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Researching Indigenous Australians Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Exploring Indigenous Education in Australia: Challenges, Initiatives, and Reflections

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Part 1: Indigenous person profile

Overview of Cultural background

Indigenous people can be referred to as those communities that live together and those people that are aboriginal and origin of Torres Strait islander. The cultural information includes the nation, languages, oral traditions, art, and crafts of those people. The nations of these people are from Australia and they use more than 300 languages to communicate with others people. The identified person is from Australia and the language of this person is aboriginal English. Data shows that a total of approx 76,978 people present aboriginal and indigenous people in Australia and out of those people, 52139 people consider their traditional language, 15026 people use new contact languages such as Kriol, Gurindji Kriol, light Warlpiri and Yumplatok and 1371 people spoke in aboriginal English language to communicate with others (, 2022). In addition, 8440 people use code language to continue their daily activities.

Contribution to the scholarship teaching and learning

The Australian Government consider developing an education process for indigenous Australia and focusing to work with various territories and states to continue policies and programs for schools. This focuses on developing entire students' performance and their lifestyles to compete with rich people in the country. "The national aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy 2015" delivers effective strategies to develop an educational process for those people (, 2022). The selected person contributes to the STEM innovators program of this policy to develop future science and technology for these people. This person also includes effective support in SAASTA programs to develop skills, confidence and opportunities for aboriginal communities (, 2022). This focuses on developing their education, healthy living, employment, cultural connection and sport. 

Influences of context

Cultural influence includes the improvement in cultural aspects in cultural practice conducted by indigenous Australians. The influence in education has not only benefited the indigenous race but also provided an effective position in society for celebrating their culture. Education has made effective progress in diminishing the gap between the normal Australian and the indigenous Australian. The influence of this context can provide a positive impact on the entire society as programs of indigenous education can help to develop the entire community and the person can learn many activities and can develop communication efficiency through this process. This also can affect education systems as the awareness of the community about indigenous education can reduce and the entire community and the person can develop skills and learnings through these educational programs. The cognitive skills, lifestyle, competitiveness, confidence and opportunities can develop for those people in Australia. 

Part 2: Educational Reflections

Indigenous education has been a policy priority in Australia in the education field where the main purpose is "to teach a way of life and be well supported by the native". In my opinion, the main problems associated with this education are ethnic and cultural discrimination in schools. My experiences concerning indigenous education provide accurate and fair information about indigenous children. There were major countries as well where schooling among these types of people has increased and resulted in poor education outcomes in particular countries. 

I need to know the current status situation of indigenous education. According to the past condition, the education quality of the indigenous used to suffer from various issues such as child education facility health care facilities and shelter facilities. In recent years, the government is supplying various facilities to the indigenous people. The government has decided to provide a better education facility to the indigenous people and “ensure mainstream schools policy and programs contribute to improvements in outcomes for all students” (, 2022). The national agreements are closing the gaps between normal Australians and indigenous people. 

I can improve my knowledge in this particular area by conducting research practice in this particular area. The research can be conducted by approaching and interviewing the indigenous people and gathering the data from the governmental website. I can also develop knowledge by reading magazines regarding the upcoming projects for the development of education for indigenous people. To gather evidence regarding the government's practices is conducted for facilitating the education of indigenous. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School leadership might follow the relevant standard that is 1.4 which determines the major need for Aboriginal culture as well as the need for understanding and collaborative work. This strategy delivers a relevant framework for teachers and also provides an idea for dealing with community members and representatives as well as carers.

From my viewpoint, I can say that acquiring specific vocational training as well as developing intellectual skills is necessary for me when concerned about professional responsibilities. Despite, its critical role as a responsible individual I also must be aware to include educational practices as well as endangered language for identifying the issues. Moreover, mitigating the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous oral transmission and apprenticeship knowledge needs to be observed. 



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