefore, the business data, recruitment and staff retention information within KFC SOPAC has been studied through the predictive analytics tool. This tool will also help researchers to predict employee recruitment and retention in future. 

The fundamental purpose of this research is to encounter the business strategies used by KFC for its success. The research methodology usually depends on the way in which assuming the advancement of knowledge. The "survey-based secondary data" collected data plays the main role in this method. The data contain beneficial details collected from secondary sources issued by previous experimenters about the problems of worker retention and needs within "KFC SOPAC". A questionnaire recreates a crucial function in this strategy. The survey helps to specify the priory of research when participating in research works. This data is filled with "journal and article-based" information regarding primary research. The relatable details publicised by certified writers and publishing places in the previous five years were collected for the particular research study (Nayeem,2022). Secondary data refers to the analysis of the works and later getting relevant results from these studies. The numerous resources of secondary data are based on "Documentary Data" or "Survey Data". The several sources operated in the document for collecting and gathering companies' details.

Analysis and presentations of findings

Staff retention and recruiting new employees within the organisation become challenges for the organisation. Identifying the issues faced by employees of KFC SOPAC which hampered their job satisfaction and motivational level. Here, this section of research mainly discloses secondary resources illustrating the causes of employee retention issues in KFC. researchers have thematically analysed the challenges faced by KFC SOPAC in retaining their employees along with recruiting new employees.

Lack of growth and progression in KFC SOPAC impacts its employee retention

Growth and progression within the workplace environment in a business organisation enhance employee engagement. However, the lack of growth and progression is considered one of the essential factors contributing to employee turnover. According to a report generated by Gallup, around 87% of millennials' opportunities for growth and development at business organisations are one of the most essential aspects of employee satisfaction. Moreover, around 70% of the professionals in the present scenario have echoed similar sentiments (Cheung et al. 2020). In this concern, it has been found that the growth opportunity provided by KFC, especially in the south pacific regions is not visible. As per the statistical data portrayed by Chamizo-Checa et al. (2020), around 67% of KFC employees responded that they are working in the same job roles for more than five years. This can be analysed as one of the major factors of employee dissatisfactions. In this regard, Islam et al. (2018) have stated that an ambitious professional never desires to secure a good job which is paying checks until their requirements. Rather they look forward to the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.

Therefore, it has been evaluated that the employee professionals are keen towards their career plans and have a strong desire to move forward in their fields. In the workplace environment of KFC, it has been observed that the job roles are constant and employees are bound to do their regular duties. Additionally, it can also be analysed that employees within KFC are provided fewer opportunities to excel in their careers. Some leaders appreciate the employees learning different skills and knowledge for their personal development;indeed, the actual appraisal or growth looks longer time than expected (Chastney et al. 2021). As a result, the employees visualise themselves at the same rank and job roles for longer than usual which forces them to turn off from the organisations. Additionally, the employees keep themselves updated and sharpen their skills usually spending less time unemployed in case of any sudden laid off. It also created an impact on the employee staying longer for the same job roles for longer durations of time (Kloesch et al. 2022). As a result, employees resign from their job roles and search the opportunities shaving more growth and professional opportunities. 

The point workers begin to thoughtfully assess opportunities for another occupation, they stand possible to evolve actively cleared from their position. That busily cleared workers to command the U.K. between billion to billion each year in lost productivity” (Chamizo-Checa, et al. 2020). Busily disengaged workers stand “more possible to swipe from their businesses", "negatively impact their co-workers", "miss work days", and "drive customers away.” Without a worker retention system in business, company workers stand an additional possibility to view additional career options and evolve cleared. When positions are served, workers will bring a period to adapt and "ramp up to their peak productivity", with most experienced employees carrying "1-2 years" to evolve completely productive within a company.

Lack of innovation in the workplace environment impact staff retention in KFC SOPAC

Proper and meaningful work is a basic condition for the satisfaction of employees in their jobs. Innovation and development in business functions help keep employees engaged towards their work. As per the opinion of Khan et al. (2020), employees contribute multiple innovative business ideas within the organisation and contribute to the development of organisations. In the meantime, clear communication and recognition of employees are essential values that must be included within the workplace environment of the organisation. Considering the business operations of KFC, it has been found that most of its recipes are prepared by specialists in its research and development units (Kwan et al. 2018). Employees at the restaurants and outlets of KFC only follow the instructions and menu and uses prepared ingredients to deliver food items to consumers. The strict procedures and ingredients of KFC dished never allow its chefs to experiment with them or alter the procedure due to its policies and terminologies.

