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Cognitive Psychology Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Cognitive Psychology

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Opening statement- Does being an expert gamer improve problem-solving skills?

Gaming plays a key role in developing the mind and depicts the skill of problem-solving in the young brains of adolescents. Playing video games helps to boost brain connectivity and increase the memory, muscle control, spatial navigation and perception of the child in their young stage. Video games are strategic and harm the life of youngsters in their studies, yet it helps to create skills such as problem-solving and decision-making. Video gaming helps to develop sustained attention, selective attention, divided attention, visual-spatial function learning and solving problems and working memory. Sustain attention helps the young generation to focus on their studies and valuable things that are attained by playing strategic video games. Playing strategic games helps the focus of the individual to concentrate on one thing and in turn, it makes teenagers focus on their aims and goals deciphering the cognitive skill of selective attention. Divided attention skill is merely developed among individuals that help them to do multitasks without realizing them and this can be achieved by strategic digital games. Digital games help to strengthen the memory of the individual as the brain's working capacity increases and thus it helps to clear their academics with high grades. Learning visual-spatial functions helps teenagers to connect their components of the memory with the current scenario to foster problem decision skills and decision-making.


Online games develop a good amount of skills that help the young generation to save their problems and make effective decisions and aims use their brains in multiple tasks. On, the other side some disadvantages of digital games were also encountered during the investigation of the project. It was observed that a large number of children are addicted to such games resulting in memory loss and also degradation in their academics (Shute et al.2015). Severe health problems also came into the report during the investigation of this project work. Portal 2 is the study of the first puzzle platform that aims to develop skills among individuals. the second game that has a hypothesis in the research literature is the Lumosity cognitive training problem that has positive effects on the health of the young generation. The cognitive skill that helps to develop are attention, memory, processing speed and mental flexibility.

Aims and Objectives

  • To investigate that two different playing video games that promote solving skills in young individuals
  • To investigate that high problem-solving skill influences high grades

The objective of this report is to study the different methods and the related concept that helps individual to gain solving skills by playing strategic video games. These video games along with problem-solving skills develop high grades for the individual in academics. The aim and objectives help the reader to know the positive sides of playing strategic video games that help to develop skills that are related to self-problem and solving them efficiently.


The relationship between academic grades, the ability to solve different problems and the relation with playing video games helps to know the positive effects of strategic games that are being played by the young generation (Choi et al.2020). The readers learn that strategic video games help to boost the brain in effective solving skills and turn leverage the grade of the academic. Playing strategic video games helps the young generation to get out of any kind of problematic situation in any part of their life.

Methods of Experiment

The methods of an experiment that has been done in this research project include research philosophy, research design and research approach. Research philosophy consists of three parts known as positivism, interpretive and realism, The method that has been experimented with using research philosophy is realism which helps to connect the knowledge and the scientific approach with the help of personal interactions (Acquah and Katz, 2020). The interaction of adolescents with strategic video games helps to develop skills in them that are effective in problem-solving and decision-making. The method that is used in research design is a quantitative research design that uses journals and relevant articles to carry out the research method and achieve the aims and objectives of this research project (Janakiraman et al. 2021).

The research approach used in this project was the deductive approach that infers the logical approach from general ideas to specific conclusions. The general idea is that strategic games help to boost the brains of individuals, yet are helpful in problem-solving and decision-making. Digital games help to learn students about their academic content and develop skills using the above three methods it is found that strategic video games help to boost the brain to develop new problem-solving skills and make decisions effectively.

Explanations and Results

The strategic games in digital format have evoked cognitive skills in the young generation although causing harmful effects to some extent on the lives of living young individuals. The data that has been collected are from authentic sources and reveals that the majority of the individuals develop the skills of multitasking, memory retention, focused mind, problem-solving and decision-making (Adachi et al. 2013). The two games which are strategic and role-play types help the individuals to gain the skills specified above. These skills help them to make themselves of high-quality nature in the future world. Flexibility in mind and mental rotation helps the individual to gain skills by playing digital games.


The readers understood the importance of digital games that are strategic helps to develop the minds of the individuals in a strategic way. The minds of the young generation helps to develop new cognitive skills such as problem solving, decision making, which in turn, gives the new era a revolution. The persistence of the student increases on having such skills and thus digital games makes exercise of the brain and increase the concentration. Digital game based learning makes use of real, contextual, enjoyable, and relevant materials to the students and young generation.


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