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Career Development And Employability Assignment Sample

Career Development And Employability

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INTRODUCTION - Career Development And Employability

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With the increasing competition in all the sectors and increasing globalisation unemployment has become an important issue for the youth. The individuals focus on getting better jobs and for this they need to focus on better career development that can help them in getting better jobs. When the candidate is student then there are different factors which are required to be taken in concern by the individuals. It can be said that the individuals needs to pay attention on proper career development for this the employability skills and great knowledge is required. Continuous improvement in the skills and knowledge is important for career development of the individual (McCarthy, 2020). 

This essay would focus on explaining two important factors which are having a major role to play in employability and career development. The author would be explaining about networking and curriculum vitae which are having an important role to play in career development. The individuals needs to focus on having better contacts and networking which can help them in getting better employment opportunities effectively. Along with this, a curriculum vita is also important as it helps the students or the candidates to reflect their skills and knowledge properly in a systematic manner. 


In general terms career development is referred as the process of choosing an career and development the skills and knowledge according to the chosen career. The individuals need to focus on selecting the best career option according to their pReferences and interest. Also they need to pay attention on all the important factors that can help them in their employability. Both networking and curriculum vitae are having an major role to play in employability of the individuals. 


In the context on career development, networking is having an major role to play. Networking is being defined as the process of creating the relationships with one another for helping each other in achieving their career goals. Networking helps the individuals in getting better job opportunities and getting updated with all the information related to that career or profession (Fryczy?ska and Ivanova, 2017). If a candidate is having strong networking then it helps them in continuous improvement which is very important for career development. When the candidate develops their skills and knowledge as per the changing business environment then it helps them in creating more attractive employment opportunities for them. 

Having effective network in any of the industry helps the candidate on gaining access to all the necessary resources that will foster their career development. Along with this networking is also important as it helps the individuals in keeping updated with all the information related to job openings. So it can be said that the candidate should focus on developing a professional network. For developing better professional network the individual needs to have effective communication skills and should attend different professional event so that they can connect well with others and create an professional network. 

Curriculum Vitae 

A curriculum vita is being defined as the document that contains all the information of the job applicant which makes it easy for the employer in selecting the candidate. A curriculum vita is used to showcase the academic and professional accomplishment of the job applicant (AS and SCHOLAR, 2017). Also it includes the detail regarding the skillset of the individual or the job applicant. The curriculum vitae plays a major role when the individual applies for the job because the employer analysis the candidate according to their CV and then on the basis of it the candidates are selected for the interview process. The important purpose of the curriculum vitae is to provide the overview of professional career that includes education and experience to the employer. It can be said that the individual should create an attractive CV with all the essential and required information while applying for a job. For developing a better CV the candidate should use an attractive format and should showcase all the skills and experience properly. 


Reflection is an important for understanding that what the output of any of the activity done. Along with this reflection also helps in evaluating the experience and understanding that what are new things that have being learn from the particular experience. If I would reflect on this assessment then I would say that this assessment had helped me in understanding the important things related to my career development. This assessment had helped me in understanding the important of networking and curriculum vitae. 

This had helped me in understanding that I have to work on my communication skills and should have to focus on creating better relations with my friends and colleagues that would help me in career development. Also I think that for developing better network one needs to be more bold and should connect easily with others then only effective professional relationships can be developed. Along with this I have also learn that I have to create an attractive curriculum vitae which should represent my skills, knowledge and experience appropriate. So I can say that this assessment is very helpful for me as it had helped in understanding the factors which are required to be taken in concern for better career development and employability.


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