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Cloud Computing Assignment Answer

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Assessment 2 Proposal


Cloud Computing is a technology which helps in eliminating the headaches of storing and managing the data in hard drives or other hardware. It is a shared infrastructure and works like a utility meaning the users are provided with the options of paying only for what they need. The upgrades of technology are automatic and enable easy up and downscaling.This proposal is providing a brief overview of the cloud computing technology and the various impressions and consequences of cloud computing.

Background Information

  • The term 'cloud computing' is originated from the traditional usage of a 'cloud' in diagrams and flowcharts withthe representation ofthe internet or Wide Area Network (WAN). Cloud computing can be referred to as outsourcing of computer programs.
  • This technology enables users to access the application and software from wherever they want. Further, it delivers a variety of computing services over the internet including storage, databases, analytics, intelligence, software and many more.
  • Such services result in flexible resources, economies of scale and faster innovation. The technology of cloud computing helps in lowering the costs of operations and run the infrastructure more efficiently (Ali,, 2015).

They are of opinion that cloud computing may not be successful in long-run as the organizations are required to lose control of their data. The data shared through cloud computing is vulnerable to attacks and security breaches.The organizations adopt this technology for improving their efficiency, but it may also result in shut down of business. The most crucial factor in the success of cloud computing is knowledge.

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For the study purpose, the reference of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia will be taken and how it has pioneered the usage of cloud computing services in supporting its customer services and infrastructure will be talked in the later part. Commonwealth Bank is one of the multinational banks that operates in different nations including Australia and uses cloud services for customer services.

Aims and Objectives

The key aims and objectives of the proposal are as follows:

  • To study and analyze the impressions and consequences of cloud computing.
  • To identify and evaluate the risks associated with the adoption of cloud computing
  • To determine the key factors that must be considered for the adoption of cloud computing (Hashizume,, 2013).


  • While employing the cloud computing, the organisation must upgrade its systems, structures, and provide necessary information and training to its employees.
  • The person must have the knowledge on the use of technology as a lack of knowledge may result in adverse impacts on the organization's business (Botta,, 2016).
  • The team undertaking the responsibility of adoption of cloud computing must ensure that the core aspect of all the IT operations of the organization is security.
  • The users of cloud computing must be made well-versed with the best practices for using cloud computing technique.


On closing thoughts, it can be stated that there are various organizations that benefit from the scalability, pay-per-use billing and agility of the cloud services.With the advent of cloud computing technology, the companies are able to focus on its core competencies rather than IT or infrastructure matters. Privacy and security are always an essential component of discussions on cloud computing. There are various companies that were shut down as a result of a breach of deletion of data. However, cloud computing has been the biggest success factor for various organizations.


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