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Optimizing Rural Education through Strategic Interview Insights

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Qualitative Research case study of Kingston data (2005)

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Section 1 - Interviews


According to the case study of Kingston data (2005), Janice Geoffrey belonged to a farmer family and lived 20 Km away from the town. Janice and her husband had 2 kids with them and out of that two one was 5 years old and another was 8 years old. The 5-year-old son continued his pre-primary schooling and the elder daughter continued year 3 level educations in the local school named Kingston. Her husband had a brother and parents also and they all lived together. Her husband and her husband's brother engaged in the firm to provide financial support to their family. In addition, the educational process of Janice and her husband was completed at Kingston DHS. Janice engaged with the post of president of the Kingston Netball Association. According to the information given in this case study, the local school faced some issues and this may provide shutdown conditions for this school. As the president of that association, Janice wanted to protest against that issue to continue the local school to provide facilities to many kids including their two. However, many parents in this society were agreed that time to switch their child's educational places as many parents wanted to admit their kid's to Beganup Primary School.

The reason behind the unwillingness of switching schooling for Janice's kids was travelling and the unsafe environment in the large school. Therefore, Janice wanted to keep her kids in the small school which is nearby to her house. The large school or Beganup School was far away situated from Janice's house and this may require a bus facility to join that school. If any issue occurred in travelling in terms of bus capacity or mistiming, then the child could not able to join that school. In addition, the news of the community newspaper of Beganup provided news that Beganup School has a bad reputation in terms of bullying, drug addiction and antisocial adolescent practices. Janice got this information from her friend also and was afraid about that culture.

According to the Kingston data case study, Martin proposed four key themes: transformation in family lifestyles, transformation in culture in Kingston school culture,Beganup SHS's appearances and loss of sensation. Loss of sense provided information regarding distance issues with children, loss of social connections and opportunity loss in a social gathering. This also included a decrease in the role of the mother or a decrease in the mother's influence, lack of decision-making activities and loss of power. The change in education system or transformation of the learning place could provide an impact on the community part at Kingston. Parents could face issues in communication part through these changes and meeting with various aged people could decrease and this could deliver loss in social opportunities to discuss various matters for development in learning and social process.

Mothers' influence could face issues in children's learning process as they might not be involved with the interaction in their child's learning process. Less involvement in a child's learning could provide issues in decision-making activities and guardians especially mothers could face issues of power in the learning process. Therefore, this can easily agree with Martin's theme as the transformation in the learning process and switching to a large school can deliver issues to the entire community in Kingston and a loss in the community's sense can arise due to this transformation in the learning process.

The figure regarding the schooling process shows that teacher and variables in school engage in teaching practices and this measure the level of learning outcomes [Refer to Appendix C]. In addition, school design also connects with teaching practices and learning outcomes of the school. Therefore, an effective and suitable disciplinary process can enhance learning opportunities in the school.



Text section


Community needs to protest against school closure

Organise community drops

A10 Jenice

Opportunities for better programme variations

A12 Jenice

Good tie ins to TAFE

A13 Jenice

Give and take amongst the ages

A15 Jenice

Big bullying problems

A16 Jenice

Big aboriginal population

A16 Jenice

Lot of cross cultural types of things

A16 Jenice

Very hot public issue

A20 Jenice

Section 2 – Community support to convey protest against school closure


This part of this assignment considers qualitative research design to deliver an entire discussion of the school closure impact in terms of the mother's perspective. According to the reading guide case study, qualitative research design provides the importance of context and non-positivist approaches can also be performed through this. Events of a context can also properly describe through this and a wide range of errors in quantitative research design can get controlled through qualitative research design. Discussion can also include social context in this research design and the world's emic view can be included through this research design. The methodology part considers the grounded theory method to discuss the entire thematic approach to the impact of the closure of schools and mother's issues due to this. Research design in grounder theory includes the development of social theory according to research data and this can support this research to develop social concepts along with social theory to show the actual impact on the community due to the closure of schools and changes in the learning process.


According to the Kingston case study, the Closure of a small school and transformation into a large school could deliver wide issues to the entire community. This research wants to show the effective impact that mothers could face due to the closing of schools and the transformation in the learning process. Janice shared her point of view on the aspect of this change in society and shared that a wide range of difficulties could arise due to this transformation. According to the case study, Kingston's people were mostly involved with farming and therefore distance factor in the learning process could develop issues in their child's learning process. In addition, antisocial and illegal activities in a new school and during the entire journey of the learning process could hamper social value. Children could face issues in their development process of learning, social, moral and ethical values in their life and the systematic process of future society can get disturbance due to this.


This research considers grounded theory methodology design to complete the entire research. Grounded theory methods can provide support to develop social concepts and arguments in the aspect of the impact of transformation in learn ing process. This research design can provide support by delivering flexible guidelines while developing social concepts. The social concept part includes the entire process of transformation in the learning process and the impact of the closure of the school.


