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Business Communication Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Business Communication

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“Assertiveness is your ability to act in harmony with your self esteem without hurting others”. This document consist of importance of assertive behaviour while communicating with others. How this behaviour can be used to have good present and future professional career has also been illustrated in this report.

1. Topic and its description

Assertive Behaviour is the topic which I have found most interesting among topics which have been discussed. It is a key communication skill which allows to pursue our own objectives and stand up for our own choices, beliefs and values simultaneously with respecting other people values, beliefs and choices. While communicating two or more parties are involved who have different point of view and also they have different choices. It is not possible for both parties to get what they want in every condition so, a deal has to be made which agrees upon best possible result which leads to assertive behaviour (Guffey, 2012). Maintaining this behaviour leads to a positive and friendly relationship which is very good while having relations with other. This implies behaving in coordination with others as well as having your own opinion.

In vast majority of cases assertive behaviour has produced best result while in a few it does not work. To have this you first need to be clear about your ideas and plans by this you will get a direction in which you have to work. Pick best direction try to improve it by practicing and experiencing more and more in that field. This will give you best knowledge of that area which will give generation to assertive behaviour where you can stand for your own beliefs by keeping others in mind. There are several aspects of this like- taking responsibility, using descriptive language, presenting your state and opinion in best way, seeking views of others, constructive feedback to have best decisions, inviting suggestions, pleasant tone, appropriate volume, fluency while speaking, maintaining eye contact, appropriate facial expression and open body language welcoming others expressions.

2. Personal reflection

In my opinion assertive behaviour is very important and this leads to build up many positive and good relationship. As assertive behaviour aims at protecting both aggressive and passive behaviour. This state of person builds up a human which is very efficient and reliable who is responsible for all. Knowledge of a person is very high which implies him/her to stand for its own opinions and beliefs. Management skills are also developed by this. Healthy relationship maintenance is enhanced which is really important while surviving in this environment. There are many more reasons which will justify my choice they are as below:

  • Development of person: Assertive behaviour develops a person as it focus on building healthy relations which also improves and builds a possible image of person (Ru-Chu, 2013). By this a person develops in other people point of view which gives rise to trust and honour to that person.
  • Enhancement of knowledge: Knowledge of a person about different behaviour of people and dealing with them in best possible manner is enhanced which builds up a great leader.
  • Management skills: A person learns to manage other people by listening to them as well as implying his own point of view to it which gives best solutions and base for decision making.
  • Interaction skills: This develops interacting power of a person to deal with different behaviour (Robles, 2012). Being humble with confidence leads to very good interaction with people which leaves best expression amongst others.

All of these qualities while having assertive behaviour made me to choose the topic which will help me to get knowledge in building best relationship and coordination with others while working in an organisation.

3. Use of assertive behaviour in present and future career aspects

Assertive behaviour help person in positive manner. By this behaviour a person can get good success in their work field. Being assertive is not easy all the time. But to develop this skill I learnt a lot so that I can bring this behaviour in my values and belief. This assertive behaviour increase my self confidence. I used my assertive behaviour in my workplace by understanding my roles and responsibility clearly. Whenever I am getting any work or get into situation where challenges are to be faced in that case I take help from my subordinates and stay calmly to find solution. This behaviour gives me lots of benefits such it make stronger relation to other employees and my other areas of life.

This behaviour help to develop leadership skills and I develop my knowledge so that I can participate in important decision of organisation (Kernbach, S., Eppler, M.J. and Bresciani, S., 2015). This help to get best solution of every problem and by this I am bale to find my personal power. I don't feel disappointed when I am not able to achieve my target but because of this assertive behaviour I can understand my responsibility and it encourage to do more hard work toward my work. It help me to act fairly with issues faced in an enterprise. Assertive behaviour gives me self assurance and because this even other employees are treating me in fairly manner. This can tends to make me good leader and try to follow my suggestion and ideas.

I develop this behaviour by understanding what is right and wrong about individual feelings. I give important to every person s they are equal for me. I never get aggressive while doing my work. I try to respect others and treat them fairly. It is important for me to take decision so that both parties get benefited. This can help me in my current work location as well as if I want to join other organisation in that manner also it helps me a lot. From this action I can make my self more innovative and effective. At my every stage of life this concept help to go further and help me to achieve my personal goals. Whether it is about working in an organisation, studying in institution or giving interviews for companies it can help me in every aspect of my life.


This description concludes importance of assertive behaviour and its implication in present and future career. Also a justification for choosing the topic have been given in this document.


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