As a result, employees feel demotivated as they are not allowed to include their ideas and innovation in food preparations at KFC. As per the opinion of Forte et al. (2022), in case of business organisations fail to include innovation and evolve from their previous practices, the bright employees feel stagnated. Similar things happen in the restaurants and outlets of KFC in the south pacific region. Moreover, cost them employee turnover for a long time as some of the top talented employees leave organisations not getting a chance of engineering new products or include their innovation in product development (Grimm et al. 2022). Additionally, in case the organisation failed to innovate new products and services, employees may wonder about their job security. It has been analysed that the companies do not include innovation and development in their business practices and failed to evolve are rarely continue to dominate in the market and last for the long term.

If "worker retention" is the firm central purpose, it ought to discover methods to push "innovation". Workers stand a critical help in getting in fresh concepts and strategies. Employees must stand inspired by awarding them for "their creativity and providing" the firm with renewed thoughts (Chastney, 2021). If the different workers see somebody earning a "reward, or gift card, or are openly thanked for a creative idea", they will stand better possible to "dream up innovative ideas as well". As a consequence, workers "feel demotivated" as they stand not permitted to contain their views or "innovation in food preparations at KFC". In point, firms forget to contain "innovation and evolve" from their earlier methods, and the brilliant workers regard stagnated.

Inefficient management within KFC hampered its employee's engagement

In the corporate environment, it is often said that the employees do not leave the company rather they leave the managers. It has been observed that the employees warning under the manager having unprofessional behaviour or not compatible behaviour creates challenges for the team members to survive in them. As per the employee retention report published by TINYpulse, around 40% of employees are rating their superior’s performance as subpar and are mostly looking for new jobs (Tinypulse 2022). It has been analysed from the report those employees considered their superior average or below the average feel demotivated working with them as they feel more capable and efficient than them. As a result, employee turnover among team leaders and managers is more observed to be seen in a present corporate environment.

Similar issues have been found within some of the restaurants of KFC in the south pacific region. It has been founded that managers were more friendly towards some of the employees while on the other hand, they are not in favour of employees whom they do not like (Wu 2022). It has also been observed that some employees along with managers knowingly created scenes with consumers. For example, an incident of a consumer from a KFC restaurant had become popular where the consumer has to wait for more than 50 minutes for the food and when their turn comes, the staff says they were short of chicken. It has been analysed from the incidents that the employees, as well as managers, are involved in disputes where the responsibility of managers is to cool down the consumers and compensate them (Appiah 2021). Additionally, multiple cases of delay in food delivery have been found at the restaurants of KFC in south pacific regions where the restaurants took more than 30 minutes to serve food even though, no other consumers are there in the restaurants. Hence, the responsibility towards their job roles chooses not to work with subpar seniors and managers. 

If worker disengagement leaks unbridled, "employee turnover will start to increase". Active workers may start to judge the "lack of power in their additional disengaged co-workers". This builds a "toxic culture and environment" that intention usually defined as "uninspired or lacking innovation". Good leaders serve the function that leaders can’t they build trust and affinity with their workers, leveraging personal powers to delegate and encourage somebody where they stand. In the business environment, it stands usually stated that the workers accomplish not depart the corporation instead they exit the leaders. It has existed followed that the workers alerting beneath the leader including unprofessional manners and not consistent behaviour assemble challenges for the group partners to stay in them. 

 Inadequate compensation causes employee turnover in KFC SOPAC

The primary requirement of employees within an organisation is their pay. As per the statistical data presented by (2022), around 70% of the responders leave their job due to low payments. In the current world, the recession is enormously expanding which requires more money from the people to survive. In this concern, it has been analysed that the organisation paying more money for the equivalent jobs attracts the employees for less paying organisations. Digging the evidence of employee turnover in KFC and the reason behind less employee retention, it has been found that more than 60% of employees are not satisfied with the pay they are receiving from the organisation (Ahmed & Arif 2021). As a result, the staff retention rate in KFC in SOPAC reason is observed to be less.

