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Data in the Real World Case Study

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Introduction: Data in the Real World Case Study

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Misinformation is the incorrect or misleading type of information that differs from disinformation and is a deliberate type of deception. A rumor is that information is attributed to any type of a particular source that is unreliable and not verified. Disinformation which is a form of a false statement and misleading type of information is designed to be presented and it's promoting into intentional harm and profit. Disinformation is the not accurate or manipulated type of information or content that is spread intentionally. A fake type of news that emerges in a field of research attracts more amount of attention to academic communities. 

Descriptive discussion of the case study

"Black lives matter" is been a decentralized political and social type of movement seeking to highlight discrimination and racial types of inequality that are experienced by black people (, 2020). It is the main concern of an incident of police brutality that is motivated by violence against black people (Arif, Stewart & Starbird, 2018). The movement of black lives matter is been spawned by a proliferation of false statements and misleading types of information regarding the movement. It is an example of misinformation of a BLM that has the credible type of resources in researching police type’s statistics.

Supporting a black lives matter movement is begun and posted on social media that continues to call for racial types of justice and an end to police brutality. It is having an online post that is riddled with disinformation which includes specifically targeting BLM (Drakulich et al. 2020). It is an activist charge of a disparaging type of post that is a part of the complete amount of effort that is undermined into a movement of their message. An example is been false claims for a government that is identified as a terrorist group. Social media fake news has prominence and impact on the political type of affairs (Updegrove et al. 2020). Fake news is spread deeply on social media that is to understand a veracity effect.

A challenge in a BLM is having a political action and a campaign of letter writing and nonviolent types of protest. It is seeking to combat police brutality for a neighborhood minority and is committed to a profit of jails. 

Suggestions for addressing the problem

Disinformation of Black lives matter is having multi types of agenda platforms that have black-centered into an organization having a policy goal. The suggestion is that fake news on social media should stop in against Black live matter and have a duty to protect people and help in this movement. Another suggestion is that a stop extremist process of thought is measuring views. It is utilized by a political and an ideology is considered in sharing of social movement in a social attitude. Moreover, a cultural impact is immeasurably been expansive that is responsible for popularizing indispensable types of tools. Social media helps to bring attention to police violence which allows them to police protesters speaking in a direct way to other people. People is rammed that fake news on Black lives matter is not affected people understands.


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