The key finding of this research is to construct the actual impact of the closure of schools in Kingston and people especially mother's issues due to this. This research wants to develop suitable and effective key themes that can elaborate on social issues, learning issues, ethical issues, transformation and development issues in children learning process. Mother's issues in completing children's learning due to transportation and antisocial activities in school surroundings and the transportation process of children to join the school.

Theme 1: Antisocial activities can decrease the development rate of a child's knowledge and social values.

Sub-theme: Antisocial performance in the learning process can demote learning and the social value of a community

Antisocial performance can hamper the educational process and children can face issues due to this. According to the Kingston case study, bullying and drug addiction issues arose in the learning process and some mothers were afraid of that. Most of these types of cases occurred during the travelling part to complete the learning process and outside of school premises. Mothers also included that transportation could provide issues in their child's learning process as the busy schedule of people in Kingston had no opportunity to provide company to their children in the travelling process. However, according to the interview between Martin and Clare included that transportation was not an issue for her children's learning process as she mentioned that her child enjoyed the travelling process. However, football practice delivered issues as the mother included that transportation to complete sports activities provided issues in the new school. In addition, this interview mentioned issues due to the closure of the rural schools as this included community involvement in the learning process got decreased due to the closure of the rural school. This also provided information on issues as the closure of the rural learning sector provided less opportunity for guardians to involve in their child's learning process. Meetings of local organisations were also discontinued due to the closure of the learning sector and the involvement of local businesses was also got affected due to this. An interview between Martin and Janice provided antisocial activities in the new learning process and included that this could decrease the learning, moral, ethical and social value of the entire community.

Subtheme: Team effort can complete any hard activity

As per this theme, team performance can help to complete any type of activity and this cannot have any variables of difficulty level in this. The education process can also get benefit from this approach as any needed changes can perform by having team strength. According toArdiwinata & Mulyono (2018), this research included that sustainable community education can deliver community development through developing awareness and effective sustained participation. Therefore, people's lifestyles can get flexibility and the quality of society also gets development from this community education. Janice wanted to introduce community drops and leaflets to continue the marginal electorate to provide equal opportunity in the voting process. This voting process can provide strength to her approach to maintaining equality level in society. Therefore, team performance could provide support for Janice's protest to carry on the educational process in that small school. Janice wanted to restrict the changes as the people face transportation and cultural issues in the new school as antisocial and illegal activities found in Beganup Primary school. Therefore, the entire ethical and moral values of their kids and the upcoming generation could be affected due to the antisocial activities in the new school. Team effort can provide support to stand against powerful opponents to get real justification for the well-being of society.

Theme 2: Ceremonious education differentia and the operation might furnish a high literacy acceleration

Sub-theme: “social evolution mainly counts on the learning environment and education system”

In the Kingston school, social evolution always plays a vital part in learning approaches and the education system a healthy surrounding might enhance learning circumstances and standards. As per the interview session, martin has discussed crucial things with Sharon and Jo about the poor reputation of having addicted towards harmful drugs in the school and it also harming the student’s future in a bad way. As per topic, Kingston's individuals existed mainly concerned with agriculture and consequently stretch characteristic in the understanding procedure that might design problems in their youngster understanding technique. Apart from that, antisocial and illegal activities in a new school and during the entire journey of the learning process could hamper social value. Apart from that, as Sharon’s place is located in the district of Kingston and she is having a single guardian. Sharon has chosen Kingston as she usually assumed that it existed as a friendly residence but furthermore, she maintained a possibility with a trade that always helped her in guiding their children and it seemed like it would suit me. The time I came the kids were pretty little and it also materialised like it might be appealing and suitable with small youngsters and um, I mean, why do you choose one place over another according to the case study, the aim of the interview among jo, Sharon, Susan and Dannie is to socially evolve scholarly technique in Kingston school.

Generally, investigations in sociable development also concern the arbitrary appointment of issues to mainly having exploratory and managing companies. Apart from that, beneath comparable situations, the exploratory gathering is usually revealed to treatment while the management crowd is safely controlled by valuable orientation to it. Sharon has alsoconveyed that anxiety concerning the academic possibilities presently unrestricted for her son at“the local Kingston school”. Sharon and Jo, therefore, desired to mainly assume the academic method of their youths in undersized academy schools. Moreover, Social consequences might correct those points in the schooling method that might help students to learn better things and it will definitely help them in future and this might supply backing to materialise the fundamental understanding of habitat and procedure. The major issue mothers are facing is that, most of the parents are able to shift their children to higher education schools which are far away from their town but some of the parents are not comfortable with this decision. As per the interview with Susan, Jo and Sharon, martin has felt that they are not comfortable with school shift. as they are working women and they cannot shift their location as they own their business from a small town of Kingston and it might be difficult for the children's to travel that much distance by some way of transportation. apart from that, the new schools is providing transportation facilities but their students are addicted to drugs and bully other students who are new to the school the students that come from different schools might face diverse kinds of issues in settling there. Kingston school must proceed with higher education, Janice has also proposed for this and other mothers are also agreed with her decision they are also approaching the school authority to establish a higher education facility in their school. As the learning circumstances also enhanced pupils' concentration and engagement, and also promote understanding experiences on a larger scale. Education is a vital part of the development of the country and economic growth and they feel safe for their children in Kingston school. Education assists in accomplishing a reasonable life by working on the nature of social and monetary prosperity. Receiving respectable training also supports a person in working on reasoning and widening the psyche to become open-minded toward society.