Additionally, organisations offering more increments to the employees attract them to switch their jobs. As per the report published by (2022), the average employees expect an annual increase of around 3% to 10% when staying in the same organisation. However, the salary of an employee is boosted by around 15% to 25% in case they switch organisations. KFC is providing an increment of around 3-10% to its average employees however the opportunity for a maximum increment is always open for them in case they switch organisations. As a result, employees are more convenient towards switching their jobs and receiving maximum increments. Additionally, organisations offering jobs to experienced employees provide an opportunity to negotiate their pay and enjoy benefits (Munawir et al. 2020). Apart from that, it has also been observed that perks and benefits are other factors which are considered under compensation. Employees receiving perks and additional benefits from the organisations are more engaged and loyal towards the organisations and do not think about switching their jobs. In the scenario of SOPAC regions, KFC is not analysed to be active in providing perks and additional benefits to its employees. As a result, it becomes another factor for employee turnover.

Compensation and expenditure stand very critical problems in the current globe. Proper presentation is primarily hanging on the useful charge plan in the UK. Compensation recreates a necessary function in defining a worker's status of "job satisfaction, job engagement, turnover intention and performance". Compensation recreates a strong function in "attracting, motivating and retaining" qualified workers. Workers accepting bonuses and other advantages from the corps are better active and dedicated towards the company and accomplish not thinking about changing their careers (Damei, 2020). In the system of "SOPAC regions, KFC" stands not examined to stand involved in supplying bonuses and extra advantages to its workers. As a consequence, it evolves another element for worker turnover.

The compensation package involves several factors that include medical care, flexible work-life benefits, employee benefits, work-life balance and many more. There are basic advantages that every employee expects from the organisation that they are engaged with. KFC in some parts is failing to provide such kind of advantages or any kind of paying benefits to their employees, which is resulting to be turnover of the employee. Hence, due to this KFC is losing a wide range of potential employees which is resulting to be hampered the business growth of KFC. Employee performance is also been degraded. Insufficient compensation is also affecting employee satisfaction and that is majorly affecting employee work performance at KFC.

Diversity deficiency affects employee morale and job satisfaction at KFC

The South Pacific region includes a group of 15 counties having different cultural beliefs and norms. As per the comments of Akinwale and George (2020), diversity and inclusion are the most essential factors for the organisational workplace environment. Employees from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity are working for the KFC in SOPAC regions. The employees working in diverse cultural environments wanted to feel safe, empowered and accepted to do their best work. The issues of discrimination have been founded within the workplace environment of KFC which is observed to be putting significant stress on the employees (Karousiou et al. 2019). The leadership and managerial practices of senior employees contribute to managing the culturally diverse workforce. However, the managers of some of the outlets of KFC are observed to be more in disciplined and provided flexibility to the employees. As a result, discrimination on the ground of culture and ethnicity contribute to burnout. It has been analysed from the statistical data, not every employee or identity is equally treated and respected within the workplace environment. It has been found that employees at the workplace are targeted and left out of the workplace.

"Diversity changes" is the essence of the workplace or connections among the workers. If it stands not designed and executed correctly then these differences can induce anxiety and guide to adverse working connections and inadequate worker confidence (Fallatah, 2018). Though the extent of "worker morale" on interpretation is positively identified, there stands no agreement on a detailed idea. Set of elements connected to "employee morale". Diverse workers may sense undesirable in the company, therefore clearing this perception stands necessary via exercise, pedagogy and administrative actions which intentionally enhance the work atmosphere and worker job satisfaction. Focus on "employee satisfaction" allows for making a baseline measure of execution and thriving company leadership. Job pleasure is an arrow of business earnings. It even benefits the building and development of a workers-oriented "atmosphere and culture".

KFC needs to introduce diversity practices in the workplace that will help the organisation to engage with better and improved productivity and better prospects. Introducing diversity practise in the workplace will help KFC to obtain several organisational benefits that may include enhancing workplace culture, reduce biases, employee retention as well a wide range of workplace productivity can be obtained.

Workplace diversity is an important factor for KFC as it helps the organisation to acknowledge the strength of the employees individually as well as the potential of their work. It also helps the organisation to gain more revenue as well as helps in enhancing the understanding capability of rewarding the needs and desires of the customers.

Discussion and implications

From the above analysis, it can be considered that there are multiple issues collectively causing problems in employee recruitment and staff retention. As per the comments of Anand and Yeung (2018), the effectiveness of workplace environment and employee retention strategies within an organisation depends mainly on the alignment with the issues and solutions surpassed to mitigate it. Based on the statistical data presented in the above section, researchers have predicted the future of employee retention within KFC SOPAC.

