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Implement Change Management Process Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Implement Change Management Process

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Empowerment: Company may use various things in this such as sharing views with the employees and in addition to that company may also divide its work into sub part with their workers so that it will deal with working in easy manner (Marchewka, 2014). When management sharing their power with their employee that shows its importance in effective manner. This is based on three main things that is about initiate staff to take part with the change. Company also share their work in a appropriate manna-re with their responsibility. Another one is sharing of power according to the circumstances.

Systematic thinking: In this point company has to use a systematic thinking in which management must evaluates its employees wants and needs. According to that company can change their way of thinking and also attract with each other. In addition to that company has to put large number of efforts and this contribution connects the work in effective manner. Systematic thinking has leads to better work as well as it leads to motivate their work in the effective manner.

Implementation strategies

For accomplishment of change company has to adopt a systematic strategy in which a process for development is hire (Borghoff and Pareschi, 2013). Here process is listed as follow that is essential for implementation:

  • In this point company has to create a sense to find out the change of urgency. In addition to that management take two things that is identifying and discussing for the accomplishment.
  • When management of Epic video fond that why change is needed that they have to create a guide lines that leads to change. In this company create a team who decide what necessary step should be taken by the management.
  • Management of team create a vision or strategy and this leads to get the vision in a easy manner. A systematic strategy always done when high degree of efforts putting together into it.
  • When team set the vision for the change at that time management using a medium that assists for communicating the new to the management of the company or to the top management (Davenport, 2013).
  • In next step change team develop a structure that is assist them as a guideline and in this management, engage its employee also as a partner so that they can able to understand the actual situation of the company as well as positive effect of change.
  • After that company create a short-term plan for improvement in the software or company can adopt the new one.
  • In this company take place for the new software in which company create training and development. This will lead to adjust with the change as well as success for the change (Schwalbe, 2015).

An implementation package

For implementation in project various points must be cover in this such as management of the company must emphasise its work and this management of the company must develop a budget for its systematic implementation. In which investment in new product is considered by the marketing management of the company. In addition to that management also evaluates its result output. The creativity also included in this where employee motivation, budget making and also way of working is also included in this.

A review process or conclusions

In this management of the company evaluates it's all over the project which deals in the various question that is listed as follows:

  • Epic video management must consider that how serious the management is that means executives and management take changes in the serious way.
  • The impact of change is positive or negative that is also considered by the management.
  • Is there budget is appropriate or not and if is not appropriate then what changes should be take place in this.
  • Is the changes affects any political and legal factor and what action should be taken to control this?
  • Have company can deal with their employee issues at the time of change plan?
  • Have company want to change their rules and regulation after changing?

It has been discovered in very broadest level that is change leads to development or not. In this management of the company also evaluates that after changing in the software of the company employees attitude is changed. If it is change in the positive manner that will leads to positive manner as well as company get satisfaction from the same or not. e All above points must be review by the management for implementation of the change in the organization in a positive way. After implementation, continuous focusing is also necessary for the management.


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