As Sharon has expressed that they have a stressed outlook on it since they converse with different children and different children are stressed over it, she also assumes that she doesn't have any idea, here and there they believe that perhaps the kids that they communicate with will currently be going with them since she already told martin that her children have concluded they need to go to the Began, yet Sharon also suppose since it is a little local area they might prefer their companions had what their companions need despite the fact that in a sense they are acquiring from it so it is somewhat of misfortune to them in an entertaining sort of manner moreover. Dianne is also facing an issue in shifting their children to higher schools as she wants to continue with the old school as she cares about her children. She is havingtwo youngsters in the immediate school in the year 2005.Dianne's most youthful child is in Year 3 and also,has been exceptionally sick with asthma”. She has a little girl in the joined Year5/6 class”, who has been getting information of exceptional accomplishment. Her little girl is anticipating joining the little multi-maturedCenter School”bunch one year from now, where she will want to function at her level in each learning region.

Dianne mainly stays with her spouse on a grange which isaround15 km from the townlet”.She desires the pay to supplement her better half's pay from the farmstead,as the bank is” compromising conclusion on credits. She isdisappointed and irate at the effect of a political choice on her work and her youngsters' tutoring, yet doesn't know what move she might make.She not accomplishes relishes her youths touring on public transportation, so menaces them from and to school every day. Apart from that, She had the option to get one of the valued Educator Right-hand positions at Kingston DHS for 2001” and has been extremely glad to be performing in a similar climate as her youngsters.

Theme 3:Leadership standards might produce flexibility in individuals' training and education

Sub-theme: “Antisocial and Illegal movements may decline through reasonable leadership grade”

Antisocial exercises should be diminished to play out a solid society and standard way of life for individuals. As indicated by Rafiey et al. (2020), this examination might be conveyed that solitary qualities think about outrageous ramifications for the person in“question, the culprit and society”.Apart from that, this examination also mainly assumes 2051 members from Tehran”to finish a testing investigation of tracking down approval of solitary attributes. Martin has interviewed mothers of children who are studying in their school and facing issues in shifting their academic schools from Kingston to higher-class schools. As per the interview session of all the mothers, Beganup University” had an inadequate footmark as information publicised in the report article that diverse kinds of antisocial movements like as bullying, drug addiction activities and anti-social activities”rehearsed in that academy institution assumptions and this mainly supplied points for youngsters to usually evolve their employment and foremost career. Susan, Jo, Dianne and Sharon along with Janice” also desireto manage the absolute condition as they usually noted all matters that are mostly encountered by aboriginal inhabitants assembling and headstrong-cultural exercises in the academy institution.

The administration method of Janice also strived to mainly generate a heightened political problem to deliver a judgment on the closure of school premises and matters at that time. This technique might facilitate the conveyance function for youngsters that might generate the youngster's“ethical, moral, and social value”through valuable understanding in Kingston school. The oversight direction of Janice along with the ideas and issues of other mothers might also deliver impediments to some of the antisocial conditioning that is performed in new schools and students might be aware individuals of the existent procedure of that institution.The discussion session also furnish knowledge about the matter in that Janice assumed a reasonable understanding strategy to equip clearance for junior students to mostly conclude their interpretation in an effective manner. Moreover, this likewise noted flexibility in teaching and understanding techniques like extending learning time and monitoring tutors may enrich the wisdom revolution of students.Dianne also conveyed in the interview that it's extremely challenging to usually understand what is bearing to occur as parents are not getting exceptionally about report out, so parents might understand, guardians also require to assemble their judgments a fragment founded on what's locomotion in each matter, hopefully, individual will really arrive and have a gathering at the school and let the guardians know what could occur and that could get an opportunity to put some criticism.


This study motivation that administration grades and procedures might direct the whole local area in the correct manner and this might give advantages to have equivalent open doors in the public eye. apart from that, this examination also help in investigating the whole meeting between Martin,Dianne,Jo, Susan, Sharon and Janice”and found that issues in regards to school conclusion occurred around then. This likewise dissected boundaries that Janice looked to exchanging her youngsters' school and this part included standoffish hindrances and transportation issues. These two problems might deliver threats to youngster improvement and the monetary piece of Janice's and other mothers loved ones. This exploration included subjects to examine required approaches that the general public can consider to make improvements.



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