Based on the lack of growth and opportunity within KFC, it can be predicted that employee retention would not be observed to increase positively in future. As it does not allow employees to participate with their innovative thoughts and ideas, its future staff satisfaction is predicted to be less (Shriedeh 2019). Career development opportunities such as workshops, conferences, membership, training and mentorship programs can be implemented within the workplace environment of KFC to improve the growth and progression of employees and ultimately retain them.

Considering the innovation management of KFC, it can be predicted that it needs to improve its food items and menus and services to engage employees in their jobs and retain them. Additionally, growth, improvement and recognition of employees can be implemented to enhance innovation and creativity within the organisation. Thirdly, employee retention is predicted constant unless KFC provides efficient managers with extensive ongoing training and moral support (Rajamohan et al. 2019). The higher number of employees rating average or below average to their leaders forces them to predict a negative scenario regarding employee retention in KFC. Regular department reviews can be implemented to check on managers within each restaurant and outlet of KFC to improve the management standards and enhance employee retention. 

Fourthly, the fewer payments and ineffective perks and benefits provided by KFC to its employees enable it to predict its lower employee retention in future. As salary, perks and benefits are the factors that directly influence employee satisfaction, it plays an important role in employee retention. As per the comments of White et al. (2019), conducting a regular compensation review ensures an organisation reviews their pay and benefits are compatible with industry standards as well as the competitive market. In case KFC provides regular opportunities for employees to negotiate their compensation and raise it regularly, its employee retention will increase over a short duration of time (Inegbedion et al. 2020). Incentives, perks and other benefits must be included in the pay of employees to enhance their job satisfaction and ultimately increase staff retention and recruitment as well.

Lastly, from the diversity deficiency environment and cross-culture demographic of Southern regions of the Pacific, it can be predicted that employee retention in future is not expected to improve unless and until KFC enhance its diversity and inclusion policy equally in each of its outlets. A fair and equitable hiring process can be implemented within the recruitment process of KFC to enhance its employee recruitment as well as retention (Ding et al. 2021). Inviting employees for discussions and celebrating cultural practices and perspectives in the workplace environment helps in creating an inclusive culture. Providing employees with an employee resource group and support system help in creating a supportive and inclusive diverse environment which ultimately helps in improving staff retention. 


In the present scenario, in business organisations, candidates having in-demand skills are widely searched for and recruited. Even during the pandemic, organisations never stop hiring new and talented employee personnel. Secondly, organisations are also taking employee retention seriously as they have the risk of losing skilled and qualified employees (Inegbedion et al. 2020). Here, this section has been developed recognizing the issues of employee recruitment and retention of KFC SOPAC to recommend some better strategies.

  • Onboarding and orientations: The newly recruited employees are not aware of the goals and objectives of the organisations (Langley et al. 2018). Therefore, it is recommended to KFC SOPAC provide onboarding processes and orientations that not only teach employees about their job roles whereas, it also trains them about company culture and its long terms goals.
  • Mentorship programs: The external onboarding process must include pairing new employees with mentors which helps them to rope new experiences from the mentors. Therefore, it is suggested to KFC SOPAC include mentorship in their external onboarding process to increase employee retention (Damei 2020).
  • Employee compensation: competitive compensations are an essential motivational force that enables employees to become comparatively competitive (Khalid & Nawab, 2018). Hence, it is requested to KFC SOPAC evaluate employees' performance and adjust their salary regularly.
  • Perks: Perks can be considered as strategies to boost employees' morale in the process of new hiring as well as re-engaging current staff. It is recommended to KFC SOPAC value some perks such as a salary guide, a sound working environment, remote work options and a flexible schedule (Al-Gharbi & Javed, 2021).
  • Feedback and performance: Continuous feedback and performance can be considered an effective tool which keeps employees on track to meet their long and short-term goals. It is recommended to KFC SOPAC organise one-to-one meetings of employees to leaders to set their short and long-term goals through employee feedback and performance programme (Khan 2018).
  • Training and development: Based on feedback on performance, employees' identical areas or weaknesses can be identified and provided training to improve them (Abba, 2018). In this concern, it is recommended that KFC SOPAC can provide training and development sessions to employees and ultimate increase employee retention.
  • Recognition and rewards: The workforce want to feel appreciated and rewarded. It is recommended that KFC recognise employee perforce and based on that, reward them for impacting their gratitude and retaining them longer (Tirta & Enrika, 2020).
  • Work-life balance: Flexibility in work is widely demanded in corporate organisations as a healthy work-life balance is considered essential for job satisfaction. In this concern, it is recommended to the managers of KFC SOPAC value and understand what are the lives of employees outside of work to provide a better work-life balance (Tirta & Enrika, 2020).

Smart recommendation 


KFC needs to focus on employee retention, by providing beneficial advantages to the employee that may include health care for the employee as well as to his family and providing sick leaves. It is also important for the organisation to provide payment-related benefits that may include rewards for well-performing and extra payments for extra working hours.


Management issue is one of the vital issues that KFC is facing. It is important to work on such issues, It can be recommended to KFC, organise several meetings and events that will help to engage open communication and reduce the communication gap that will help to understand the conflicts and to work on it, and it will also help to reduce the underlying issue that is in initiating management issue. 


It is important to maintain workplace diversity; it will help to maintain potential workplace culture. Ethical consideration, diverse approaches and equality practices are required. This set of practices regularly will help the organisation to maintain workplace culture. 


KFC needs to introduce innovation to the systemeti8c operation. It is recommended to KFC transform into automation that will help potential introduction of innovation as well as will also provide help in cost optimisation.


Employee productivity is a vital issue that will hamper the entire business growth of KFC. It is important for KFC to focus on the underlying issue the employee is facing that is affecting their work productivity; the company can arrange several events and meetings that will help to reduce personal conflicts among the employees. The organisation can also focus on providing training sessions to the employee for enhancing their skills and by providing available resources to the employee for more effective work. It is also important for the organisation to motivate the employees and to provide special focus to the low-performing employees. 


It can be concluded from the above text that employee recruitment and retention are essential concerns within the corporate environment. Multiple issues within KFC SOPAC have been identified regarding employee recruitment and retention. The issue of lack of employee engagement with leaders and managers within the organisation has been summarised as a major factor in the lack of employee recruitment. From the analysis, it has been identified that a lack of employee recognition, culture recognition, lack of mutual trust and transparency are major factors within KFC SOPAC. These factors are effectively demoralising the morale of employees which ultimately hampers employee retention. It has also been identified that employee retention directly influences employee recruitment.

It has been summarised that the less employee retention rates of KFC SOPAC have hampered its brand image in a competitive market. As a result, it negatively influences freshers as well as talent not to get recruited in such an organisation where employees are facing difficulties and are bound to leave the job. In the last few decades, it has been observed that employees are less dedicated towards their job roles within the KFC business environment, especially in the SOPAC region. Additionally, it has also been noted that the managements are sometimes supportive of employees in their rebellious behaviour. As a result, employees develop suppressive and opposite behaviour which harms the organisational reputation along with its profitability. Hence, the purpose of research which is to identify the issues in employee recruitment and staff retention has been identified.

Secondly, the discussion and implication section has revealed the issues hampering staff retention. Based on the discussion and implications, researchers have recommended some strategies to improve employee retention within KFC SOPAC. Orientations, mentorship, employee compensation, perks, feedback and performance analysis, training and development, recognition and rewards, and work-life balance are some of the strategies suggested to KFC SOPAC to improve its staff retention as well as employee recruitment. Hence, the discussion and recommendation section has successfully achieved the purpose of this research work.

In the total research diagram, it is suggested that worker needs and retention are necessary elements of matters within the corporate atmosphere. Several problems that occurred in "KFC SOPAC" that wererecognised concerning employee "recruitment and retention". The problem of deficiency of worker engagement with managers and superiors in the company could be summarised as the main aspect of the insufficiency of worker recruitment. These elements are actually discouraging the confidence of workers which really hampers worker retention.

It has been concluded that the low range of worker retention rates for" KFC SOPAC" has hindered its brand impression in a broad demandable market. It gives results in a negative way and the adverse powers of fresher’s also demotivate them and their talents for not getting recruited in this company where workers are facing problems regularly. . Besides, it is also to be noted that the organisation are occasionally supporting their employees about their undisciplined behavior. Last, of all, it can be said that workers generate suppressive and also opposing manners which harm the corporate reputation with its benefits. Therefore, the main goal of the research is to determine the problems in worker recruitment and team retention which were identified properly.


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